7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F2.0. Review from the reader Radozhiva

7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F2.0 lens review for Sony FE specifically for Radozhiva prepared Roman Ukhanov.

7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F2.0

7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F2.0

The review shows 7Artisans 35mm F2.0 for Sony FE (full frame, but on the Internet there is information that is being done on other mounts for cropped cameras).

Now the Chinese market, although it is focused on copying, but what can not be taken away from it is the understanding of what the buyer needs. (Hi KMZ, releasing Jupiters-3 without popular bayonet mounts).

And now, following the path of finding the perfect 'boekenator', I came across this miracle. 'Seven Craftsmen' - this is the name of this lens, and it attracted me for many reasons. Well, firstly: the bokeh is similar to the fashionable now Sigma ARTovskoe. And 10 aperture blades contribute greatly to this, just like aperturewhich on 35s is usually 2.8 and darker.

Secondly: weight and compactness. Only 250 grams (I weighed it myself) and this is at the size of Jupiter 8. When you like to travel, you always want to take more equipment and carry less. And the universal focal length can replace many glasses.

And that was enough for me to buy this baby. The lack of autofocus did not scare me, on Sony a7 there is no problem with this.

7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F2.0

7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F2.0

Feels like 7Artisans 35mm F2.0 is similar to old manual glass - the same metal and glass. It is hovering smoothly, the diaphragm changes with easy clicks.

The open aperture is working, but you should not expect much from the lens for 12.000 rubles (new!). In terms of flare, it is very good, in the backlight they are minimal, and the retractable hood helps. The vignette is palpable.

The minimum focusing distance is 35 centimeters (measured with a ruler), but with macro rings in a backpack can be a good makrikom.

Of the features, I can only note the strange metal cover that covers the lenses. Usually they are made of plastic, but here it’s unusually heavy with a lock on only one side, and if you cover it as usual, it seems that it hangs. But if you twist it to the end, like a filter, then it sits like a glove.

Of the minuses, I can say that the diaphragm ring is small and you need to get used to it, especially if you have thick fingers. 43 mm filters are not the most popular.

Summing up, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the assembly materials, and of course - by the magic picture. A rare combination of novelty, price and quality. I have not tried it on crop, but I think it will easily go like a fifty dollars.

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For mirrorless full-frame cameras:

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TTArtisan (under full-frame mirrorless cameras):

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There are still lenses for drones (Sony E, APS-C), for example, 7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F5.6 or 7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 25mm F5.6.


  • EF-M: Canon EF-M
  • E: Sony E / FE
  • X: Fujifilm X
  • M4 / 3: Micro 4/3
  • RF: Canon RF
  • Z: Nikon Z

These lenses are easiest to find on Aliexpress at Authorized Dealer 7Artisans.

You will find more reviews from readers of Radozhiva here.

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Comments: 27, on the topic: 7Artisans DJ-OPTICAL 35mm F2.0. Review from the reader Radozhiva


    Interesting experience
    If I am going to take a 35-ku, maybe I will stop the choice at 7A

  • Salavat

    And for me, the best 35 is still from Tamron: SP 35 mm F / 1,4 Di USD. And nothing else is needed.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      here are just:
      1) it is not under the crop (like this lens), which immediately changes both the weight and the price tag
      2) it is not mirrorless (like this lens), which immediately adds an adapter
      3) it is not in the version for Sony E

      • Rodion

        So this lens is actually full-frame.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Yes, I'm wrong here, I apologize. Yes, he is full-frame.

      • Tim

        It became interesting, but what are the differences between crop and ff lenses that have the same focal length?

        • Valery A.

          Probably in a dark vignette on the FF with a crop lens. Although on many, only a bit of the corners are darkened. Now I think how the crooked samyang 16/2 will be in the FF, I have not found the info anywhere, but the offer is tempting. Does anyone know?

          • Tim

            I rather the opposite in terms of use on crop

            • Valery A.

              No problems.

            • Tim

              Because of the shorter length, the cropped ones should seem to be smaller, but here’s what the optical difference is, I don’t really catch

              • Alexey

                Nikon has no difference in working distance for DX and FX lenses.

              • Arkady Shapoval

                The rest also have no difference (Canon really has a mechanical limitation)

              • Rodion

                Crop lenses 35 mm are standard for this format and can be calculated as regular, if we are talking about the BZK - i.e. roughly speaking, as a proportionally reduced fifty kopeck piece. Example: 7partisan 35 / 1.2 for crop and 50 / 1.1 for ff with close optical schemes. Full-frame 35 mm should be made according to a scheme that has a larger angle of field of view - in the case of the UPC it will be a wide-angle planar, as in the case of the lens from the review.
                Comparing 35 mm for the BZK ff and for the BZK crop, you can see that with equal apertures for the crop, lenses of smaller diameter are required (especially in the rear group), and the whole scheme can be simpler while maintaining quality. Therefore, the lens for the crop will be smaller in size and cheaper.
                With SLR lenses will be the same story.

              • Rodion

                Okay, about the tonic scheme of this lens, I bent a little. This, of course, is not called a planar. In general, it’s difficult to classify it quite) If you think hard, then 7artisans 35/2 FE is a tessar (the first 4 lenses) + “speed booster” (the last three lenses).

        • Alexey

          only because crop optics outside the circle of the image covering the crop matrix cannot provide a GUARANTEED high-quality picture. there will be either darkness \ vignette, or large aberrations and so on. moreover, in the case of optical optics, this may not be the case with all FRs, but only in parts, sometimes small, but still this does not make the lens suitable for a full frame. however, nothing prevents him from putting it there :)
          an exception to the above is the native Kenon optics for crop, that is, EF-S, there is the letter S from the word short, that is, the rear working segment is slightly shorter on some FRs, while the rear lens moves deeper into the shaft, because the mirror size is smaller and there is a place. on a full-frame camera, such a lens will touch the rear lens behind the mirror, but not with all FRs.

        • Vlad

          The crop lens gives a smaller light spot, hence the vignette and soap edges / corners on ff. At the same time, crop lenses are designed for small small-pixel arrays with a high pixel density, so the center of the frame on ff is usually sharper than on ff lenses

        • Eugen

          Smaller “working area”, outside of which the picture is dark and cloudy.

      • Koba

        I will add more:
        1) Yes, this is the best 35mm A1,4 lens in the world
        2) It costs money not peculiar to the tamron - 900 dollars!
        3) It is big and heavy.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Well, the whole Internet is full of information that this is supposedly the best of the best that Tamron can do

        • Eugen

          Is it better than Millus?

          • Roman

            It depends on what determines the "best."

  • Roman

    This ... Play enough with the open, start to cover. Half of the photos from the review would not hurt to cover more.

  • BB

    It seems to me with sharpness in the near field - everything is bad. Subjectively, Yongnuo 35/2 will be better (I certainly will not say) + AF + it is three times cheaper, well, yes, it’s a bit bigger in size.

  • Denis

    very depressed

  • Novel

    I just think the body of this lens and the size of the lenses are exactly the same as on the crop models of this glass of other bayonets. They simply adjusted the working distance and another bayonet mount. But crop it should be much better - the vignette will go away the corners that are always duller than the center of the frame will be removed.

  • Rodion

    By the way, 7partisans released a lens under the FE 35 / 1.4 in a much more complex optical design.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      yes, they even ported it to Nikon Z and should be available soon under Canon R. He is here in the list of all lenses.

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