Announcement: Nikon D6

11.02.2020/6/XNUMX was officially introduced the camera Nikon DXNUMX.

Nikon D6

Nikon D6

Basic properties

  1. Full-frame sensor 20.8 MP (maximum picture size 5568 X 3712)
  2. ISO 100-102.400 with the ability to expand to 50 and 3.280.000 (more than three million)
  3. EXPEED 6 processor
  4. Maximum Burst Speed 14 fps when working with JVI. In Live View, you can take pictures at a speed of 30 fps at 8 MP and 60 fps at 2 MP
  5. Minimum excerpt 1/8000 s mechanical shutter The possibility of the first electronic curtain
  6. Video 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
  7. JVI 100% frame coverage and magnification 0.78x
  8. 3.2 inch touch screen with 2.36 million dots
  9. Multicam 37K, 105 points focusing for JVIall cruciform, sensitivity from -4.5EV15 points work with f / 8
  10. Measurement exposure Based on a 180,000-pixel RGB sensor
  11. Two slots for memory cards, CFexpress (Type B) and XQD (to choose from?)
  12. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type C, HDMI Type C, two 3.5 mm headphone and microphone jacks, RJ-45, 1000BASE-T, terminal connector
  13. Weight 1450 grams with battery and memory cards
  14. Rugged Case, Kensington Lock
  15. Shutter rated for 400.000 operations
  16. The price is about 6.500 dollars per body. Prices for new Nikon cameras are available see here

Appearance and interior view

Materials on the topic

  1. Basic information on the Nikon system (lenses, cameras, compatibility, a lot of information).
  2. Nikon camera selection (models, recommendations, discussion)
  3. All Nikon digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. Their types and dates of announcements. Camera designations s, h, x, e, a.
  4. Methods and modules for metering Nikon cameras.
  5. Processors of Nikon cameras. Performance.
  6. Focusing systems for Nikon cameras.
  7. Sensors of Nikon cameras (who produces, which models are used)
  8. Which external flash to choose for Nikon cameras?
  9. Other articles on Nikon / Nikkor cameras and lenses.

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Comments: 50, on the topic: Announcement: Nikon D6

  • Paul

    It's nice that manufacturers about DSLRs still do not forget.

  • Paul

    As the saying goes, the photographer buys a lens, but for the delivery of a carcass?
    Tell me a good lens for the above parameters))

    • Evgeny

      200-500 nikkor.

      • Paul

        Retail price for Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-500mm 32 700 - 37 599 UAH, this is slightly cheaper than Nikon D6))

    • Arkady Shapoval

      for $ 20.000 a popular Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f / 5.6E FL ED VR and for delivery d6.

      • Paul

        Arkady, is it suitable for portraits?)

  • Evgeny

    The revolution didn’t work again, but it’s not badly drafted for modern needs.

  • Dmitriy

    Shutter price? And I would like to look at the frames at the highest iso.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      On the day of the announcement, no one will show at the highest ISO, so as not to spoil the impression

      • Andrei

        ... because a 3,25M grain is the size of a cherry :))

    • Ivan

      Apparently, the "working" ISO up to 6400, judging by the commercial. Higher did not dare to show:

  • Pokemon

    Why not D5s?
    The matrix is ​​the same ...
    Interestingly, is the DD the same as the D5, or was it still possible to finish something?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Need to wait for tests. On a new processor, ISO is usually increased and noise is reduced, but color may be lost. For the sake of high iso I sacrifice than they can. But in TOP cameras, everything is usually balanced

  • notapic

    I hope that at least 51200 ISO will be more or less working. Still reporting camera.
    By the way, it would be nice to see the built-in coffee maker, hammer and can opener.

    • Andrei

      And so that it can be used as an iron working from a paverbank

  • Ololoyev

    Last of DSLR

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Rather, the last of the TOP segment at Nikon. F1-F6, D1-D6

      • Ololoyev

        I would like to believe, Arkady ...
        But Canon has already "dug in" EF lenses, Nikon announced the last F-compatible one and, apparently, plans to release only Z-lenses.

        This device is for the Olympics, a farewell curtsy. The amateur segment is killed by phones, the pro segment is slowly being occupied by mirrorless cameras because of their characteristics.

        So it turns out - the last of the DSLRs. Last but not least, as they say ...

          • Ololoyev

            Yes, I did.


            And patents were filed a few years ago. The unit that developed them reported on the results.

