Overview of YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

For provided by Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM lens huge thanks directly company Yongnuo.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM. increase.


  1. In short
  2. History
  3. All lenses from Yongnuo
  4. Appearance
  5. Main Specifications
  6. Assembly
  7. Focusing
  8. Firmware Upgrade
  9. Image quality
  10. Sample Photos
  11. My experience
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  13. All Sony APS-C E cameras
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In this review, I will call the Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM lens for short YN 50 / 1.8S.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

In short

The YN 50 / 1.8S is the first lens from Ynlens (Yongnuo) for Sony mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor (i.e. with a cropped sensor) and a Sony E mount.

YN 50 / 1.8S - a classic fifty dollars. Internal auto focus, quiet and fast enough stepper focus motor. Everything works without problems. Optically good, with good sharpness over the entire field of the frame, without strong distortion or vignetting. Only chromatic aberration make themselves felt.

YN 50 / 1.8S - lightweight, compact, pleasant. It is strange that other manufacturers have not yet released an affordable similar lens for Sony E. Those fifty lenses that already exist are either manual (without autofocus) or have a significantly higher price tag.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM


The lens was officially announced April 10 2020 years.

YN 50 / 1.8S is first lens from Yongnuo for the cropped mirrorless Sony system with Sony E mount. It is not known from what lens it was copied and whether it was copied at all, maybe this is Yongnuo's own development. Why copied? Indirectly this is evidenced by the fact that nowhere on the lens, box or instruction does the inscription 'Yongnuo' shine, but only 'Ynlens'. Perhaps this is due to some kind of patent obligations, or maybe it's just such a small rebranding.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM


This is what the lens and the box in which it is delivered look like. In some pictures, it is shown along with the camera. Sony a3500.

Some YONGNUO lenses come with blue protective films, as shown in the gallery above.

All Yongnuo Digital Lenses

For Nikon SLR cameras:

  1. Yongnuo 14mm 1:2.8 (model YN14mm F2.8N)
  2. Yongnuo 35mm 1:2 (model YN35mm F2N)
  3. Yongnuo 40mm 1:2.8 (model YN40mm F2.8N)
  4. Yongnuo 50mm 1:1.8 (model YN50mm F1.8N)
  5. Yongnuo 50mm 1:1.4 (model YN50mm F1.4NE)
  6. Yongnuo 60mm 1:2 MACRO (model YN60mm F2NE MF MACRO)
  7. Yongnuo 85mm 1:1.8 (model YN85mm F1.8N)
  8. Yongnuo 100mm 1:2 (model YN100mm F2N)

For Canon EOS SLR cameras:

  1. Yongnuo 14mm 1:2.8 (model YN14mm F2.8)
  2. Yongnuo 35mm 1:2 (model YN35mm F2)
  3. Yongnuo 35mm 1:1.4 (model YN35mm F1.4)
  4. Yongnuo 35mm 1: 1.4C DF UWM (model YN35mm F1.4C DF UWM)
  5. Yongnuo 50mm 1:1.8 (model YN50mm F1.8)
  6. Yongnuo 50mm 1:1.8 II (model YN50mm F1.8 II, in black or white version of the case)
  7. Yongnuo 50mm 1:1.4 (model YN50mm F1.4)
  8. Yongnuo 60mm 1:2 MACRO (model YN60mm F2 MF MACRO)
  9. Yongnuo 85mm 1:1.8 (model YN85mm F1.8)
  10. Yongnuo 100mm 1:2 (model YN100mm F2)
  11. Teleconverters for Canon EF / EFS mount: Yongnuo Extender EF 2x III, Yongnuo Extender EF 1.4X III, Yongnuo YN C-AF 2x Teleconverter IImaybe some others
  12. and adapters Canon EOS - Sony E, EF-E IImaybe some others

For Mirrorless Micro 4/3 Cameras:

  1. Yongnuo 42.5mm 1: 1.7 (model YN42.5 F1.7 4/3)

For Sony E APS-C Mirrorless Cameras:

  1. Yongnuo 50mm 1: 1.8 DA DSM (model YN50mm F1.8S)

Yongnuo also launches a Yongnuo YN450 camera with Canon EF mount and Micro 4/3 sensor.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

Main technical specifications of Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

Review Instance Name On the case: Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM 0.45m / 1.48ft

