Announcement: Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Feflex MF

July 17, 2020 was officially announced Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Feflex MF lens. UPDATE: Canon RF and Nikon Z mount versions of this lens were released on April 22, 2021. UPDATE 2: A similar lens was released on January 21, 2021 Tokina SZ 500mm F8 Feflex MF

Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Feflex MF

Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Feflex MF

Basic properties

  • Lens for full frame cameras
  • Supports Nikon F, Canon EF, Fujifilm X, T-mount, Sony E, Micro 4/3 mounts. UPDATE: On April 22, 2021 Canon RF and Nikon Z versions of this lens were released
  • Type: mirror-lens
  • The first modern lens in the Tokina SZX line. Rebirth of the SZ-X range from the 80s and 90s. The main properties of this line are lightness and compactness
  • S - Satisfaction, Z - Zest, X - Something unknown or exciting
  • Manual focus only, focus ring rotates 270 °
  • Relative aperture: 1: 8 without adjustment
  • Focal Length: 400mm
  • MDF: 1.15 meters
  • Maximum magnification ratio: 1:2.5
  • Filter Diameter: 67 mm
  • Weight: 355 gram
  • Price: $ 250, current prices for new Tokina lenses are available see here


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Comments: 12, on the topic: Announcement: Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Feflex MF

  • B. R. P.

    Something unknown or exciting - :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      This is what they themselves indicated in the release.

  • Sergei

    "S - Satisfaction, Z - Zest, X - Something unknown or exciting"
    Thanks, I didn't know :)
    I myself have a SZ-X 205 from the 90s.

    On a novelty - IMHO, a lot will depend on the price. There is a need for such focal lengths among amateurs; the lack of light transmission can be partially compensated by modern low-noise matrices and matrix stabilizers.

  • ks

    Do you think samyang is better?

    • another novel

      This is Samyang! It is amazing! As soon as Samyang was not called, but Tokina! ..
      In this lens, Tokina moved away from their scheme, and switched to the Samyang scheme.
      That is, if the Japanese Tokina is supposed to have an excellent build quality, then with an adjusted "Samyang" it will give the same quality. But…
      "Samyang reflex f 6.3 300 mm ED UMC CS Lens" would be better!

      I wonder what kind of rear filters this Tokina has. If suddenly 30,5 - then in general there will not be the slightest doubt.

    • another novel writes that “30.5 mm (rear thread)”. The question is gone.

  • Roman

    I remembered the anecdote about the unearthed stewardess.

  • Oleg

    At least someone else produces lenses under EF at a reasonable price, it may be interesting, on the crop generally analogue of 600mm

  • Sergei

    It is encouraging that a serious firm sees commercial prospects for launching relatively simple (and obviously not too expensive) EVIL to market. 

    Given the dominance of crop cameras in the market, the quality requirements for the edges of the frame are decreasing. But they are growing in size and weight. What we see. It's good that there is a very attractive MDF.

  • Julia

    The Tokina SZX SUPER TELE 4m F8 Reflex MF features a wide focusing ring for smooth 270 rotation. Thanks to high quality machined metal parts and assembly process, the focusing ring rotates smoothly even in low temperature conditions and prevents dust from entering the lens.

  • Catherine

    Thanks for the promotional information. Whatever you say is unusually interesting!

  • Sergei

    As it turned out, unlike the Rubinars, this Tokina 400mm has a low dispersion glass lens in the optical design.

    See Technical specifications section 11

    Which favorably affects the reduction of the chromatism of the secondary spectrum, which is already small due to the mirror scheme.
    But due to the presence of conventional lenses, it is by no means zero.

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