What to look for when choosing a tripod for your camera or camcorder

High-quality fixation of the camera is a prerequisite for obtaining contrasting images of high artistic value and is impossible without a tripod. Holding the camcorder in your hands is necessary for long exposures, because there are often cases when the equipment fluctuates in the hands of the photographer.

What to look for when choosing a tripod for your camera or camcorder

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When you need a tripod

Without use tripod for camera not to do in the following cases:

  1. Landscape photography. Unsharp natural lighting necessitates long exposures to achieve the desired depth and sharpness of the shot.
  2. Night photography also implies the use of long exposures, this is not related to the time and subject of the shooting and whether you are photographing a night metropolis or a starry sky.
  3. Achieving blurring of the frame is used to obtain excellent pictures in dynamics - glare of water, movement of clouds, flickering of headlights. The method is in demand in landscape photography, as well as among various options for portrait photography.
  4. Indoor product photography is difficult because of the constant lighting that requires slower shutter speeds. To achieve the desired effect, the camcorder is mounted on a tripod, especially when shooting objects of the same size in a studio environment, for example, for advertising purposes.
  5. Using super telephoto lenses means moving away from the subject when it is impossible to focus the viewfinder manually - this will blur the image. Volumetric dimensions and sufficiently high mass of lenses do not allow take pictures with handtherefore, the camcorder must be secured.
  6. Consistency of shooting angles. The choice of an important angle and its fixation is guaranteed by using a tripod in cases where it is necessary to shoot objects at the same distance. As an example, it is possible to take a pre-configured camcorder on a tripod for document photography.
  7. Shooting movies involves setting up tripods to keep the shooting angle constant so that the video doesn't “shake”. A tripod will become a hindrance only in cases where you need to shoot a large number of shots at short exposures, often changing angles, this applies primarily to reportage and wedding photography.

How to choose the most suitable tripod

When choosing, pay special attention to the properties of the tripod:

Minimum and maximum shooting height

The main aspect when choosing will be the most suitable height range for you, so that the supplied video camera is placed clearly at the eye level of the photographer, under these conditions the upper part must touch the chest. The smallest height is important for photography from low points, and the limiting one - depending on the allowed range of the object.

Load capacity versus camcorder weight

The tripod head and the main base must have the same load capacity for smooth operation.

Material of manufacture

The main materials for tripods are aluminum alloy and carbon fiber (carbon fiber). The latter are more expensive and have a lighter weight, and in the presence of reliability in comparison with duralumin counterparts.

The weight

Weight determines the ability to transport a tripod, but the higher the weight, the more secure the equipment is attached. The average weight of a tripod ranges from 1-5 kg.

Before buying, not only carefully study the technical properties of the equipment, but also touch it with your hands, making sure that the camera is securely fixed and the tripod is stable. Products of well-known brands will cost more, but will not compare in the degree of reliability with their Chinese counterparts, preventing damage to photography equipment.

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  • Trueash

    I'll add my two cents: it's good if the tripod makes it possible to mount the camera upside down, between the legs of the tripod.
    The load hook is also useful. You hang a backpack on it, in, firstly, additional stabilization, and secondly, the backpack does not fall, does not get tangled under your feet, it is convenient to put and take out this and that ...
    With some tripods, one leg unscrews and becomes a monopod.

    • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

      Honestly, when I bought my tripod with a hook, I was going to use the hook to stabilize the tripod with the camera at the maximum height, when I drive the hook into the ground under the tripod and attach the tripod hook to it with a cord. And when the backpack hangs on it, the wind still makes a bump.

  • Tahir

    It would be nice to describe what are the criteria for choosing a tripod head. It is not obvious how to approach this issue.

  • Larion

    It’s interesting to know if a tripod made of carbon versus a metal one is worth the significant overpayment. Using the example of what Aliexpress can offer us. I consider brands Bexin, Andoer, Innorel.

    • Erbolat

      The biggest difference will be Weight. You decide. I wish you a balanced decision!

    • Roman

      If you have hiking or a tripod is your constant companion - yes. If you are carrying in a suitcase, to occasionally take shots on vacation - to get out into the car in nature - no. Weight is also important for stabilization, a tripod that is too light will have to be additionally weighted, it is very wobbly. So start from the tasks.

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