Near the front lens: YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM Ø49mm

On the box: Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM STANDART PRIME LENS

Serial number on the bayonet side: 3000001

Basic properties
  • S (Sony) - the lens is designed for Sony mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor and E-mount
  • DA (?) - marking meaning that the lens for cropped cameras
  • DSM (Digital Stepping Motor) - stepper focus motor
  • Internal focus
  • Electronic focus ring
  • DMF (DDirectly Mannual Focus) - direct manual focus
  • Low dispersion elements in the optical circuit
  • USB-port for firmware update
  • Rounded petals aperture
  • Nanometer multi-layer coating - special enlightenment optics
  • Light weight
  • Included hood
  • Important: a lens from a third-party manufacturer, which imposes some restrictions on its practical use
Front Filter Diameter 49 mm, plastic thread for filters
Focal length 50 mm; EGF for Sony cameras with APS-C sensor is 75 mm
Zoom ratio 1 X (this is a fixed lens, it does not have a zoom)
Designed by for Sony NEX / ALPHA mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor and E / EF mount
Number of aperture blades 7 rounded petals
Labels bayonet mount mark and hood mount mark
Diaphragm F / 1.8 to F / 16
MDF 0.45 m, maximum magnification factor 0.14 X (1: 7.1)
The weight
  • 146 grams per instruction
  • according to my measurements, 145 grams (without covers and hoods)
Optical design 8 elements in 7 groups. The scheme includes 1 low dispersion element LD

Optical design YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSMThe image of the optical scheme is clickable to enlarge

Lens hood Bayonet Type, Model LH-52T
Manufacturer country Not indicated, but it is known that the lens is made in China
Period Since 10 April 2020 years
Prices View on AliExpress

In general, the YN 50 / 1.8S is an alternative to the original Sony 50 / 1.8 OSS. There are few croaked fifty dollars, while they are quite popular among amateur photographers, since cropped cameras can act as budget portrait and creative lenses.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM


The lens came to the review completely new, with the serial number '3000001'. The front and rear lenses were covered with protective films.

In a small box was a warranty card, instructions in Chinese and English, a certificate of quality control, a desiccant, bags, a lens hood and the lens itself with a front and rear cover. The covers are made of thick plastic. In the box, the lens is mounted with two foam locks. The box is tiny.

YN 50 / 1.8S has metal mount. Stated that microprocessor contacts gilded. The focus ring is wide, plastic. The lens case is made of plastic, but it feels good in the hands. The focus ring has a small transverse play, but does not cause much discomfort.

The weight of the YN 50 / 1.8S is only 146 grams. Light weight goes well with the lightweight Sony NEX / Alpha cameras.

Diaphragm consists of 7 petals, on the strongly covered diaphragms the aperture opening has the shape of a regular heptagon.

There is a bayonet mount mark and a mark on the case for quick installation of the hood. The lens uses a plastic lens hood LH-52T, which is fixed in special grooves located near the front lens of the lens. With the hood in the active position, the front cover is very difficult to install. The lens hood is long enough, optimized for the lens to be used on cropped cameras.

It's important: The hood, in fact, cannot be set to transport mode with the back side. Nevertheless, it can somehow be set into transport mode, but in this position it will not be possible to close the lens with the front protective cover.

I want to note that on the lens itself there is no inscription 'YONGNUO' inherent in all previous lenses from this company. Instead of 'YONGNUO' you can now see the inscription 'Ynlens'('YoNgnuo LENS? ','Wi-Lens? '). The same applies to the box in which the lens and instruction arrived. Mention that this is Yongnuo is only in the utility for updating the firmware.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM


For focusing, the YN 50 / 1.8S uses stepper focus motor DSM (Digital Stepping Motor). Auto Focus should work with all Sony cameras with an E / FE mount.

Focus speed average (closer to high), quite comfortable for work. On camera Sony a3500 I had no problems with focusing at all. After the lens has lost accurate focusing, refocusing is fast enough. The lens is also tested on the Sony α5100 and Sony α6000.

Auto focus silent. In some situations, a characteristic hum appears (as with many stepping focus motors). But still this hum is not very noticeable and rarely appears (it depends on the chosen focusing method and current conditions that affect focusing). While shooting a video using auto focus and a microphone built into the camera, the video may still have a small noise level from the built-in motor. On some cameras in the tracking AF mode during video recording, a small crack may appear from a very frequent change in the direction of focus.

