Review 7artisans 55mm / f1.4 (Sony E-Mount)

For the provided lens 7artisans 55mm / f1.4 many thanks official representatives 7Artisans.

7artisans 55mm / f1.4 (Sony E-Mount)

7artisans 55mm / f1.4 (Sony E-Mount). increase.


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  4. Assembly
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Please note that the 7artisans 55mm / f1.4 lens is available with different mounts. This review shows the 7artisans 55mm / f1.4 version for Sony E mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor. At the same time, the 7artisans 55mm / f1.4 is also available with Canon EF-M, Fujifilm X mounts, Micro 4 / 3 and even Leica L (for Leica TL and Leica CL cameras with APS-C sensor).

Also, note that the 7artisans 55mm / f1.4 is available in a black case design (the version shown in this review), but there is an option in a silver case design. The silver color of the case may be useful to those users who have silver or white / gray cameras.

7artisans 55mm / f1.4 (Sony E-Mount)

7artisans 55mm / f1.4 (Sony E-Mount)

In short

7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is a modern manual fast prime lens for mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor or less (for crop). One of the most inexpensive similar fixes for cameras with an APS-C sensor. The potential of such a fast fifty-fifty lens (a lens with a focal length of about 50 mm) is very great.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is interesting for its low price, high-quality assembly, good bokeh, a large number of aperture blades and a maximum relative aperture of 1: 1.4.

Among the shortcomings - the standard optical problems inherent in such inexpensive high-aperture optics, first of all - the poor resolution at F / 1.4.

7artisans 55mm / f1.4 (Sony E-Mount)

7artisans 55mm / f1.4 (Sony E-Mount)

All 7Artisans lenses:

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  15. 7Artisans 50 mm F/1.8 (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, versions with 10 and 12 petals]
  16. 7Artisans 50 mm F/0.95 (overview) [EF-M, Z, E, X, RF, M4 / 3]
  17. 7Artisans 55 mm F/1.4 (overview) [EF-M, E, X, M4 / 3, Leica L, black/silver]
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For mirrorless full frame cameras (Full Frame):

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  12. 7Artisans 50 mm F/1.05 APO (overview) [RF, Z, E, L]
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For SLR cameras with APS-C sensor:

  1. 7Artisans 7.5mm 1:3.5 FISH-EYE (announcement) [only for EF/EFS]

Cinema lenses [E, L, Z, RF, X, M4/3]:

  1. APS-C: 12mm T2.9, 25mm T1.05, 35mm T1.05, 50mm T1.05
  2. S35: 24-96mm T2.9 (EF/PL)
  3. Full Frame: 14mm T2.9, 35mm T2, 50mm T2, 85mm T2

Drone Lenses:

These lenses are the easiest to find on Aliexpress from the official dealer 7Artisans.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

Main technical specifications of 7Artisans 55mm / f1.4

Review Instance Name Near the front lens: 7artisans NO.629438 Ø49

On the case: 55mm / f1.4

'E-Mount' bayonet side

Basic properties
  • The lens uses a Sony E mount and is suitable for Sony mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor
  • Manual focus only
  • Metal mount, metal body
  • Compact size
  • Multi-Enlightened Optics
Front Filter Diameter 49 mm
Focal length 55 mm

  • EGF for Sony, Fujifilm, Leica cameras with APS-C sensor is 82.5 mm
  • EGF for cameras Canon EOS M is 88 mm
  • EGF for cameras of the Micro 4/3 system is 110 mm
Zoom ratio 1 X (this is a fixed lens, it does not have a zoom)
Designed by Option from the review for cropped mirrorless Sony cameras.

