Announcement: Leica M10-R

16.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX was official announced Camera Leica M10-R.

Leica M10-R

Leica M10-R

Basic properties

  1. Full Frame Mirrorless rangefinder camera without auto focus with Leica M mount
  2. Live View, without the ability to record video, there is Focus Peaking
  3. Full Frame CMOS sensor 40 MP, maximum picture size 7864 x 5200
  4. R - Resolution
  5. Leica M10 peripheral compatibility
  6. ISO 100-50.000
  7. Optical viewfinder with 0.73x magnification. There is a choice for focal lengths: 35/135, 28/90 and 50/75.
  8. 3-inch, 1.04 million-dot touch display, Gorilla Glass
  9. Leica Maestro II Image Processor
  10. Maximum burst speed 4.5 fps
  11. Minimum excerpt 1/4000 second shutter excerpt by hand up to 16 minutes excerpt 1/180 sync, shutter off Leica M10-P
  12. Slot for one SDXC memory card
  13. Wi-Fi
  14. Weight 660 grams with battery and memory card
  15. The price is about $ 8.300 per body. Prices for the new Leica cameras are available see here


M10 line

The range includes models: M10M10 Monochrome, M10-P, M10-D and M10-R (from this announcement).

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Comments: 24, on the topic: Announcement: Leica M10-R

  • koba

    It is very interesting to follow the pricing policy (more precisely, the robbery policy) of the Leica company. Now we see that the matrix resolution has been included in the pricing, that is, they have thrown $ 2000 on a “regular” cheap ($ 6000 !!!) watering can for nothing, since a 40MP matrix is ​​already yesterday with many mega-pixels. Since 50% of Lake's sales are in China, they generally correctly decided that $ 2000 more or less in China means absolutely nothing, it is a penny, it will be even better for many owners, they will be more proud to wear them, for rich thing more expensive is a blessing! And yet - if not for China (as well as some other Asian countries), we would live in a world where prices for all more or less suitable goods were in tune with the prices for Lake cameras ...

    • Pavel Gorbunov

      Koba, cool down, genatsvale, anyway, none of us will ever have Lake.
      And not because of pricing policies, no. But because no one needs this camera on} {¥ th.
      I recently had the opportunity to buy a Leica on the secondary housing “only” for 170 thousand rubles, but in principle I did not.
      Spend money on a brick without autofocus, without video and with a rangefinder, whose era ended 70 years ago? Yes, no need!
      For why buy a car without turbocharging, without air conditioning and power steering, with a manual instead of a machine, and even not drive it ?!

      • koba

        And who told you that none of us will ever have Leica. I had it, a film, a wonderful camera. And now there is a Leica M240 with three lenses, although it is common to me and one Chinese friend, and in fact I left it in Shenzhen, he does not use it either, he just lies in a special cabinet with humidity and temperature control, along with other cameras and lenses. We have three lenses - 50 / 1.4 Apsh, 90/2 and a rare 16-18-21 / 4. All lenses are amazing, including the wide zoom, which is surprising. Everything was bought from an authorized dealer, new ones, and they are still there, since the camera itself is Mr., but to the company's credit, it must be said that starting with the M10 they began to use normal sensors and the cameras became fully working. I also always criticize other manufacturers of optics, which for a long time no longer allow users to normally use manual mode, especially with wide-angle lenses, in this regard, Lake's lenses are at their best, in terms of optics they are generally the best, in terms of size, dimensions and weight, too, mechanically and there is nothing to say. And so our first M240 just stopped working a month later, we went to the dealership and was immediately replaced, with an apology. There are actually no questions to new cameras, and especially not at all, you can work with them better than any other systems, especially with wide-angle lenses, and with others. There is a problem with telephones, this is a limitation of the system itself. But prices, prices, prices ... For our entire system, my “beloved” Chinese paid exactly $ 18000. This is what is wrong with this system, otherwise they would have beaten many ... That is, if I were given the M10 or this new M10R and a 24mm lens from a watering can now, but in 90% of cases I would use it.

    • Pokemon

      Koba, I understand your love for China and its inhabitants.
      But for me it is better to let everything be branded Made in Japan, as in the 80s of the last century. So calmer.

