Canon EOS 50D Short Review

For the provided Canon EOS 50D camera many thanks the store ProFotoSalewhere you can find many new and used photoapparts of different systems, including similar camera Canon EOS.

Canon EOS 50D with lens

Canon EOS 50D with a Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm 1: 4-5.6 IS STM lens. increase.

The Canon EOS 50D was introduced on August 26, 2008 and was the last model in its lineup. 10D->20D / 20Da->30D->40D-50D. Subsequent model by logical number - Canon EOS 60D lost some of the functionality and became a level slightly lower than the above main line. Some of the functionality from the 50D was taken over by a higher-level camera - Canon EOS 7D. As a result, the 50D split into a line 7D->7D MarkII and ruler 60D / 60Da->70D->80D->90D.

If in short, for its time, the Canon EOS 50D was a smart advanced amateur camera with an APS-C sensor. The main properties that you should pay attention to:

  • 15 MP CMOS sensor, which was a champion in pixel density for its time. The same sensor or slightly modified / modified later used the camera Canon 500D. Original RAW with 500D and 50D are very similar. The maximum size of the created image is 4752 X 3168 pixels. RAW files use 14-bit color depth.
  • The camera works in the main range ISO 100 to 3200 with the ability to expand to a value of 12.800 (H2 value). For the extended ISO range, you should enable its use in the user settings of the camera menu. For our time, the noise level at high ISOs is not good, but the camera holds well even ISO 800 values.
  • Buffer frames fits 16 RAW or 60 JPEG L images with all additional image enhancement functions disabled. These are the functions: 'Corr. periphery lighting', 'ISO range expansion', 'Noise reduction. at long shutter speed', 'Noise reduction. at high ISO', 'Highlight priority' and 'Auto brightness correction'. When using fast CF cards, continuous high-speed shooting lasts more than 30 frames in RAW format.
  • shutter can use minimum shutter speed 1 / 8000 with, and the maximum burst speed is 6.3 fps (similar to its predecessor, 40D, which still had a slightly higher speed - 6.5 fps). Follow-up camera Canon EOS 60D lost such a rate of fire.
  • 50D uses CPU DIGIC IVon which a huge number of cameras were built. This processor first appeared in the 50D and was then used in a huge number of different models: Canon EOS-1 D Mark IV (two such processors), Canon EOS 7D (two such processors), Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 60D / Canon EOS 60Da, Canon EOS 500D, Canon EOS 550D, Canon EOS 600D, Canon EOS 1100D и Canon EOS 1200D.
  • Auto View Live View. This is one of the few cameras that has a Live View mode and at the same time no movie mode. Then there were wonderful times when the camera was originally designed specifically for photography (and the grass is greener!). Other similar cameras: 40D (first camera with Live View, no AF in Live View), 450D (first camera with AF in Live View), 1D Mark III, 1DS Mark III и 1000D. There was another 20Da with Live View, but with it is another story. In Live View mode, the Canon EOS 50D uses conventional focusing by contrast, there is a face detection function, and an increase in the selected area is available.
  • JVI based on a pentaprism with a magnification of 0.95 X and 95% frame coverage.
  • 35-zone SPC metering sensorwhich was used even by Canon 5D Mark II.
  • 50D inherited from 40D his 9-point phase focusing module, all of which are cruciform. The central cross-shaped point has an additional cross-shaped sensor of increased accuracy, located diagonally to the main one (the so-called X-orientation), which works only with lenses F≤2.8. The main center cross-type sensor has a special zig-zag structure that improves focus by about 2x when using a 2.8 aperture lens 40D and a 50D subsequent camera built Canon EOS 60D / 60Da. In the future, this module migrated to the younger line of Canon EOS cameras and was seen in models Canon EOS 650D и 700D. 50D has a function lens adjustments under accurate autofocus.
  • in this model the display for the first time appeared 920.000 points (640 X 480 X 3 RGB), which has become a certain norm for a huge number of subsequent models. Up to 50D, all Canon EOS cameras feature weaker displays.
  • 50D has one memory card slot Compact Flash (CF) and easily digests memory cards of almost any size. Newer models starting from 60D began to use memory cards like SD.
  • The housing basically has a metal chassis of magnesium alloy. Design and control almost like 40D.
  • Since this is an advanced amateur camera, in the middle of its menu there are many diverse functions that help in the life of the photographer.