            • Ivan

              And where is it written in this article? Even the headline literally sounds like “European (not Japanese) Canon says it focuses on RF until the market makes a request for EF.” Where did it sound like the Japanese Canon officially announced the complete cessation of work on EF? Fuji also stopped producing films, and then, at the request of the market, resumed.

              • Ololoyev

                About patents - nowhere. It just takes about a year and a half to file an application for an international patent. passes a number of checks. If applications are filed, then the texts of the patents were drawn up a long time ago.

                And yes, talking about specific optics for the pros - well, this is ... Too narrow a market segment that should “demand”, but the Profi stupidly “roll over” to a new system that suits them (the same Jared Polin, as an example).

              • Ivan

                I'm not talking about patents. Where in the article on your link says that Canon completed all the work on EF?

              • Peter Sh.

                Pros do not roll anywhere. I have not seen a single one with the BZK. Maybe they are where, where you need to powerfully dust and twist show-offs. I do not know.

                For the pros, it makes no sense to jump from a well-run system to no one knows where. That's literally, for the pros, the BZK have no advantages. Whatever bloggers like Jared Pauline or Kenny Rockwell would sing. Non-bloggers are responsible for reliability and guaranteed usable content. Bloggers sing what their many consumer subscribers want to hear.
                Professionals of bloggers do not watch, and if they do, then for them bloggers always speak between the lines. A couple of remarks, and everyone in the subject understood everything at once.

                Beware of "all the pros do something all at once." Nobody can know this at the moment.

              • Ivan

                Peter, that's right. And the marketer from Canon Europe (the European sales office of the Japanese company) in their famous interview, highpanul and the journalists “correctly” picked up, trumpeting that Canon had closed the production of lenses for DSLRs. And the message of the marketer, mainly for stupid youth, was this: drop these old-fashioned DSLRs and buy fashionable, expensive BZKs, because it's cool!

              • Roman

                Have you heard what dude X said about? Yes, fuck, in fact, the opinion of someone. When to shoot something on his hundreds of lenses and cameras, if you need to record the next vidosiki?

                And about EF - even without these new ones, Canon has a lot of patents for the prompt release of something on the occasion.

  • Eugene A

    The next reportable TOP will be already without a mirror ???

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Nobody will say for sure, I assume that there will be 6s more, and then the BZK

  • B. R. P.

    Shaky soil forecasts.

  • Alex

    They promised another D8 * 0. And most likely it will be on the Sony matrix, i.e. 61 megapixels. Or something like that. Autofocus should also put a new one. Add buns from D6 and focus on the eyes in live-view mode.

  • Trueash

    For me, this technique is not even from science fiction, but from fantasy, but Ken Wheeler, aka Angry Photographer, is in complete awho. In his opinion, this camera does not even reach d5s.

    • Peter Sh.

      Angry Photographer? Does not reach what?
      Are you seriously?

      • Trueash

        It does not even reach the name of at least d5s. And yes, Ken quite seriously says:

        What was expected from the * new * camera and what is not:
        - hybrid electro-optical viewfinder - no
        - 4K x 60 video - no
        - RAW video - no
        - 24 mp / BSI - no
        - face focusing - no
        - 20 fps - no
        - stabilizer in the carcass - no

        And the point is not that the camera is good or bad, but how much better it is than the previous one. d5 is now sold for 3500, d6 will cost 6500. Does it make sense to overpay three pieces for an upgrade to a slightly updated model? On the not everyone is sure of this:
        ================================================== ====================

        If someone currently shoots with a Nikon D5, they could sell it used for $ 3500. That means the cost to upgrade is $ 3000.00
        The question is: for existing D5 shooters, are they getting $ 3000.00 worth of additional value by switching to the D6. or would they be better off purchasing either nothing or another D5?
        Nikon needs the answer to be a resounding “YES” from virtually every D5 shooter. They need all hands on deck buying this camera because the company's profits are tanking
        Unfortunately, I predict at most they'll get a “yes” from some and a “no” from others - which is not nearly enough
        ================================================== ====================


        I have 2 D5s. What some people overlook is the fact that as a business expense for professionasl, these cameras depreciate. After four years of hard service, mine are coming toward the end of their useful life. I have it in my business budget to replace my D5s. There are tax, budget and cash flow reasons for me to buy at a specific time. The decision for me is whether or not the D6 is worth ~ $ 1,000 more per camera vs. purchasing a discounted but still phenomenal D5. Right now for the type of shooting I do - I'm just not sure. I need to see some reviews and try one out vs reacting to specs, which is fun, of course, but not the basis for a good business decision.
        ================================================== ====================

        Something like this. As I said right away, cameras of this kind are clearly not for me - or rather, I am not for them. Therefore, it makes sense to object not to me, but to those who use them.

