Sony a3500 at a glance

Sony a3500

Sony a3500

Sony a3000 and Sony a3500 are the only mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor made in SLR form factor. That means they outwardly resemble classic cropped SLR cameras - have a large handle, a built-in flash 'beak', a viewfinder on the other side of this beak, and relatively large sizes. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Sony no longer produces such cameras.

Sony a3500 and Sony a3000, in fact, are the same camera. The only differences between the Sony a3500 and Sony a3000 are as follows:

  1. Sony a3500 newer model introduced 24 March 2014 yearwhile the camera Sony a3000 was introduced 27 August 2013 year.
  2. Sony a3500 comes with a rare and simple regular lens Sony E 4-5.6 / 18-50 (SEL1850), While the Sony a3000 Comes with a classic full-time / whale lens Sony E 3.5-5.6 / 18-55 OSS (Optical Steady Shot, E-mount).
  3. The Sony a3500 was shipped to only a few countries and regions. Model Sony a3000 sold without any restrictions

Sony a3000 became the first camera to be renamed Sony ILCE (Iinterchangeable Lens Camera with E-mount, 'E' mount interchangeable lens camera). Later this name of cameras was transferred to full-frame Sony cameras ILCE lines Sony a7, a7r, a7s, a7c, a9, a1, as well as cropped cameras Sony NEX / Alpha. IN EXIF images from all these cameras in the field 'name' of the model is written 'ILCE + serial number of the model'. So Sony a3500 in EXIF called 'ILCE-3500'.

Sony a3500

Sony a3500

Main features of Sony a3500:

  1. 20 MP Exmor APS-C HD CMOS sensor, maximum image size: 5456 X 3632 pixels (19.816.192 pixels). The same sensor was used in the Sony a3000, Sony a5000 cameras and in the Sony QX1 smartphone module. Most likely, the same sensor is also used by a camera with a translucent mirror Sony SLT a58. And with a high degree of probability, the same sensor is used by Pentax K-S1 and Pentax K-S2 SLR cameras. The sensor on the a3500 compares favorably with some of the older 14 and 16 MP Sony sensors by using a minimum ISO of 100 instead of a minimum of ISO 200. It's a pity, but the RAW format uses only 12 bit color depth and only lossy compression.
  2. The ISO range is 100-16.000 in increments of 1 step. There is an auto-ISO without setting any parameters (the entire ISO range is available, and the minimum excerpt always 1/60 of a second). The BIONZ processor is working on the image, the noise level is close to the old 16 MP and the first 24 MP sensors from Sony.
  3. Shutter with the first electronic shutter, excerpts from 1/4000 second to 30 seconds. Exposure 1/160 second sync.
  4. Focusing only by contrast, there is no hybrid auto focus using phase sensors.
  5. FUll HD 50i AVCHD or 25p, H264, maximum 24 Mbps, built-in stereo microphone. There is no connector for an external microphone, no HDMI for recording video or broadcasting to an external device. It's important: some a3500 cameras support Full HD 60i. Information about the maximum video quality on the a3500 is indicated on the information plate on the bottom of the camera. Most likely, the differences are related to the region or country into which this or that party was preparing.
  6. EVI 0.2 inch QVGA Tru-Finder 201.600 points and with an increase of 0.7 x and 100% frame coverage, there is a diopter adjustment. In my time Sony a3000/ a3500 were the only alternative for the more expensive Sony NEX-6 and Sony NEX-7 with integrated EVI.
  7. The display is 3 inches and 230.000 points, not rotary, not touch. Fairly mediocre. a3000/ a3500 use the simplest display among all Sony NEX / ALPHA / ILCE APS-C cameras.
  8. Switch between display or EVI always performed using the button located to the left of the main command dial.
  9. Also Sony a3500 is one of slowest cameras among all Sony NEX / Aplpha / ILCE. Maximum burst speed with support for autofocus and metering exposure - 2.5 frames per second... With locked autofocus and exposure - 3.5 frames per second.
  10. With a fast memory card in JPEG Fine 20M format, continuous shooting does not slow down at all. RAW + JPEG is buffered only 5 shotsthen the burst speed drops significantly. It's important: a3500 cannot shoot only in RAW format, you can either JPEG or RAW + JPEG FINE. RAW ('.ARW') files weigh an average of 20 MB.
  11. The camera can use a Memory Stick PRO Duo / XC-HG Duo or SDHC / SDXC without high-speed bus support. SD memory cards are deeply recessed into the recess of the card reader and it is not always convenient to remove them.
  12. There is only one Micro USB connector and a multi-connector on the shoe. The camera can be charged via Micro USB.
  13. The covers of all compartments are plastic. Plastic finger patch, just mimics a rubber pad. Overlay on EVI also plastic. The handle is rubberized, the rubber “does not float” over time.
  14. It's important: the cameras are used plastic bayonet petals. Only the outer bayonet ring is metallic. In fact, the lens on the camera is fixed using these petals, and therefore we can assume that the a3500 mount is still plastic. I noticed that with some lenses there is a slight backlash in the bayonet mount. I associate such a backlash with plastic petals.
  15. The instructions stated that on a single battery charge the camera can stretch about 480 shots. But this figure is due to the use of the built-in flash. I managed to get more than 5.000 frames on a single charge.
  16. There are several interesting and useful features: Auto HDR, Auto DR, auto-correct some lens deficiencies, smile shutter release, detect and focus on face/faces in frame, panorama function, various creative shooting modes, focus picking, quick zoom for precise focusing etc.
Sony a3500