Lens uses electronic focus ring. Focus ring plastic, not rubberized, wide, in manual focus mode rotates approximately two full turns. When extreme positions are reached, the ring does not abut, but continues to rotate. Manual focus is enough conveniently. The focus ring rotates very easily (with one finger). I did not observe delays when changing the direction of rotation. The focus ring during manual focusing makes a faint sound of two rubbing plastic parts. The electronic focus ring is more responsive to its speed of rotation than to a specific angle of rotation, which sometimes creates a tactile inconvenience.

UPDATE: After two weeks of active use in the field and about 5.000 shots, dust fell under the focus ring, after which a characteristic rubbing sound and a characteristic unpleasant tactile sensation appeared.

On the case no focus mode switch. The focus method is set through the camera menu. For manual focus, select the focus mode MF (manual focus) or DMF (direct manual focus) in the camera menu, after which the focus ring will respond to rotation after half-pressing the shutter button.

During auto focus focus ring remains stationaryMoreover, it can be freely rotated 360 degrees without any effect on focusing (if the normal AF 'Autofocus' mode is activated in the camera menu). During manual focusing, the focus distance bar appears on the display of some cameras.

The lens has internal focusing, the front and rear lenses remain stationary during focusing. It is possible to use various filters without any problems.

The minimum focusing distance is 45 cm, while you can get the maximum magnification for macro photography 1: 7.1, which is the usual value for fifty-fifty lenses.

The YN 50 / 1.8S has the 'Focus Breathing' effect (changing the viewing angle during focusing). During focusing towards the MDF, the viewing angle decreases.

There are no useful marks on the focusing distance, depth of field, or anything else on the lens.

Focus shift (shift-focus) was not noticed during operation and testing.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

Firmware update (changed)

There is a USB port on the lens housing of the YN 50 / 1.8S with which you can update the lens software (firmware / firmware). This feature first appeared in Yongnuo 100mm 1: 2 и Yongnuo 40 / 2.8that were presented at the same time.

Unlike previous Yongnuo lenses, for which the program was downloaded separately and new firmware downloaded separately, for the YN 50 / 1.8S you need to use a utility that immediately carries the new firmware.

The functionality of the Yn50mm F1.8 DA DSM FM Updater utility (Update Tool, which is responsible for working with the YN 50 / 1.8S lens, is very meager. You can only see the current firmware version and update it to a new one. I found this utility for my YN 50 / 1.8S here. There is a utility version only for the latest Windows operating systems.

A widespread USB 2.0 MICRO-B port is used to connect to the lens (many mobile phones use just that). A USB cable is not included. To connect, I used a USB cable for my Android phone and updated the firmware without any problems. The procedure took less than 10 seconds.

A firmware update, most likely, allows you to improve the compatibility of the lens with new cameras, improve the auto focus, eliminates some other errors. Too bad that no way to roll back (restore) an older version of the firmware.

To upgrade the firmware (software) of the lens:

  • Turn off the camera, detach the lens
  • Launch Yn50mm F1.8 DA DSM FM Updater
  • Attach the lens to the computer using a USB cable. If everything went well, the program will automatically detect the connected lens
  • Click [Start] to start the update. Wait for the update to complete.
  • Disconnect the cable. Done
YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

Image quality

The YN 50 / 1.8S easily handles an Exmor CMOS 20-megapixel APS-C sensor located in the heart of the camera Sony α3500 (ILCE-3500). Optically, this is a good lens, of obvious shortcomings - only chromatic aberration. A fairly flat field of sharpness over the entire frame deserves special attention. It’s quite difficult to notice the subsidence of sharpness even in the corners of the image.