This lens exists with mounts:

Number of aperture blades 14 rounded petals
  • bayonet mount mark
  • focus distance scale in meters and feet
  • depth of field scale for f / 4, 8, 11, 16
  • aperture scale on aperture ring
Diaphragm F / 1.4 to F / 16, controlled by the iris control ring. There are tags for F / 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 16 (no F / 11 tags). The ring rotates without clicks, smoothly. You can set any intermediate value.
MDF 0.35 m, maximum magnification ratio of approximately 1: 5.5 (measured)
The weight
  • 272 grams (according to the official site)
  • 266 grams (lens only, version for Sony E, measured)
Optical design 6 elements in 5 groups, a type of Planar type scheme

7Artisans 55mm / f1.4Optical design clickable to enlarge

Lens hood Must be screwed into the front filter thread; marking unknown
Manufacturer country Made in China (there is no data on the country of manufacture on the lens itself)
Period From 16 September to 2017

The creative potential of such a fifty dollars is difficult to overestimate. It is suitable for a wide range of photo tasks. Photo enthusiasts often use it as a portrait lens. Many just want a fast fix, in addition to their whale lens. So, f / 1.4 aperture four steps wider aperture of f / 5.6, which is used in 'dark' kit lenses at the long end. Each stage gives a twofold increase in aperture ratio: 1.4 -> 2 -> 2.8 -> 4 -> 5.6. In numerical terms, this means that 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 16 times brighterthan, for example, regular Sony 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS or Sony 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ OSSwhich use a maximum relative aperture of only 50: 55 at 1-5.6 mm of focal length. The calculation of the difference in the relative aperture (count the aperture) is performed elementarily: (5.6 * 5.6) / (1.4 * 1.4) = 16.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4


It's important: 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is available in black and silver. The review shows a lens with a black body color. The silver color of the case can be useful to those users who have silver or white / gray cameras.

The lens came to the review new, in a sealed box. The box contains the lens itself with front and rear covers, a small instruction and a pass on passing quality control. In the middle of the box there are very large and soft foam holders.

In general, the lens very well assembled. 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 has bayonet mount metal and the lens case itself is completely made of metal, anodized aluminum is used.

Important: lens mount also painted blackwhich makes the design of 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 complete and pleasant enough. Typically, such lenses have a metal mount without painting.

The weight of the 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 lens is a little over 250 grams. In the hands of the lens feels like a good thing.

The diameter of the filters is 49 mm. 7Artisans does not try to optimize its lenses for one or two filter diameters and almost every lens uses its own size.

By itself, the 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is quite compact, well suited for small Sony cameras with an APS-C sensor.

The diaphragm consists of 14 (fourteen!) of petals and forms a round hole at any values, while in the photos in the blur zone, rather round discs of blur are obtained. The diaphragm can only be controlled manually using a special ring. The diaphragm ring rotates smoothly, no clicks and fixed values, you can set any intermediate value in the range of F / 1.4-F / 16, which is very useful during movie shooting.

It's important: unlike other lenses, where the aperture ring rotates with clicks, and the transition between any pairs of aperture numbers has the same step, the step between pairs of 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 numbers is always different. It is reduced from F / 1.4 to F / 16. This makes it difficult to conveniently and quickly set values ​​from F / 4 to F / 16. And for the F / 11 mark, there was no place on the scale at all (the distance between F / 8 and F / 16 is very small). In this case, F / 11 is present on the IPIG scale.

It's important: aperture control ring is located from the front of the lens, behind the focus ring. This arrangement of the aperture ring is quite convenient. On other lenses, such as 7Artisans 35 / 1.2, the aperture control ring is close to the mount and it is not always convenient to rotate.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4


The focus ring is wide enough, metal, ribbed. The ring rotates approximately 135 degrees (3/8 of a full turn). Focus ring is poorly stretched from 1 meter to infinity. Focusing is smooth and pleasant, the focus ring can be rotated with one finger. This is one of the few lenses that really mesmerizes with its smooth focusing. The last time I saw such smooth focusing was on the Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8 / 21 ZF.2 T *. Smooth focusing, the 'oil' movement of the focusing ring is what I like best in old manual Takumar lenses, for example, in Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1: 1.8 / 55 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN. When I first picked up the 7Artisans 55 / 1.4, I immediately remembered my favorite for the smooth focus Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1: 1.4 / 50 ASAHI OPT. CO., JAPAN.