Sony a3500

Sample Photos

All photos in the review are shown without processing. Used a Sony α3500 camera and lens Yongnuo YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM... All photos are on-camera JPEG. Picture control 'Standard 0/0/0', multiple pictures in 'Standard 0/1/1'. Functions' Corr. ob .: Shading ',' Corr. about: Chrome. aberr. ' and 'Corr. rev .: Distortion 'have been disabled.

Original JPEG '.JPG' photos can be download from this link (129 photos, 600 MB). Original RAW '.RW2' photos can be download from this link (32 photos, 500 MB).

Sony a3500

Sony a3500 with lens Sony E 4-5.6 / 18-50 (SEL1850)

More sample photos

Many examples of photos on the Sony α3500 with links to the source files can be found in the reviews of the following lenses:

  1. felttrox AF 56mm 1: 1.4 STM ED IF CE
  2. Carl zeiss sonnar E 1,8 / 24 ZA T * (Sony SEL24F18Z)
  3. Carl zeiss distagon 2.8 / 21 T * ZF.2
  4. Milvus 2/35 ZF.2 (Zeiss distagon 2 / 35 T *)
  5. Sony E 2.8 / 16 (SEL16F28)
  6. Sony E 4-5.6/18-50 (SEL1850)
  7. Sony E 3.5-6.3 / 18-200 OSS (SEL18200)
  8. Sigma 14mm 1: 1.8 DG A (ART)
  9. Sigma 19mm 1: 2.8 DN A (ART)
  10. Sigma 40mm 1: 1.4 DG A (ART)
  11. Sigma 30mm 1: 1.4 DC DN C (Contemporary)
  12. 7Artisans 7.5/2.8
  13. 7Artisans 25/1.8
  14. 7Artisans 35 /1.2
  15. 7Artisans II 35/1.2
  16. 7Artisans 35/2.0
  17. 7Artisans 35 /0.95
  18. 7Artisans 50 /0.95
  19. 7Artisans 50 /1.05
  20. 7Artisans 55/1.4
  21. TTArtisan 35/1.4
  22. TTArtisan 50 /1.2
  23. yongnuo YnLens YN35mm F2S DF DSM
  24. yongnuo YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM
  25. yongnuo YnLens YN85mm F1.8S DF DSM
  26. PO3-3M 2/50
  27. Gear Fish-eye 10mm F5.6
  28. Gear 12mm 1: 2 HD.FMC
  29. Gear 25mm 1: 1.8 HD.MC
  30. Gear 35mm 1: 1.6 HD.MC
  31. Tamron 180mm 1: 3.5 LD DI SP AF [IF] MACRO 1: 1
  32. Tamron AUTO 1: 2.8 f = 35mm (Adapt-A-Matic)
  33. NIKON NIKKOR 28mm 1: 3.5 ('K' or 'Nikon New')
  34. IMADO. AUTO TELE PHOTO MC 1: 2.8 f = 135mm
  35. TOU / FIVE STAR MC AUTO ZOOM f = 70-210mm 1: 4.5 MACRO
  36. TOU / FIVE STAR MC 1: 2.8 f = 24mm
  37. Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 1: 2,8 F = 7,5cm
  38. Danube 1: 8 f = 500mm
  39. SMC PENTAX-FA 1: 1.4 50mm
  40. SMC PENTAX 1: 1.4 / 50 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN
  41. SMC PENTAX-M 1:1.4 50mm ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN
  42. SMC PENTAX 1: 1.8 / 55 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN 
  43. SMC PENTAX-M 1:2.8 100mm ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN
  44. MINOLTA MC ROKKOR 1:1.2 f = 58mm
  45. MEIKE 1.8 / 25 Multi Coated
  46. MEIKE 1.4 / 35 Multi Coated
  47. MEIKE 60/2.8 MACRO Multi Coated
  48. MEIKE 2.8 / 28 Multi Coated
  49. MEIKE 85/1.8 Auto Focus STM
  50. FUJIAN 25mm 1:1.4 TV LENS (MFT, APS-C, Sony E)
  51. FUJIAN CHINA TV LENS GDS-35 f=35mm 1:1.7 (APS-C, Sony E)
  52. FUJIAN 25mm F1.8 (APS-C, Sony E)
  53. FUJIAN TV LENS f=50mm 1:1.4 (CCTV, APS-C, Sony E, Fujian)
  54. SIRUI 35mm F1.8 Anamorphic 1.33X
  55. SOLIGOR 135mm 1:2 C/DP