      • koba

        I have no special love for any country, but I love people in all countries where I had to live (not just to be tourists, but to live, because in this case a person will recognize the country and its inhabitants up close, with pluses and minuses ), and also interested in all other countries and people. And I had to live more or less a long time in Ukraine, in the Crimea (as a child), in Russia, Poland, Switzerland, India, Turkey, Iran, Georgia (this is my homeland, where I was born and more or less constantly lived until the age of 36) and for the last 15 years, mostly in China, in different places. These are very different countries with different cultures and histories (even Iran and Turkey are strikingly different in many ways), but after living in these countries, I was convinced many times that people do not really differ from each other, especially in their fundamental interests and everyday life. life. It's just that China is the most ancient state in the world (a state, and not an easy country - the first state in the world was formed in China 3600 years ago, this is the Shang kingdom, in Henan province, on the territory of the current city of Anyang), and the largest country in the world in terms of population, and a very diverse country. But it is also the most slandered country, mythologized for the worse, and for some reason I do not like injustice or, even worse, pop truth, especially in terms of history, since my second profession is history. The Chinese are extremely pragmatic people, history has taught them this, and I also borrowed something from them. For example, if there is something good in China, or even the best in the world, why hide it or keep silent about it? Is it because someone does not like it or someone is not capable of this? The strange love for Japan on the part of many people, who have never even been there, surprises me too. I had to live a little in Japan and tried to see their life not only in Tokyo and, especially, Ginza, but also in the outback. In Japan, first-class factories were organized and this is great, but those days are long gone and now we can see the most advanced factories not only there, but also in many countries of the world, including the same Japanese factories, or mixed ones. China is no exception here, and over the past 30 years it has become the leader in this area. Many probably do not even realize that now the same Japanese factories, on average, in 30-50% of cases, parts are received from China, and even from the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea or Malaysia. In fact, there are no longer any goods produced by only one country with components from the same country, and this will never happen. Working for a long time in China in the field of production (in Shenzhen, in the very center of electronics, etc.), he himself saw from the inside how it all works and, in general, how the law of value works in practice, when everything is subject to him and no one else, in an open globalized world is simply impossible to do otherwise. Company managers are forced to calculate the cost of each bolt in order not to exceed the established limit on the wholesale prices of a particular product. Look at Nikon lenses, some are made in China, but hoods, penny hoods are supplied from the Philippines, and even after such tricks, the company is on the verge of collapse. Now it is fashionable to blame China for everything, as before the Jews were to blame for everything, but behind all this the laws of the development of society, its basis, the laws of economics, production and industrial relations, formational pros and cons, and so on are hidden. And so, who told you that personally I do not like excellent goods from Japan, for example, lenses made in the 80s?

        • Roman

          If you fence yourself off from the whole world with a wall, then it is difficult to complain about “slanderousness”. China is an interesting country, unique, giving a lot to the world. But I don't want to live in China. But China is of little interest to this my reluctance, it seems.

          • Alexander

            Yes, China is an amazing country that gave the world a lot of shit! Now the inscription “made in china”, besides irritation, does not cause any more emotions. Everywhere you go, everywhere this stupid inscription. Yesterday we went to a shoe store, what shoe you don’t pick up, everywhere is “made in china”! But what kind of madhouse is this, it just humiliates our country! They threw these sandals and left! They went to look for either our shoes or Belarusian ones!

  • Sergei

    And what kind of dolnomer is this, tell old people

  • stew

    As always, comments from those who haven’t and who are not worth buying.
    but as always condemn.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      В group Rainozhiva not Facebook much more comments

    • Oleg

      There is nothing, no reason, and most importantly no reason. In it there is nothing at all from the word at all, except for the name.

      • B. R. P.

        I wonder where did this “name” come from then?

        • Vladimir

          From the time when the watering can was made in Germany

          • Oleg

            From the days when Lake made the history of photography. Leica and Zeiss are the origins of photography. If I'm not mistaken, it was Lake who came up with the idea to shoot 35mm film. But then Kenon Nikon appeared, and then Aunt Sonya was added, she is still aunt

      • Alexander

        I once had a film mirror Lake, I don’t remember the model. Still that crap! Barely sold it! I am surprised how they created such an image for themselves from the inscription alone!

    • Pavel Gorbunov

      Colleague, you are wrong. At your leisure, think about why.

  • Novel

    Who can say why it is needed besides prestige? And in which company will it be prestigious?
    I hardly imagine that a person who bought this camera for prestige will be able to master the rangefinder, but if there was one golden button, yes.

    • Ivan

      They are bought not to photograph, but to be proudly worn as an expensive accessory.

      • Alexander

        Yeah, you can't think of more nonsense now. Throw money down the drain, so that someone would have a sweet life!

    • SVA

      What's so hard about a rangefinder? Combine two images into one and that's it.

    • copenhagen72

      Leica cameras are like Swiss watches, a century old technology in a modern rich package, absolutely senseless from a logical point of view, but for a lot of money. For nothing but a show off are not needed.

  • Vlad

    What is there to discuss, in my opinion all these watering cans are not for real photographers, but an attribute for some ponto-rich photo-perverts.

    • Alexander


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