Viltrox AF 23mm 1:1.4 STM ED IF C (E/X/Z/M)

In mid-2020, the lens was officially introduced Viltrox AF 23mm 1:1.4 STM ED IF C (E/X/Z/M). The first copies went on sale 20 September 2020 years. Due to the many teasers, betrayals and leaks, it is difficult to determine the exact date of the announcement. Options for different mounts and different body colors have been announced and announced at different times.

Viltrox AF 23mm 1:1.4 STM ED IF C (E/X/Z/M)

Viltrox AF 23mm 1:1.4 STM ED IF C (E/X/Z/M)

Main technical characteristics of Viltrox AF 23mm 1:1.4 STM ED IF C (E/X/Z/M):

Lens name Near the front lens: AF 23mm 1: 1.4 STM ED IF Ø52mm 0.3m / 0.98ft

Body: Viltrox + AF 23/1.4 (E/X/Z/M) + C

Letters E/X/Z/M are responsible for the type of mount (for which camera it is suitable)

Basic properties
  • E/X/Z/M – the lens is designed for mirrorless cameras with mounts Sony E, fujifilm x, Nikon Z, Canon EF-M
  • Lens available in black, silver, red or white body color (color availability depends on mount type and series limitation)
  • AF (Auto Focus) - the lens supports auto focus
  • STM (Scarpets Motor) - focusing stepper motor
  • IF (Iinternal Focusing) - internal focus
  • DMF (DDirectly MAnnual Pass Focus) - direct manual focus
  • Exist film version of the lens Viltrox 23mm T1.5S with bayonet mount Micro 4/3 (MFT) и Sony E, manual focus only
  • С (CROPPED) - mark indicating that the lens for cropped cameras
  • ED (Extra Low Dispersion) - low dispersion elements in the optical scheme
  • H.R.I. (High Refaction Index) - elements with an ultra-high refractive index in the optical scheme
  • HD Nano Multilayer Coating - special coating of optics, with protection of the front lens from water and dirt
  • USB-port for firmware update
  • Electronic focus ring
  • Aperture control ring with two operating modes
  • Hood and soft case included, the ability to use rectangular "cinema" lens hood
Front Filter Diameter 52 mm
Focal length 23 mm

Zoom ratio 1 X (this is a fixed lens, it does not have a zoom).
Designed by for cropped mirrorless cameras, there are options with mounts:

Number of aperture blades 9 rounded petals.
Tags bayonet mount mark and hood mount mark, aperture numbers on the aperture ring.
Diaphragm from f / 1.4 to f / 16.

On the ring there are labels for F / 1.4, F / 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 + mode label 'A'. Two intermediate values ​​between all pairs of numbers.

MDF 0.3 meters, maximum magnification ratio 0.1X (1:10).
The weight Approximately 260 grams (depends a little on the mount).
Optical design 11 elements in 10 groups. The scheme includes

  • 2 ED elements
  • 2 elements with ultra-high refractive index (HRI)

Optical design of the Viltrox AF 23mm 1: 1.4 STM ED IF C lensThe optical design is identical to the model Tokina atx-m 23mm F1.4 X.

The same optical design is used by the cinema lens Viltrox 23mm T1.5S.

The image of the optical scheme is clickable to enlarge.

Lens hood Bayonet type, petal.

Possible to use "cinema" original lens hood.

Manufacturer country Not specified, but known to be manufactured in China
Firmware updated


All Viltrox Lenses

For full frame cameras with Full Frame sensor:

  1. Viltrox 16 / 1.8 AF (FE+Z)
  2. Viltrox 20 / 2.8 AF (FE + Z + XF)
  3. Viltrox 24/1.8AF (overview) (FE+Z)
  4. Viltrox 28 / 1.8 AF  (FE+Z)
  5. Viltrox 35 / 1.8 AF (FE+Z)
  6. Viltrox 40 / 2.5 AF (Z)
  7. Viltrox 50 / 1.8 AF (FE+Z)
  8. Viltrox 85/1.8AF PFU (FE+XF)
  9. Viltrox 85 / 1.8 AF (RF+Z)
  10. Viltrox 85 / 1.8 AF II (FE+XF)

For cropped cameras with APS-C sensor:

  1. Viltrox 13 / 1.4 AF (X, E, Z)
  2. Viltrox 23 / 1.4 AF (X, E, Z + EF-M)
  3. Viltrox 27/1.2 AF PRO (X, E, Z)
  4. Viltrox 33 / 1.4 AF (X, E, Z + EF-M)
  5. Viltrox 56/1.4AF (overview) (X, E, Z + EF-M)
  6. Viltrox 56 / 1.7 AF (X,Z)
  7. Viltrox 75/1.2 AF PRO (X, E, Z)

Cinema lenses (manual focus only):

  1. 20mm T / 2.0 S (Full Frame, FE, L)
  2. 23mm T / 1.5 S (APS-C, E, MFT)
  3. 33mm T / 1.5 S (APS-C, E, MFT)
  4. 56mm T / 1.5 S (APS-C, E, MFT)

There are also Vitlrox lenses with manual focusing: 7.5 / 2.8 Fish-Eye, 20/1.8, 35/2, 85/1.8 etc. The easiest way to find and buy these lenses is from official Viltrox dealer on Aliexpress.

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