Spring 2020

Spring poster

Spring poster. The time is wonderful, but the situation is depressing

In connection with it is clear what the situation in the world, quarantine and measures related to it were officially introduced in Ukraine until April 24.

Personally, I and many of my Kiev colleagues have long since completely canceled all events from the end of March and, at least, until mid-May. That is, there is no work on photography at all.

Things to do?

  • There’s time to clear the rubble of photos from last fall and winter. For example, now I coordinate with clients photobooks and photos for them. Recently he gave away the latest materials from one of the shoots for 03.08.2019/2019/XNUMX and thereby closed at least completely in the summer of XNUMX
  • filter and remove not very necessary materials. For example, I recently deleted 600 GB of RAW files for 2014 from working hard drives. Now the turn of 2015!
  • make backup copies of the main shootings, portfolio, favorite photos. Sometimes it takes several days
  • to process photos 'for myself' that I put on the back burner
  • finally upload your photos to sites or social networks
  • engage in self-education: on the Internet, in particular on Youtube, there are many interesting materials on photography, ranging from shooting methods to processing methods. By the way, a paid YouTube subscription seriously brightens up time in four walls
  • try new processing programs, new processing tools, new converters, for example, software from Topaz Labs
  • try to create a photo book (for those who have not tried this before). It turns out quite a lot of photographers have never done this
  • pick up new gift boxes (bonbonnieres) for the next season
  • make a new design of your business cards and / or gift flash drives
  • send your resume to factory burning photographers
  • write a comment on Radozhiv with your own version

No matter how trite it may sound - I wish you all good health!

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Comments: 33, on the topic: Spring 2020

  • Andrei

    Thanks for the tips 😊
    Take care of your health!

  • Marina Tulusha

    Topaz Labs by the way a great program! I have been working with her for a year now and she still makes me happy

    • Iskander

      Is there a pirate? I hate paying for intellectual property!

      • Roman

        Due to lack of intelligence, I think so.

        • Iskander

          Hamish, boy!

      • Nikolai (sn797)

        There is a pirate on a rutracker, Download :) I have been using Topaz for many years, but mostly superficially, the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Filters and noise reduction. By the way, the latter is special!

  • Alex

    Thank you!

  • Igor

    Hard times for portrait painters and story-makers.
    For landscape and landscape painters - expanse :)

    • Iskander

      I will add - this is a golden time for subject students, makrushniki and homemade techies. It's time to try the accumulated glass, plastic, cardboard (and not only) rubbish lying around idle. And finally throw it out!

  • Alexey

    You, boyar, are extremely pessimistic. And he didn't say The main thing - you need to comprehend ZEN. It is not so important, what exactly is Zen, but to comprehend :) Wisdom to you, patience and health!

  • Alexander

    It suddenly turned out that the bulk of people do not know what to do in their apartment or house during this crisis. It becomes incomprehensible why they all need housing, if they are accustomed to roam anywhere, just not in their apartment! For example, I feel comfortable and calm in my cozy apartment, and who the hell knows where - in a factory, in a factory, in a shop, at work and other territory that is outside my home! At home, beloved wife, beloved children, cozy atmosphere and atmosphere. It is always good and pleasant at home, and any work, even oligarchic, even as a janitor, is simply something we have to do, so that we have the means for a normal life! If there were means for a living, then the fuck would she need this job, she could do her favorite hobby or do nothing at all, but just live!

    • watcher

      Golden words!

    • Michael

      It's not the same for everybody

  • Nath

    What article turned out with humor))

  • Bad photographer that models don’t give

    How nice when photography is a hobby.
    I refused a lot of models even under the terms of DFT, like my pictures do not like
    How nice that now the crisis has not particularly affected me with my IT specialty
    So the old woman is a bummer (it's me about professional photographers who everyone wants to pose for)
    And now he is finally a holiday on my street :)

    • Alexey

      envy, mon share, it is very bad, it eats a person from the inside more than any disease.

      • Bad photographer that models don’t give

        Oh well, do not start this school "yes, you are a loser and just envy"
        Honestly, it’s very funny when you are 40 years old
        I envy exactly the same as you envy highly paid specialists)
        From my side - what to envy? Because people have a lot of time to photograph? So it's never too late to do it!
        But I admit a slight banter, but it’s not from evil and not from envy)
        All good!

        • Iskander

          Try to offer models not to DFT, but some symbolic (within reasonable limits) amount for a photo session - and they themselves will line up and give them ... It's not easy for them, too, now, how much money is spent only on masks! This is not a mockery, they call me, they are even ready in a gas mask!

        • Onotole

          Try to offer models not TFP, but immediately intimacy, what is it to beat around the bush?

  • semenov

    helios44 + A7

    • VasilVasil

      When no cats have to train on bees.

      • Viktorych

        Or on snakes)))

        • Michael

          Lovely, sorry background let us down

  • koba

    Since I live in China, since April 1 we are already going to work, there was nothing here, I mean, outside one district of Wuhan, but still there was quarantine, we sat quietly and did not walk around the city. Almost everything is working around us, children start going to school. I say this because in a month or maybe a little more in Kiev and other cities, as well as countries, everything will be as it is now in China, that is, the outbreak of the virus will drop to almost zero. She does not forget that from common flu (including all other respiratory viruses, including this and other analogs, which have so far simply not been registered separately), up to 750000 people die in the world every year, and so far no one has really talked about it. How many of them died from a little different from the influenza virus itself, go and find out, because in most cases no one has conducted separate tests ... So, I think, nothing special happens, but some circles use all this perfectly. By the way, today in Russia they have shown that a medicine for malaria is a highly effective remedy against this virus.

    • B. R. P.

      koba, support. Who is guilty? What to do? Work, work and work. At least above yourself.

    • Iskander

      You are lucky! And then one little-known boxer received a whole book from “Juhan” with recommendations from the red communist Chinese “fahivtsi” on the fight against coronavirus, in which he only read a paragraph about the closure of the metro :-)

    • Not a bot

      This is a fake, nothing is shown anywhere, neither from Malaria, nor from anything, only its own immunity helps.

      • Human

        Do not say, good-old cool-humid air still helps, drink plenty of water and do not roam, do not eat at temperature and do not bring it down. That's all the tricks.

  • Yuriy

    Garnі please:) Ale about the resume at the plant I’m wondering;)

  • Pokemon

    “There is time to clear away the clumps of photos from last fall and winter. "
    Arkady, this is normal :-), I myself am surprised at the number of photos on flickr and videos on youtube, from those to whom I subscribed.

  • Sergei

    Arkady, thank you, you are also healthy! Everything will work out and come true!

  • Andrei

    photographers of the past had an art education! this is the foundation! Now most are concerned about the technical side. therefore lie. the photos are faceless. learn and develop instead of asking questions which is better than 1.4 or 1.8

    • Gregor_Z


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