Announcement: MEIKE 50mm 1: 1.2 Multi Coated

July 24, 2020 was official submitted MEIKE 50mm 1: 1.2 Multi Coated Lens.

MEIKE 50mm 1: 1.2 Multi Coated

MEIKE 50mm 1: 1.2 Multi Coated

Basic properties

  • Lens for full-frame DSLR and mirrorless cameras with Nikon Z, Sony FE, Canon RF, Canon EF and Leica L mounts
  • Manual focus only
  • Relative aperture: 1:1.2-1: 22
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • MDF: 60 centimeters
  • Optical design: 12 elements in 7 groups (optical design not shown yet)
  • Filter Diameter: 72 mm
  • Weight: 620 gram
  • Price: about 350 dollars, current prices for this lens can be viewed here


All Meike Photo Lenses:

For APS-C/MFT, manual focus only:

  1. 3.5mm 1: 2.8 Circular Fisheye [only M4 / 3]
  2. 6.5mm 1: 2 Circular Fisheye [E, Z, X, EF-M, M4 / 3, N1]
  3. 7.5mm 1:2.8 Fisheye (overview) [E, Z, X, EF-M, M4/3]
  4. 8mm 1: 3.5 FISH-EYE CS [E, Z + F, EF]
  5. 8mm 1: 2.8 [only M4 / 3]
  6. 10mm 1: 2 [E, Z, X, EF-M, M4/3]
  7. 12mm 1:2(overview) [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]
  8. 12mm 1: 2.8 [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]
  9. 25mm 1: 2 [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]
  10. 25mm 1:1.8(overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, M4 / 3, N1]
  11. 25mm 1:0.95 [E, X, EF-M, RF-S, M4/3]
  12. 25mm 1:0.95 [IS]
  13. 28mm 1:2.8(overview) [E, X, EF-M, M4/3, N1]
  14. 33mm 1:1.4 AF STM (ali) [Z, X, E, autofocus]
  15. 35mm 1:1.7(overview) [E, X, EF-M, Z, M4 / 3, N1]
  16. 35mm 1:1.4(overview)  [E, X, EF-M, Z, M4 / 3, N1]
  17. 35mm 1:0.95 (overview)  [E, X, EF-M, RF-S, M4/3]
  18. 50mm 1: 2 [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]
  19. 50mm 1:0.95 (overview) [E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]
  20. 55mm 1:1.4 AF STM [X, E, Z, autofocus]
  21. 60mm 1:2.8 MACRO (overview) [E, X, Z, EF-M, RF-S, M4/3]
  22. 6-11mm 1: 3.5 Fisheye [EF / EF-S and F + E, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]

Full frame (also suitable for crop):

  1. 8mm 1: 3.5 Fisheye [F and EF / EF-S + E / FE, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]
  2. 35mm 1:2 [Z, E/FE, autofocus, 2024, announcement expected]
  3. 50mm 1: 1.8 [Z, E/FE, autofocus2024]
  4. 50mm 1: 1.7 [Z, E/FE, RF, L + X]
  5. 50mm 1:1.2 [Z, FE, RF, EF, L]
  6. 85mm 1: 2.8 Macro [F and EF / EF-S + Z, E / FE, X, EF-M, M4 / 3]
  7. 85mm 1: 1.8 [for Sony E, manual]
  8. 85mm 1:1.8 AF STM (overview) [for Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF, FujiFilm X, autofocus2022]
  9. 85mm 1:1.8AF (overview) [only for Nikon F, autofocus2020]
  10. 85mm 1:1.8AF (overview) [only for Canon EF, autofocus2018]
  11. 85mm 1:1.4 AF [for Sony E, Nikon Z, autofocus2023]

Video Lenses:

  1. 12mm T/2.2 [M4/3]
  2. 16mm T/2.2 [E, X, M4/3]
  3. 25mm T/2.2 [E, X, M4/3]
  4. 35mm T/2.2 [E, X, M4/3]
  5. 35mm T/2.1 [PL, RF, EF, L, E] Full Frame
  6. 50mm T/2.2 [E, X, M4/3]
  7. 50mm T / 2.1 [PL, RF, EF, L, E] Full Frame
  8. 65mm T/2.2 [E, X, M4/3]
  9. 85mm T/2.2 [E, X, M4/3]


  1. E: Sony E, APS-C, mirrorless
  2. FE: Fony FE, Full Frame, Mirrorless
  3. X: Fujifilm X, APS-C, mirrorless
  4. Ef-m: Canon EF-M, APS-C, mirrorless
  5. RF-S: Canon RF-S, APS-C, mirrorless
  6. Ef-s: Canon EF-S, APS-C, SLR
  7. M4 / 3: Micro 4/3, Kf = 2.0, mirrorless
  8. N1: Nikon 1, Kf = 2.7, mirrorless
  9. F: Nikon F, Full Frame or APS-C, SLR
  10. Z: Nikon Z, Full Frame or APS-C, mirrorless
  11. EF: Canon EF, Full Frame, SLR
  12. RF: Canon RF, Full Frame, Mirrorless

Meike lenses can be found in the official Meike store on Aliexpress.

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Comments: 7, on the topic: Announcement: MEIKE 50mm 1: 1.2 Multi Coated

  • Alexey

    "85mm 1: 1.8 [Canon EF / EF-S and Sony E / FE] AUTOFOCUS"
    version for Sony only with manual focus

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Basil

    For that kind of money, it is better to take the old manual 50 1.2 olympus, nikon, pentax, kenon fd.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      They will be mirrored and not new. For some, this is important, first of all, an adapter will need to be added to the UPC, to look in a normal state. And then once - and immediately the desired mount right from the box.

  • koba

    Do you know that German opticians have been working for a long time in some Chinese companies, and not simple ones, but with great experience, otherwise they do not hire foreign workers in China. For example, there are as many as 6 of them at Laowa, and it is not surprising that they began to produce wonderful lenses, and now with L mount, even in appearance they look like German products, and are made according to the same standards. It is possible that some other companies will also practice a similar thing, by the way, very widespread everywhere and especially in the USA. So it's still a question of which lens will be better - the old 50 / 1.2, in which 1.2 was for the sake of a tick, or new developments, especially with native mounts, so that adapters do not look for adapters, and the price of $ 350 is even less than the prices of old similar ones. lenses. Nobody bothers to also try the lens at work before buying it. I do not have a full-frame mirrorless camera, otherwise I would try this lens at work and unsubscribe here, since in China there are no costs at all for this.

    • Evgeniy

      We don’t know that German opticians work there, I haven’t seen anything personally, but the Chinese can write something that doesn’t exist, I myself worked at a Chinese factory, I heard different tales. let us do it and test it, we'll figure it out =).

  • Novel

    Diameter for filter 67 mm.

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