My experience

I took the Sony a3500 as a cropped camera with an APS-C sensor and E-mount to create several full-fledged reviews of cropped lenses for this mount. As a result, this camera got accustomed to me and I often shoot something on it (the list of reviews in which she took part is much larger than the one located above).

First of all, I took the Sony a3500 because of the convenient grip, similar to the classic large grip of SLR cameras. When shooting for days on end, you greatly appreciate the comfort of the grip. Otherwise, camera control is very limited, most settings can be set only through the main menu.

I got the impression that the Sony a3500 saved wherever they could. It seems that all the basic functions are in place, but at the same time, everything is very truncated and as simple as possible (display, EVI, menu, buffer, bayonet petals, connectors, etc.). The 'Sony' lettering came off the shoulder strap after just 2 weeks of use. However, it is imperative to remember that the camera at the time of sales, as well as now, on the used market. photographic equipment is very cheap.

Sorry EVI I was disappointed, but I quickly got used to it. With grief in half it can be used. The main display is also rather weak, not rotary and not touch, with not the best viewing angles. The most unpleasant feature was the inability to shoot in RAW (only RAW + JPEG or JPEG).

Some users assured me that the Sony a3500 is the best mirrorless crop from Sony in terms of color reproduction, but the color of the Sony a3500 is still very similar to the old models with 16 MP sensors from Sony: NEX-C3, NEX-F3, NEX-3Women, NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6. In terms of noise and dynamic range, the Sony a3500 is located slightly above older cameras with a 16 MP sensor, and is not much inferior to some 24 MP cameras.

All Sony E-mount cameras with APS-C sensor

All Sony E lenses for APS-C

Fix Lenses:

  1. Sony 11 mm f / 1.8 [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 15 mm f / 1.4 G [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16 mm f / 2.8 [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 20 mm f / 2.8 [2013, silver, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 24 mm f / 1.8 ZEISS ZA [2011, black]
  6. Sony 30 mm f / 3.5 MACRO [2011, silver, AliExpress price]
  7. Sony 35 mm f / 1.8 U.S.S [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  8. Sony 50 mm f / 1.8 U.S.S [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]

Zoom Lenses:

