What is it for? Determine the focal length

A small video challenge, where I try to determine the focal length of the lenses on which certain photos were taken, which I see for the first time.

Link to this video on my Youtube channel.

Join the discussion. In the comments, you can add your own sample photos and discuss the focal length of a particular photo.

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Comments: 5, on the topic: What is filmed? Determine the focal length

  • Anonymous 2.0

    Interestingly, and for the most part not focal lengths, but different compositional tricks. In general, I would be interested in such analyzes of photographs in terms of light, composition, color. Perhaps with your work, and an explanation of how it is filmed.
    In general, it’s cool that the format is changing, and with technology and chromatic aberration, you go to practice, to discuss work, it is very important for practicing people)

  • Kublitsky

    Arkady, waiting for More videos! Different and interesting.

  • Andrei

    Guys, they lie to the zooms in focus, they show them to a wider zone. Fixes give more interesting photos. I often noticed that when the aperture is changed on the fix, the shades change behind the subject. The zoom in the reportage is irreplaceable ...

    • Michael

      It depends on which - wide-angle, on the contrary, show the angle of view less

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Everything is a little more complicated, depending on the implementation of the focus method. Usually, for those lenses with internal focusing, during focusing towards the MDF, the viewing angle increases and vice versa, there may be an exception, this is focus breathing.

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