  • good sharpness on the open aperture both in the center of the frame and on the periphery of the image, F / 1.8 is fully operational
  • good resolution in the center of the frame on covered apertures after F / 2.8
  • there is no tangible drawdown of sharpness at the edges and corners of the image, even on an open aperture


  • weak, pincushion distortion
  • the nature of distortion is unified, easily corrected in the editor
  • it is difficult to notice distortion in the pictures


  • vignetting is most pronounced on F / 1.8 and focusing on infinity
  • vignetting decreases with focus towards MDF
  • vignetting almost disappears at f / 2.8
  • vignetting is easily fixable in the editor


  • the lens creates a sufficiently large number of chromatic aberrations, both longitudinal and transverse
  • there is a noticeable freezing (color of contrasting zones of blur in green and purple)
  • there is also the so-called blooming - strong and large red-violet halos on strongly contrasting elements
  • chromatic aberration - the weakest side of the lens


  • the effect of the rays of the star is not pronounced (14 rays)
  • Blur disks are uneven on tightly covered diaphragms
  • the lens works well in backlight, only in the most difficult conditions can you get glare that spoil the picture
  • the lens does not use aspherical elements, but only ED elements, which helps to avoid concentric circles on blur discs
  • discs of blur closer to the edges of the frame become clipped

There is currently no profile for this lens in popular RAW converters.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

Sample Photos

All photos in the review are shown without processing. Camera used Sony a3500. All photos are on-camera JPEG. Picture control mode 'Standard 0/0/0', several pictures in the 'Standard 0/1/1' mode. Functions' Corr. ob .: Shading ',' Corr. ob .: Chrome. aberr. ' and 'Corr. Rev .: Distortion 'were disabled.

Original JPEG '.JPG' photos can be download from this link (129 photos, 600 MB). Original RAW '.RW2' photos can be download from this link (32 photos, 500 MB). Sony a3500 I can’t shoot exclusively in RAW format, but only in RAW + JPEG or JPEG, because most of the pictures I took were made in JPEG. I have several photos in a little processing at 500px: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and instagram: 1, 2, 3, 4.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM, the lens is shown on a Sony a3500 mirrorless camera

My experience

The YN 50 / 1.8S is similar to its original Sony brothers - the lens is small, lightweight, without switches, with an electronic focus ring, etc.

I have no significant complaints about the image quality, as well as the overall functioning of the lens. The YN 50 / 1.8S has nothing more. This is a cheap and efficient lens.

First of all, the YN 50 / 1.8S is a serious competitor to the original Sony 50 / 1.8 OSS. For modern Sony cameras that have an integrated image stabilizer (Sony a6500, a6600), you can safely buy the YN 50 / 1.8S instead of the more expensive Sony 50 / 1.8 OSS.

Important: The YN 50 / 1.8S has many times fewer small and not very small problems than the fifty dollars from Yongnuo for Nikon and Canon SLR cameras. In this case, with the YN 50 / 1.8S everything is much better, and the YN 50 / 1.8S itself is not connected at all with the fifty dollars from Yongnuo for SLR cameras. Once again, as it is really important: this YN 50 / 1.8S and YN lenses for SLR cameras are radically different lenses.

The creative potential of such a fifty dollars is difficult to overestimate. It is suitable for a wide range of photo tasks. Photo enthusiasts often use it as a portrait lens. Many just want a fast fix, especially in addition to their full-time / 'whale' lens. Aperture F / 1.8 more than three steps wider f / 5.6 aperture, which is used on long-end 'dark' whale lenses. In numerical terms, this means that YN 50 / 1.8S is approximately 10 times brighterthan, for example, whale Sony 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 OSS or Sony 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ OSSwhich use a maximum relative aperture of only 50: 1 over a 5.6 mm focal length. The calculation of the difference in the relative aperture (count the aperture) is performed elementarily: (5.6 * 5.6) / (1.8 * 1.8) = 9.679, which is rounded to the value '10'.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

Similar lenses

There are not many similar lenses. For comparison with the YN 50 / 1.8S, I would single out only the original Sony E 1.8 / 50 OSS (SEL50F18) and original Sony FE 1.8 / 50 (SEL50F18F).

Sony FE 1.8 / 50 (SEL50F18F) Sony E 1.8 / 50 OSS (SEL50F18) YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM
Frame size Full Frame, FE APS-C, E APS-C, E
Announcement Year 2016 2011 2020
MDF 50 cm or more 50 cm or more 50 cm or more
Max Zoom 1:7.1 1:6.3 1:7.1
Filter diameter 49 mm 49 mm 49 mm
The weight 186 grams 202 grams 146 grams
Focus motor DC (micromotor) linear DSM
Stabilizer No There is No
Aperture min. F / 22 F / 22 F / 16
Aperture Max F / 1.8 F / 1.8 F / 1.8
Focus ring e e e
Aperture blades 7 7 7
Optical design 6/5 (1 ASP) 9/7 8/7 (1 ED)
Type of focus trunk goes out internal internal
Color of the case the black black or silver the black
Price About 250 $ About 350 $ About 100 $