  1. Sony 10-18 mm f / 4 U.S.S [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  2. Sony 10-20 mm f / 4 G PZ [2022, black, AliExpress price]
  3. Sony 16-50 mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ U.S.S [2012, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  4. Sony 16-55 mm f / 2.8 G [2019, black, AliExpress price]
  5. Sony 16-70 mm f / 4 U.S.S ZEISS ZA [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  6. Sony 18-50 mm f / 4-5.6 [2014, black]
  7. Sony 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 U.S.S [2010, black/silver]
  8. Sony 18-105 mm f / 4 G PZ U.S.S [2013, black, AliExpress price]
  9. Sony 18-110 mm f / 4 G PZ U.S.S [2016, black]
  10. Sony 18-135 mm f / 3.5-5.6 U.S.S [2018, black, AliExpress price]
  11. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 U.S.S [2010, silver, AliExpress price]
  12. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 U.S.S LE [2012, black, AliExpress price]
  13. Sony 18-200 mm f / 3.5-6.3 PZ U.S.S [2012, black]
  14. Sony 55-210 mm f / 4.5-6.3 U.S.S [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  15. Sony 70-350 mm f/4.5–6.3 G U.S.S [2019, black, AliExpress price]

Third-party autofocus lenses for Sony E APS-C:

Many interesting manual solutions are provided by Chinese manufacturers and brands. 7Artisans, TTartisan, Meike, Neewer, PerGear, Kamlan, Brightin star, Mitakon Zhongyi, Venus laowaFujian, ARTRALABAstrHori other. Autofocus Speed ​​Boosters are also interesting Viltrox Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X и Metabones Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X... List of full-frame cameras and lenses Sony FE (Full Frame E) here

Materials on the topic

  1. Full frame mirrorless systems... Discussion, choice, recommendations.
  2. Cropped mirrorless systems... Discussion, choice, recommendations.
  3. Cropped mirrorless systems that have stopped or are no longer developing
  4. Digital SLR systems that have stopped or are no longer developing
  5. JVI or EVI (an important article that answers the question 'DSLR or mirrorless')
  6. About mirrorless batteries
  7. Simple and clear medium format
  8. High-speed solutions from Chinese brands
  9. All fastest autofocus zoom lenses
  10. All fastest AF prime lenses
  11. Mirrored full frame on mirrorless medium format
  12. Autofocus Speed ​​Boosters
  13. One lens to rule the world
  14. The impact of smartphones on the photography market
  15. What's next (smartphone supremacy)?
  16. All announcements and novelties of lenses and cameras
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Comments: 58, on the topic: Short review Sony a3500

  • Sergei

    The most important question, which for some reason no one touched upon when reviewing these cameras, is whether it is possible to focus with manual lenses with picking and / or magnification using the camera screen from the upper or lower shooting point ??? Does the screen go completely blind?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I pointed out that the viewing angles are weak. If the shooting conditions, background lighting contributes to this, then something else is possible, but if it is a sunny day, flooded with light, then this is impossible.

      • Yuriy75

        So does picking with manuals work?

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Yes, this is indicated in the review.

  • Sergei

    “… It’s impossible.” - that is what I wanted to know. Thanks!

    • Oleg

      The picking also works via EVF + digital zoom, so there is absolutely no focusing problem with melee optics. I personally just took this camera for lenses from movie cameras, scales and soap dishes, with 20 megapixels. detail is even nothing)

  • Andrei

    "At one time the Sony a3000 / a3500 were the only alternative to the Sony NEX-7 with built-in EVF." - if I'm not mistaken, Sony NEX6 was released before A3000 (announced in 2012), and this was exactly the alternative to NEX7, also with a built-in video recorder.

  • Jankowsky

    YES ! Finally it happened! Review of the world's best Sony E crop for color rendering. It was me who encouraged Arkady to find and buy this camera. I shot with the NEX 3N and a5000 for a very long time before buying the a3500. So - no one has ever written about this anywhere - the a5000 and a3500 have completely different color rendition and rendering. The a3500's picture is less noisy at all ISOs and much more plastic, more reminiscent of the NEX 3N, but with noticeably better details. a5000 has a very technical rough drawing, very sharp at ISO 100 (with Sigma fixes), but then the picture falls apart - ISO over 200 is not working. In addition, it does not export underexposure at all at the expo. The shadows stop stretching and the terrible watercolor soap rushes - which is not observed in the NEX and a3500. There is also a rumor that the A3000 has even better color. A3500 produces a phenomenally sharp, clean and beautiful picture in combination with Kamlan 50 \ F1.1 Mark II, Sigma 16 \ 1.4, Sigma 60 \ 2.8 Art lenses