Sample photos, Alexander Frolov

Photographer shared examples of photos on different lenses Alexander Frolov (Instagram).

Sample photos, Mikhail Kaspersky

Examples of photographs without any processing, as well as source files on the lens Sigma 30 / 1.4 Art shared photographer Mikhail Kaspersky... Original RAW photos (Canon '.CR2') can be download from this link (72 files, 1.5 GB).

My experience

I have long wanted to make a review on the 50D, I have been meeting with this camera since 2010, and it will be reviewed soon on one of the standard Canon lenses.

I am very sorry that the 10D <-> 50D line has been discontinued. What is the lack of a quick selection of the focus point at Canon EOS 60D. In any case, even nowadays, the 50D is a very good camera for all amateur photographers. A lot of information on the Canon EOS system can be found. here.

The 50D is the kind of camera that can be used perfectly by both amateurs and professionals. At one time she was very successful model, which was used by a huge number of photographers. Actually, I have nothing more to add, the Canon EOS 50D is the workhorse of its time.

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Comments: 107, on the topic: Canon EOS 50D at a Glance

  • Paul

    Gentlemen, I have 1ds Mark 3, I felt sorry for him) Is it worth taking it as a substitute? They sell them pretty cheap.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      why pity him? meaning in pity for the camera?

    • Dmitry Kostin

      If you just need a smaller and lighter camera, then why not. Carrying such a brick is sometimes a burden. I recently looked at the 20D.

      • B. R. P.


  • Valery

    Good afternoon !!! Tell me in which menu item can the setting of personal compensation for the measurement error for each lens (all manual M42) be set separately?

    • B. R. P.



      We go in the menu.
      Select the device settings menu (the icon in front of the green asterisk)
      Go to C.Fn III: Autofocus / Drive
      Select setting item number 7 - AF Microadjustment.
      Select item 2 - Adjustment by lens
      Press Set.
      Click Info.
      We select the value depending on how strong back / front focus your lens gives.
      Press Set.

  • Alexey Anatolievich Sobolev

    Good afternoon!
    I own Canon EOS M100. I have a standard EF-M zoom 18-150 for it. Do you think there is a fundamental difference in image quality between my kit and the Canon 50D + EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS?
    Why am I looking at the kit with the 50D? Because he's tougher.

    • Oleg

      Your kit is preferred. If you're bored buy 33/1.4 or 50/1.8

  • Andrei

    I wonder how fast and reliable focusing improves from Canon 50D to Canon 70D? Is it worth it to strain and buy 70D only for this advantage?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      70d in live vive is just wonderful

  • Dima

    Is it really bad with noise?

    • twm

      Underexposed frames are difficult to capture: from a dark photo you will “pull” a lot of noise instead of details and color.

      The threshold for the extreme working ISO is somewhere around 1200, but this is my personal assessment. “Workability” depends on the content of the frame, on the light. And depending on the customer's requirements.

      • Dima

        Well, 1200 for such an ancient crop is already something) If you believe dxo, it drains even the more ancient 20-30d. But of course you shouldn’t believe them, you have to check everything yourself. Ancient Canon crops, even at ISO 100-200 in the shadows, can produce striped colored noise, and you literally pull a third of a stop and that’s it.
        The fact that noise is not only iso but also light is yes.

        It’s a pity that its matrix does not reach the Nikon D90, and even more so the Nikon D5100. It would be nice to take a photo of an ideal balanced camera, just right pixels for crop, tank body, not crammed with all sorts of crap, there is af adjustment.

      • Dima

        So how dark is the frame? If it’s really black, then the Nikon D800 won’t help)

  • Fedor

    In my city, I have exactly the same granary as in Mikhail’s photo. Apparently, the Soviet copy-paste method)

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