Of the other similar near-fiftys with automatic focus at the time of writing this review, there were only: Tokina 56 / 1.4 | Viltrox 56 / 1.4 | Sigma 56 / 1.4 and two macro lenses: Sigma 60 / 2.8 и Zeiss Touit 50 / 2.8 Macro. All have a much higher price tag.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

All Sony E mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensor

All Sony E lenses for APS-C

  1. 16mm f / 2.8
  2. 20mm f / 2.8 (black / silver)
  3. 24mm f / 1.8 ZEISS ZA
  4. 30mm f / 3.5 Macro
  5. 35mm f / 1.8 U.S.
  6. 50mm f / 1.8 U.S. (black / silver)
  7. 10-18mm f / 4 U.S.
  8. 16-50mm f / 3.5-5.6 PZ U.S. (black / silver)
  9. 16-55mm f / 2.8 G
  10. 16-70mm f / 4 U.S. ZEISS ZA
  11. 18-50mm f / 4-5.6
  12. 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 U.S. (black / silver, Japan / Thailand)
  13. 18-105mm f / 4 G PZ U.S.
  14. 18-110mm f / 4 G PZ U.S.
  15. 18-135mm f / 3.5-5.6 U.S.
  16. 18-200mm f / 3.5-6.3 U.S.
  17. 18-200mm f / 3.5-6.3 U.S. LE
  18. 18-200mm f / 3.5-6.3 PZ U.S.
  19. 55-210mm f / 4.5-6.3 U.S. (black / silver)
  20. 70-350mm f / 4.5–6.3 G U.S.

Third-party autofocus lenses for Sony E APS-C:

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM with hood


The price of the YN 50 / 1.8S is around $ 100-120, which is a very attractive offer. You can see prices for YN 50 / 1.8S on Aliexpress. at this link.

YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM

Aperture blades YONGNUO Ynlens YN50mm F1.8S DA DSM. The lens is mounted on the Sony A3500


YN 50 / 1.8S - a good fifty dollars for mirrorless Sony E APS-C. Good value for money. The YN 50 / 1.8S has virtually no competitors.

10 main advantages:

  1. low cost (about $ 100)
  2. very light weight
  3. compact sizes
  4. metal bayonet mount included
  5. stepping focus motor fast enough
  6. internal focusing, fixed focus ring during auto focus
  7. electronic focus ring, convenient enough manual focus
  8. USB port for firmware upgrade
  9. one low dispersion element in the optical circuit (for example, Sony 50 / 1.8 OSS no special elements)
  10. good optical performance. Moderate level of basic optical distortion (vignetting, distortion, drop of sharpness to the edges and corners of the image, etc.)

10 main disadvantages:

  1. the hood is extremely inconveniently set to transport mode (maybe it can’t be installed like this at all)
  2. the aperture blades are poorly rounded; on heavily covered apertures the aperture has the shape of a heptagon
  3. tiny lateral play of the focus ring, the focus ring is plastic, not rubberized, can catch dust over time and rotate not so smoothly
  4. no built-in image stabilizer (similar Sony 50 / 1.8 OSS he is)
  5. there are no additional tags (depth of field, focusing distance, etc.)
  6. the minimum focusing distance is greater than that of a similar one Sony 50 / 1.8 OSS (important for subject and pseudo macro photography)
  7. software options for working with the lens via the USB port are very limited
  8. lack of lens data in modern cameras and RAW converters, which prevents some types of optical distortion from being automatically corrected
  9. it is not known where and how this lens should undergo warranty service. This is not Yongnuo, but Ynlens. Perhaps the company has problems with patent obligations
  10. some characteristic optical imperfections, such as perceptible chromatic aberration

Here on the site comments do not require registration. In the comments, you can ask a question on the topic and they will answer you, as well as you can express your opinion or describe your experience. For the selection of photographic equipment, I recommend large catalogs, for example E-Catalog. Many little things for the photo can be found on AliExpress.

Material prepared by Arkady Shapoval. Do not forget subscribe to my instagram.

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  • Rodion

    Chromatics are very noticeable, of course. And so - an interesting analogue of the 85 / 2.8 lens for the FF CZK: even the optical system uses ernostar-like.