    • Alex

      just like in that joke "what we took for an orgasm" ...

      at least the camera suffers from a terribly crooked jpeg engine and it looks like all its imperfections, some take for increased "plasticity" and so on and so on and so forth)

      • Sergei

        Is it:
        “… .Camera suffers from horribly crooked jpeg engine”
        compatible with this:
        “… .The shadows stop stretching and the terrible watercolor soap is rushing - which is not observed in NEX and a3500…”?
        Probably it was about the "ductility" of the RAW?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      You were not inspired, although you constantly talked about it. If anything, I do not agree with all your conclusions.

    • Andrei

      filmed on NEX6 for many years and really liked the color rendering (even after the A7 full frame)
      Then he looked at the characteristics of the sensors, at least here:
      NEX6 has almost the highest Full Well Capacity of these cameras, and actually the DD.
      Did not compare A3000 and NEX6?

    • Anatoly

      Once upon a time, I photographed for a couple of days simultaneously on the A3500 and A6000, the comparison, frankly, is not in favor of the first. Such a "marketing" camera in order to lure the amateur photographer into the magic world of Sonya at a low price) Everything that is possible and impossible has been cut. I did not notice any special color rendition. In general, given what can be done in editors, it is not entirely clear what role the chamber color plays now.

      • Fedor

        Yes, according to the photo, the a6000 is not better than the a3500, only the a3500 can now be taken for almost free, but the a6000 is too expensive for its photo and video capabilities

        • Andrei

          Well, don't tell me. the photo and video capabilities of cameras vary greatly in terms of dd and resolution. In addition, the ease of control when shooting is also an important fact. With which I agree - the location of the video button on the A 3500/3000 is much more humane - the way it is located on Sonek 6xxx is just a punishment. However, labor photographers are not interested in video, and they shoot only on glass plates, right? (joke, not addressed to you). But what sets these cameras on opposite sides of the abyss is the screen and the EVI. If you can really see the future picture in the A6000, then in the A3500 / 3000 you can only guess what it will be, more or less composing the scene on a dull blind screen. And the most interesting thing is that many shops used to indicate in the characteristics of the A3500 / 3000 the presence of HDMI, which was never there, giving users a ghostly hope of using external monitors. Alas ... The objective advantage of these cameras in comparison with the Nex of all revisions is the most comfortable grip, the presence of MultiMicro USB (I connected the Sony's proprietary wired remote control) and a new flash shoe. Everything!

          • Arkady Shapoval

            and a new sensor, all Nex-s are based on 14-16MP old sensors (except nex-7)

  • Sergei

    I have this very camera for a long time.
    The main thing is inexpensive with quite good quality.
    Good grip for large interchangeable lenses.
    The main disadvantage is weak LCD screens (viewfinder and display).
    Acquire only for experienced users (I do not recommend beginners).
    You can evaluate the quality of shots only at home on a good display.

    • Oleg

      It's kind of dumb to attach large lenses to a plastic mount ... No? .. My nex-5n has metal. Although such a crumb is more likely to be held by the glass. :)

      • Arkady Shapoval

        With big Tamron 180mm 1: 3.5 LD DI SP AF [IF] MACRO 1: 1 + adapter, which lengthens the system, there were no special problems.

        • Oleg

          Well, if so! I just saw metal rings of an e-mount bayonet on sale on Aliexpress, I just don’t remember with or without petals. I also thought, who needs them, does Sony seem to be sound? Maybe for such cases?

          • Fedor

            I took from Ali just a metal brass mount on a7 and a3500, any heavy lenses can now be held without backlash

      • Fedor

        The nex 5n has the same plastic mount as many older Sony models, even the a7 has the first plastic mount.

  • Victor

    My first more or less professional camera, which, unfortunately or fortunately, quickly went to the shelf. There are still many advantages, but they all overlap with one fatty flaw: the matrix collects dust, and there is no cleaning system. After each lens change, it is completely dusty, it is almost impossible to shoot on those glasses that require clamping the aperture for a sharp picture. As a result, the replacement turns into such a non-quick ritual: I hooked up the lenses, made a frame of the sky in the closed, remembered where the dust particles, wiped them with a little lenspen, hooked back, checked again. If you are lucky and everything turned out in one go, then you can shoot further.

