Announcement: FUJINON GF LENS 30mm 1: 3.5 R WR

On June 30, 2020, the FUJINON GF LENS 30mm 1:3.5 R WR lens was announced.

FUJINON GF LENS 30mm 1: 3.5 R WR

FUJINON GF LENS 30mm 1: 3.5 R WR

Basic properties

  • For medium format mirrorless cameras with Fujifilm G mount and crop factor Kf = 0.79
  • Focal Length: 30mm (EGF 24 mm)
  • Relative Hole: 1: 3.5-1: 32
  • MDF: 0.32 m
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 6.7
  • Optical design: 13 elements in 10 groups. CHART DRAWING
  • Aperture: 9 rounded blades
  • Internal focus
  • Aperture control ring
  • Filter Diameter: 58 mm
  • Protected enclosure
  • Weight: 510 gram
  • Price: about 1.700 dollars


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Autofocus adapters and manual converters


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Comments: 12, on the topic: Announcement: FUJINON GF LENS 30mm 1: 3.5 R WR

  • Konstantin

    And for what such money then? If only the aperture was ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For the medium format, and therefore expensive. This lens is equivalent in EFR to 24mm, and for depth of field F / 2.8. There is simply nothing else like this or lighter under GF.

  • koba

    Everyone was waiting for this lens, I admit, so did I. But the most amazing thing is that he already did not live up to expectations. I wonder what the company was thinking about when the normal distance scale was not screwed to the 24mm lens for full manual operation? After all, they somehow did it for their other widths - 16mm and 14mm? Was that difficult for a $ 1700 lens? By the way, not only I wrote about this on the forums. It is very interesting that, apart from Leica, all companies have almost stopped giving users the ability to work in manual mode. This electronic version does not count - it constantly gets lost at the slightest touch, besides, the electronic scale built into the Fuji cameras does not please with accuracy. There are no problems with aperture ratio, size and optical quality here and there cannot be, yesterday I downloaded RAW with dpreview and enjoyed it all. But what I was going to collect for days and acquire this system precisely because of the 24mm lens, I removed from the plan. For me personally, such a lens is just an unusable thing, I don't even need it for nothing, I still can't use it.

    • koba

      Yes, that’s exactly what I downloaded and looked, optically it’s just magnificent, there’s no question who can only sit on autofocus, for him this lens is just a godsend for the medium format. Personally, for me it is completely unsuitable, I repeat, even if they give it to me. Here, they once gave me the Canon 5D M3b as a whole, a great camera, but it turned out to be almost unusable for me because of the terrible banding and noise even on the ISO 800, and also because of the very limited ability to process files, to stretch shadows. That's where the old cameras come from in a new state, from users like me, he is lying around with 15-20 thousand frames and that's it. It's a pity, because it is Canon that has a fully working 24mm lens, like others do not, that is, Canon has a full-fledged distance scale, and for some reason Nikon does not have this. So I had an optically wonderful Nikon 24 / 1.8 and after a couple of days of testing I returned it to the store, I consider it completely unsuitable for me, since it essentially does not have the ability to focus manually, zone focus.

      • Roman

        Recently, the news flashed about Canon launching its own cubesat with a 5D Mark III on board, in fact, and some kind of wild custom lens for satellite imagery. I’m just wondering WHAT YOU ARE REMOVING SUCH, so that this is how to scatter characteristics over the lip - banding-schmunding interferes, the scale is not enough, give it a medium format.

        • Victor

          ROMAN, there are things that only professionals can appreciate (sorry, no offense) ...

          • Roman

            Who change cameras and lenses like gloves? They are called photo shoppers, not professionals. The camera is to take pictures, not to sublimate.

          • Roman

            The same distance scale, which is so sadly lamented. Here at least once to see a photographer who uses modern technology and prefers this guidance scale on LiveView. At least once. I remember the first and last time when someone paid attention to her, there was such a strange guy who shot landscapes on a full-format gimbal camera. All. And to roll your eyes, nod meaningfully and refer to professionalism does not mean to be a professional.

            • Trueash

              When I need zone focusing, I aim at something at the right distance, and then turn off the autofocus. Determining the limits of the depth of field is also little wisdom. But I’m never a professional, so I’m silent in a rag ... :)

              • Roman

                Well, look. If you need high resolution and detail - there is a 5DS R. At this angle there is a wonderful Canon 24 / 1.4L II with excellent bokeh, and not these scales for an amateur (how wonderful bokeh can be wide). There is a convenient tilt-shift 24 (or even better 17, which can be converted into 24 using a converter if necessary). Colour? Doubtful, there is a lot of post-processing in the frames - and the color of the foliage, and this characteristic blurring of the branches, leaving in blue - all these problems remain with the medium format.

                Not that all of this is unnecessary - perhaps someone REALLY needs it all together - a low-noise detailed camera with a large matrix, with its own specific tasks. But such a person will not turn up his nose and appeal to professionalism. Any professional will clearly explain in a few words what he needs and why. What tasks he solves and for what he is ready to overpay, except for pathos and show-off. After all, Kubrick needed Nazov lenses for candlelight photography, not to please his ego. I am for the phrase “you need to be a professional to understand” I am ready to pull out a shovel and hit on the hump - this is snobbery.

            • Maksim

              I would not say that the Canon 24 / 1.4 is wonderful. So-so, soapy, slow.

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