It's important: After successful focusing when trying to set the desired aperture value, you can easily touch the focus ring, which rotates very easily and thereby bring down the exact focus.

During focusing, the trunk of the lens runs forward but does not spin. During focusing, the entire lens block moves.

On the ring there is a scale with a focusing distance in meters and feet and a depth of field scale. The minimum focusing distance is only 35 centimeters, and the maximum magnification ratio is approximately 1: 5.5. Such an MDF is not characteristic of fifty-fifty lenses. Usually, a minimum focusing distance of 50 cm is used for a 45 mm focal length. The small MDF of 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is another nice side.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4 has a small 'Focus Breathing' effect (changes in viewing angle during focusing). During focusing towards the MDF, the viewing angle decreases.

Focus Shift (focus shift, changing focus distance due to iris)

Have a hard stop (hard infinity mechanical stop) for fast and accurate aiming at infinity under any temperature operating conditions. On the copy from the review, the hard stop works as expected, without a flight.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

Image quality

7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is quite 'nice' at open apertures in terms of 'artistic' components. The classic planar-like picture typical of many old lenses is striking. At f / 1.4, the lens is not impressive, but as soon as you close the aperture a little bit, the sharpness returns to normal.


  1. at f / 1.4 the resolution is pretty low
  2. sharpness changes significantly with aperture up to f / 2.0
  3. a drop in sharpness to the edges and corners of the frame is insignificant, which is a rarity for inexpensive optics
  4. excellent center resolution occurs after f / 2.8


  1. there is a small barrel-shaped distortion
  2. easily fixable in the editor and almost invisible in the pictures


  1. noticeable vignetting observed most strongly at f / 1.4
  2. vignetting decreases with focus towards MDF. Most noticeable when focusing on infinity
  3. vignetting almost disappears at f / 2.8
  4. vignetting easily fixable in the editor


  1. strong chromatic aberration over the entire field of the frame, but appear only in highly contrasting details (example)
  2. strong milling


  1. on covered diaphragms, a beautiful effect of a 14-ray star is difficult to achieve due to the strongly rounded opening (example)
  2. from bright light sources you can get a lot of glare, while they can be of enormous size (example)
  3. bokeh interesting, but a little 'nervous'

Important: at the time of the creation of this review, there was no 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 profile for popular RAW converters. You can create a profile yourself or wait for its release.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

Sample Photos

All photos in the review are shown without processing. Camera used Sony a3500. All photos are on-camera JPEG. Picture Control Mode 'Standard 0/1/1' or 'Portrait 0/0/0'. Functions' Corr. ob .: Shading ',' Corr. ob .: Chrome. aberr. ' and 'Corr. Rev .: Distortion 'were disabled.

JPEG source pictures at this link (80 files, 400 MB). Sony a3500 I can’t shoot exclusively in RAW format, but only in RAW + JPEG or JPEG, so most of the pictures I took were made in JPEG. Several photos in processing can be viewed here.

Review helped create a theater and film actress Anastasia Gubanova (her instagram).

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

My experience

I was already in Radozhiv 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 review by reader, but in the version for the Micro 4/3 system (crop Kf = 2.0), with which I practically agree with everything. I was asked to prepare a separate review on cameras with an APS-C sensor.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4 - a manual alternative to the native Sony E 50 / 1.8 OSSas well as an alternative for Sigma 56 / 1.4 DN C and Viltrox / Tokina 56 / 1.4. First of all, 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is used for creative, artistic photo tasks, including portraiture.

It is difficult to fall into sharpness at F / 1.4, only a strong increase in the selected part of the frame (the so-called magnifying glass) helps. Focusing on focus picking at 1.4 is quite a risky activity, you can’t get sharpness in the right place on the picture.

On F / 1.4 it is convenient to shoot objects at a distance of no more than three meters. At the same time, the visual perception of images does not suffer much from weak sharpness. But at long focusing distances, weak sharpness becomes much more noticeable.