    Probably the most reasonable way to use the A3000 / A3500 is to hang one of the 18-200s on it and leave it that way. True, they can also pump dust through cracks ...

    • Roman

      What are you talking about grip, about dust particles, these are the characteristics that nobody needs. Did you see the color, saw the color? This plasticity of the green channel, these legible lights in red, this beautiful rendering and detailing of shadows in blue! And this bend of the gamma curve! * experiencing an orgasm for the first time in the last two years *

    • Jankowsky

      About the dust on the matrix is ​​complete nonsense. This is where, where and how it is necessary, in war or in the desert to change lenses in the rain in order to crawl the matrix every time with a lenspen? I’ve changed lenses 1000 times, here from three E cameras, and it is extremely rare for dust particles to be blown there by a pear. I generally advise you to forget about Lenspen, he scratches the matrix for the nefig!

      • Roman

        If you shoot the DIVINE COLOR less and use the camera more for real shooting such as the beach, desert, dusty attic, basement, construction site - where texture is important, where you need to shoot the play of light in the dust, then any camera picks up dust quickly enough. And the camera without ultrasonic cleaning is so special. And the dust becomes especially visible on the pinched hole (well, in macro mode).

      • Roman

        And by the way, LensPen also makes pencils for cleaning matrices. Well, they are also called mops. Somehow it’s called differently from them, SensorClean or Clear, but they do it too.

    • Ilya

      The Neks are no better, the ultrasonic system practically does not affect the dust particles in any way, it only spends energy to squeak at each shutdown. So its elimination in this chamber is not a disadvantage. Yes, there are effective vacuum cleaners, but this is not about Sonya (at least at that time, I am not aware of the new ones).

  • Oleg

    Important: the camera uses plastic bayonet petals. Only the outer bayonet ring is metallic. In fact, the lens on the camera is fixed using these petals, and therefore we can assume that the a3500 mount is still plastic.
    I looked, the Sony A37 has a similar mount at the bayonet - a metal ring and plastic petals.

  • E

    Teach me armless how to squeeze at least 1500 shots from the default battery.
    Maybe some geomagnetic fields in our area? %)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The secret is simple, the shorter the time between each shot - the more the ac will live.

  • Stas

    I have been using Sony a3000 for about a year (which is essentially the same camera). In addition to her, since 2012 I have been using two Olympus - PL-1 and PM-1. After the acquisition of Sonya, the Olympuses are on the shelves, since they mainly used manual lenses on them, and the A3000 still has a smaller crop. I like the picture, but after Olympus it took a long time to get used to: the color rendition is different and not always in favor of Sonya. Especially annoying "cold" shadows with yellow-green foliage. Olik's picture is more natural (in my opinion), although maybe this is a matter of habit))

  • Oleg

    How interesting is her shutter life?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      How lucky

      • Oleg

        Just wondering how long it serves for a mirrorless.
        The A3500 itself has a small mileage, thous. - 5 frames.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          And the shutter zk and bzk are fundamentally no different. In the bzk, the first electronic curtain is more often used. Usually 50.000 run easily, 100.000 run without problems, and further depends on the model and luck. For some reason I am sure that now even a million is not a special problem for the bzk.

    • Fedor

      I already have almost 90 thousand mileage on one, with a friend of more than 118 thousand

  • Fedor

    About dd this is of course not true at all, dd sony a3500 is much more than old nex-type cameras any and Sony a77 a37 a65 and the a3500 matrix makes less noise than all nex and slt (crop) except a77ii.

    • Arkady Shapoval


      • Fedor

        I compared the pictures from the a3500 cameras with the pictures from the a65 a77 nex5t cameras, the same settings and the same lens, so the a3500 has less noise and the dd is much more, but if we say that this is not so, then this is very soft speaking wrong.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          I shot a lot on 16 megapixel cameras from Sony, like nex-3n, nex-5r and others. So, the same 5r dd is even slightly wider than 3500. 3n + has the same thing. Therefore, it is difficult for me to believe in your comparison. The same can be seen from purely laboratory tests dd and other :).
          And the a77 and a65 have a 24 megapixel sensor, and it was about the old 16 megapixel sensors):

          • Fedor

            Arkady, I apologize for what was written earlier. It was a6500, I confused ((

          • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

            Please tell me an adapter for other lenses.