  • UstasFritZZZ

    For a hundred bucks - a great lens! Autofocus, aperture, lightness. Lovers, to shoot flowers, people, objects - that’s it. For the review, as always - thanks, it was interesting!

  • Sergei

    It seems that Yongnuo has embarked on a rebranding path, like 7artisans.
    “7 partisans” began to produce their most advanced lenses under the TTArtisan brand.

    • Rodion

      Well, the logo and the design in general are simply missing from them)

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    Thank you for the informative review. I don’t even know and am very sorry, but for me the main object and the background do not form a single whole or the background is not from this “opera”.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the review.
    Well now for Sony E has its own “plastic fiction”)
    Bokeh, by the way, seems less distracting than for example the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM (on the open aperture).

  • Anton

    Arkady, is there an opportunity to test this lens on 6000 models? It is interesting how focusing will work with cameras that support phase focusing, on the same sigma, it seems like phase focus points are displayed only in the square in the center of the frame.

  • Koba

    8 elements in 7 groups with one low-dispersion element, no one produces such lenses of their large brands, yet this was not enough for them to put so many lenses into a simple lens and even a low-dispersion element and give customers $ 100 (China costs exactly 100 dollars). Schemes for YN and other lenses, as I already wrote, have long been developed in China, the benefit of capacities and specialists is more than enough. to calculate new schemes for such lenses is a mere trifle, since in the same centers they develop sophisticated optical devices for the military-industrial complex and astronautics. Personally, I think that while we see the first shoots of new lens construction in China, we will see really excellent lenses in 10 years, mainly for Sony and Fuji, since sales of other mirrorless systems still remain at the microscopic level. Now Kenon has taken the path of an outsider in this segment - he is trying to release the camera on the basis of the principle “cram everything we can” in order to at least technically surpass Sony and not lose the rest of the parish of his own church, but their lack of support from third-party manufacturers remains and your own lenses and the whole system are terribly expensive. Nikon will do something similar, as I think. But they will lose, because after this deepest crisis of capitalism (and not a virus!), Unfortunately, the volume of commercial photo services will slide a notch lower, and few people will care about expensive toys and useless 8k (an ordinary person has enough FHD, but 4k completely covers the needs of most professionals). Let's hope that YN and Viltrox will someday release a 16mm lens for APSC matrices with normal manual control and distance marking.

    • Roman

      And characteristically, the crisis of capitalism began in China. Do not rush to bury either capitalism or Canon - they will survive many more.

      • Koba

        a very interesting idea about the crisis of capitalism in China, where more than 70% of all production and more than 85% of capital turnover belongs to the state, which is controlled by one party - the CPC. There is a crisis in China, it’s right, I’ve been living here for the past 15 years, but it’s not as wild as in other countries, moreover, in most places it is felt very modestly, anyone can come and see with their own eyes, although this is not easy To do this, you need to travel around the country constantly, meet with different people and companies, be able to visit institutions, government institutions, and meet with officials and representatives of various sectors and classes of the people. I also do not always succeed in doing all this, but on the other hand, I have to travel by land transport up to 50000 kilometers a year and hold more than 80 different meetings on various topics, talk with people and somehow understand their interests. After this virus, fewer people began to trust private companies, since it protects their states? In addition, Chairman Xi returned two points of their Stalin constitution to the constitution, Russian observers noticed this, so that there is a crisis in China in its capitalist part, and there is progress in its socialist part, and the people, by the way, clearly support the latter. If anyone has a real interest in this matter, come, I promise that I will lead you to places where 99% of foreigners never get to, I will try to show you at least part of real China, and not submitted by foreign bloggers and media on the Internet. And last, here in 95% of the cities everything returned to the usual

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          What ???? what other socialism is in 2020?)))) Koba ... well, by golly))))

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            Ask Kim Jong In.

  • Valery Nazarkin

    The lens is nice, but there was a feeling of some kind of granular structure of the picture, in principle it is typical for Sony, but I did not think that on the A3500 it would be so much noticeable even on the ISO 200

  • Pawel

    In a word Wai-Wai Lens. Where camera manufacturers can’t make a cheap lens, the Chinese are using it) thanks for the informative review, I found out that the youngsters are making a camera with a boot mount, I'm waiting for a review.

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