The extra 5mm of focal length almost always looks better than the classic 'pure' fifty dollars. EGF of such a lens on cameras with an APS-C sensor almost exactly corresponds to 85 mm, which is a classic portrait focal length.

Among the old manual full-frame lenses, there are also many 55 / 1.4 class solutions, for example, Auto mamiya / sekor 1: 1,4 f = 55mm. But still, most of the old inexpensive 50-55 / 1.4 class lenses will not be better than the modern 7Artisans 55 / 1.4. First of all, this concerns enlightenment not optimized for digital cameras, which affects contrast and color. And also I don’t remember a single old man 50-55 / 1.4 with 14 diaphragm blades.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is quite interesting. It was a very good idea to release a compact XNUMX aperture optimized for APS-C sensors.

For about three weeks now I have been holding one of the best lenses from Minolta - MC ROKKOR 1: 1.2 f = 58mm latest version. I should note that despite its f / 1.2 and legendary status, working and having fun and the result is much easier and more enjoyable with the 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 (I used both lenses on the Sony a3500). This may only be my experience and it may not be in any way related to the real state of affairs, especially since ROKKOR is designed for full-frame SLR cameras.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

All Sony E-mount cameras with APS-C sensor

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

All Sony E lenses for APS-C

Fix Lenses:

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Zoom Lenses:

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  14. Sony 55-210 mm f / 4.5-6.3 OSS (announcement) [2011, black/silver, AliExpress price]
  15. Sony 70-350 mm f/4.5–6.3 G OSS (announcement) [2019, black, AliExpress price]

Third-party autofocus lenses for Sony E APS-C:

Many interesting manual solutions are provided by Chinese manufacturers and brands. 7Artisans, TTartisan, Meike, Neewer, PerGear, Kamlan, Brightin star, Mitakon Zhongyi, Venus laowaFujian, ARTRALABAstrHori other. Autofocus Speed ​​Boosters are also interesting Viltrox Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X и Metabones Canon EF -> Sony E 0.71X... List of full-frame cameras and lenses Sony FE (Full Frame E) here

7Artisans 55 / 1.4

7Artisans 55 / 1.4


7Artisans 55 / 1.4 costs around $ 100. The easiest way buy 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 at Aliexpress.comfor example official seller 7Artisans Store here at this link.

7Artisans 55 / 1.4 aperture blades

Aperture blades (14) of the 7Artisans 55 / 1.4 lens

Video review


7Artisans 55 / 1.4 is a modern manual high-aperture fifty dollars. It has a good price / quality ratio. Some optical disadvantages are compensated by low cost and high-quality assembly. Compact with 14 aperture blades. It can be a great creative solution for amateur photographers.

10 main advantages

  1. low price tag (total about 100 dollars)
  2. maximum aperture F / 1.4 (very high aperture)
  3. additional 5 mm of focal length compared to classic fifty-fifty (55 mm versus 50 mm)
  4. very good build quality: the lens body is completely made of metal
  5. very smooth focus ring, pleasant to use
  6. there is a depth of field scale and focusing distances
  7. 14 diaphragm blades that always give a rounded hole
  8. the aperture ring rotates smoothly, without intermediate values ​​(important for movie shooting)
  9. the aperture control ring is located in front of the lens, which is very convenient
  10. good sharpness in the center already at F / 2 and good at more covered apertures, good control of vignetting and distortion

10 main disadvantages

  1. no CPU pins to form the correct EXIF
  2. rather rare thread for a 49 mm filter
  3. a threaded (non-bayonet) hood should be used; no hood is included in the scope of delivery
  4. a small step at the aperture ring between the aperture values ​​F / 4-F / 16. The aperture ring is easy to accidentally hook and knock down the set value, the same goes for the focus ring
  5. focus ring poorly stretched from 1 meter to infinity
  6. there is no lens profile for popular RAW converters, the lens is not 'hardwired' into modern cameras
  7. old optical design, ordinary Gaussian double lens, Planar with 6/5 scheme
  8. in backlight or side light you can easily get strong glare
  9. tangible chromatic aberration
  10. low sharpness at f / 1.4

Comments on this post do not require registration. Anyone can leave a comment. Many different photographic equipment can be found on AliExpress.