            • Arkady Shapoval

              for which?

    • Rado

      About noisiness, yes, the same a65 a77 is noisier than a3000 or a3500 for comparison, a5000 makes more noise and than any nexes at 16mpix and the rest of the sleepyheads at 20 and fresh at 24. I write about the a5000 as a real user and not just a chatter, she makes a lot of noise strongly in comparison with the same a3500.

  • Ilya

    A few comments.

    There is a possibility to connect an external microphone - through a “smart shoe”. This is what the manual says. But I have never seen such microphones. Also somewhere in nature there is a remote control connected to it via a USB connector. So the interface is not formally cut. And the menu is also not truncated in comparison with the nexes, except that there is no shooting with two mechanical curtains, but she does not need it in FIG, and only one option is left for the display brightness - manual correction. But what I can’t cut down on the most is both sighting bodies. “The display is quite mediocre” - you put it very mildly, I have never seen worse in my life, even on a soap dish. And the point is not only in the low spatial resolution, but also in the generally useless color resolution. As a result, not only is it possible to focus manually only with the use of a magnifying glass (in the first Nexes, it was often possible to do without it, which greatly accelerated the shooting efficiency), but also the assessment of the footage becomes a non-trivial task. The pictures that we see on the screen are always faded, noisy and scary, it is possible to understand where there is a defect, and where suitable frames are only when viewed on a computer monitor. This is a very strange decision from the point of view of marketing, because when buying a camera, the quality of pictures is usually assessed on its display, therefore, many buyers probably shied away from this in stores. The picture on the display is really very ugly. EVI is no better.

    Kamzhpeg is significantly different from the Nexian, as for me, for the better. Better colors, better detail. But there is also more noise in the shadows, especially at low ISO. Paradoxical situations often occur when, when shooting the same scene with an ISO of more than 1000, there is less noise in the shadows in camzhpeg than at ISO 100, and the detail will drop quite a bit.

    Autofocus is not a fountain.

    A separate song is the whale lens. Now I'm going to write a couple of gentle ones about him under the corresponding article. But the summary is simple: when buying this camera, be prepared to change the lens right away.

  • Art

    “Some a3500 cameras support FUll HD 60i. Information about maximum video quality ”
    it has a different relation to video quality.
    50i our region for 50 Hz power supply
    60i for America with their 60 Hz
    in practice, when shooting video under artificial lighting at 60i / 30p, lamps will flicker

  • Gala

    Hello everyone! I am an experienced photographer, I learned to photograph myself. I bought Sonya from my hands - Sony A3500, it was not expensive. The very fact that I look at the comments of 2020, which is 7 years after the release of this model, already means something in favor of this camera. As a hobbyist, I love its shutter speed - good for animals and children. I like the battery - it lasts for a long time. I want to submit my photos for discussion and evaluation - I shoot using manual settings.

    • twm

      Kote is always good :)
      Compositionally, I like the first two. Unless I would have saved the ears of the third princess.

  • Gala

    another mine
    a photo

    • Victor

      "Another photo of mine."

  • Gala

    sony a

  • Artem

    Is she in HSS?))

  • Vitaly

    A question for those in the know. For video shooting, I expose 50i, but in fact it turns out a 25i video, and when 25p is set, the output is correct 25p. How to get 50 fps? Moreover, this situation is both with 24Mbps and 17Mbps. I set the file format to AVCHD.

  • Matthew

    Thanks for the helpful and interesting review.

  • Radmir

    To enable focus peaking, autofocus must be switched to manual mode.

  • cease

    hola si me pueden ayudar tengo la sony 3500 y sucede que la rueda de dial de modo de toma aparece el menu en pantalla cada vez que la estoy usando por ejemplo en una grabacion de video si me podrian ayudar para solucionar dicho problema…gracias¡¡

  • Jose Galvan

    Hola, soy de argentina, y quiero saber si alguien ha usado un disparador remoto o intervalometro con esta camara…?ILCE 3500. Gracias

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