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Training/Consultations | Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram

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  • Molchanov + Yuri

    Thanks for the review! During the quarantine period, you have brought down tons of useful information on our heads!

  • RussTamblyn

    There is a hard stop (hard infinity mechanical stop) for quick and accurate focusing under any temperature operating conditions.
    To infinity?

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Pavel + Gorbunov


  • Eugen

    Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8 / 21 ZF.2 T * Was it on the review?

  • UstasFritZZZ

    Thanks for your review! I liked the lens very much, it would be strange to expect Zais quality from it at a price of a hundred dollars. For the smoothness of the focusing ring, I personally really like the Minoltovsky MD 50 F1.4, maybe I just got one, but it goes like clockwork - amazingly simple, one minus it has - 6 aperture blades, covered at least a little from 1.4 and get nuts , it's a shame.

    • Oleg

      I confirm! Sometimes you take it in your hands and unnecessarily want to twist the focus ring, so oily smoothly :) which the same popular Olympus Zuiko OM 50 / f1,8 does not have, at least for my copy. I also agree about nuts, but on f2 I often do not notice them. And sometimes I remember from them what was filmed, I’m specifically looking for :).

      • Gregor

        Well, my bunny is spinning very nicely.
        However, the minolta too)

      • Vlad

        Regarding the smooth running of the ring: on many lenses with a stepper motor and an electronic ring, it is made very comfortable. For example, on a cheap Nikon 18-55 af-p kit, the focus ring is surprisingly smooth, oily and pleasant

        • Arkady Shapoval

          yes, that's right, that's just electronic, without tangible feedback

    • Serg

      the seismic quality is largely exaggerated by the brand-growers))

      • B. R. P.

        And whose is it not exaggerated?

  • Vladimir

    Helios 44m-7 will not be more interesting?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Someone will be more interesting. But in general, no. Especially on the crop. But in the case of 7Artisans 55 / 1.4, we can only talk about crop.

      • Vladimir

        Thank you!

    • Serg

      I don’t like the 7artisans bokeshka at all; it’s some kind of dry glare that doesn’t form beautifully, unlike helios.

  • Vadim

    Sonya has some strange colors, ugly (IMHO, of course).

  • York

    49mm is a rare filter ?! O_o
    Yes okstite, for the OM-button accordion - the most running, there were almost all the glasses at 49mm.

    And so - it's worth its money.
    Spineless, but fit.

    You take it and you immediately understand why all sorts of rocky-tomyokas are much more expensive.
    And they are needed at all, or that's enough.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Because they are mirrored, full-frame, and most importantly, overgrown with a fur coat of legend. In this review I just mentioned Minolta - MC ROKKOR 1: 1.2 f = 58mm, which I shot at the same time as this 7Artisans

  • Paul

    Today I bought this lens for not the biggest money -4t.r. I liked it. The shooting itself is a pleasure, very convenient, light, beautiful in comparison with the bulky product of the last millennium M-42 + adapter. It's not easy to get into DOF, but I use one trick - shooting in a ravine, red focus peaking and shooting in BLACK AND WHITE (mandatory). When shooting in bw, red sharpness is visible much better and it is much easier to focus, and even when developing it will still be in color. For some reason, I have never heard of this VERY effective technique anywhere. And I drew attention to one property of the lens - it is especially good when shooting a close object, the farther away - the worse the image. I shot only on an open aperture, I will attach a few photos.

  • Paul

    if anyone is interested, I can send a couple of dozen photos

  • Paul


  • Paul

    I forgot to add - I shot on one of the simplest Fujis - A10. photo after correction in the camera equal, without cropping

    • Victor


      x-a10 seems to be without x-trans, which means that such worms in the image could not go from a simple conversion.

      • Paul

        yes, it was such a sin))) twisted the sliders to be more satisfied with the result

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