        • Peter Sh.

          Well, yes, everyone decides for himself. And certainly photographers of any kind here cannot say anything worthwhile. Especially those who have already been plagiarized, like this Ken.

      • koba

        He said that there is no such significant difference between the new camera and the old one as it used to be, and he is essentially right. There is nothing breakthrough and even significant, and against the background of the new Canon 1DxM3 it generally fades. By the way, the same opinion is shared by some other bloggers, who have always been ardent users and supporters of Nikon. The same Ken Wheeler understands what is needed, it seems that there isn’t even a blogger who would have almost 350 lenses from Nikon and 5 professional cameras in his own collection, he is also a lover of old lenses, and of all the top lenses, watch his old videos. He is a physicist, even worked in Russia and knows Russian. Now he switched to Fujifilm equipment. Matt Granger and Jarred Polin, also NyKon's ardent supporters, see their impressions of the D6. No one says that this is a bad camera, I personally even expect Nikon to fix the banding problem (!!!) in it, which was in D5, and yes the banding problem, when I wrote about it and showed dpreview, I couldn’t believe my eyes, specifically I went to the store to take test shots and everything is correct, I personally don’t need D5 and for nothing, after my D3s, if it ever stops working, I will buy D4 or D4s, but definitely not D5. First I got a banding on the vaunted Canon 5Dm3, and then I saw it on the D5, despite the fact that Canon 1Dx almost fixed it and the new 1Dxm3 gives the best files in the world at high ISOs, so it will be in demand, because who makes it , for them that $ 6500 is nonsense, they take on credit, pay $ 300 a month and earn $ 3000-8000. Here is my Chinese friend, who has a photo store, is still hunting to get more 1DxM3, because even now, in average, he sells 8 viruses a day, and D5 used to sell an average of 20 pieces a month !!! At one time, Nikon lost a lot in the sense that his professional lenses didn’t really give the resolution that Canon’s lenses gave, it’s a fact he himself has compared side by side many times, especially with regard to the professional segment, they were deprived of some small but very important details, for example, look at the pro 24mm lenses from both manufacturers. It is impossible to work with the Nikon lens in manual mode, since the distance scale has a markup of only 1 meter, that is, you can’t put the hyperfocal in any way, you need exactly 3 meters, and now look at the lens from Kenon, there are exactly 3 meters there. The same goes for the 24-70 / 2,8 pro lens. Then, in the case, the autofocus speed is turned on, and then Kenon were again and remain ahead. In the end, Nikon began to use fluorite glass, but only last year and only in one zoom, and then for $ 10000. And remember the stories with peeling off the rubber bands, and on my D3s they peeled off three times already, then I stuck with penny glue and that’s all, no problem. But the company could not do this? Such trifles greatly spoiled the company's image. Then came Nikon’s stubborn reluctance to standardize colors according to human needs, not technical ones. Then came the ridiculous quality of jpeg even in the top cameras, that is, their complete discrepancy with their own RAW. This is a very small detail, but very important for wedding photographers, when they often need to show customers the possible result there, on the display, so in the 1D series cameras this is somehow possible, basically, but in Nikon cameras in no way. Further, Nikon first built the video in the DSLR, but Kenon then went around it in all respects, and still bypasses it. Then - confusion with the continuation of successful series, here the canon clearly and clearly gave customers the following cameras from the successful series, and they really were a continuation of the series, like 5D2, 5D3, 5D4, and instead of the D700 m2 Nikon did not release anything useful, and then got confused - D800, D800e, D810, D850, D750, D780 ... One would expect some kind of D793. Do not think that I am the enemy of Nikon, moreover, I will use and will use their cameras for a long time, maybe the next 10-20 years, but the truth is the truth, and all this has led Nikon to the deplorable situation in which he is now . Look also at the new line of mirrorless mirrors, recently Kenon again improved its offers to the pros, announced the R5 and immediately the new 100-500, so that users of the old and beautiful 100-400 had a desire to switch to a new system. And Nikon is still stomping around again with the Z line, moreover, I wonder who they have there as a designer, is that what design is called? Look at the cameras and lenses from Olympus, but in real life, let's say in the store, you can’t take your eyes off them, and the new Z-series lenses look like faceless and cheap fakes. And the last, as all bloggers note, it is the Nikon company that is the most arrogant towards them, and this is a big puncture of Nikon, their marketers, in the modern world, it’s the bloggers who decide everything, Sony and Fuji put Canon and Nikon on the shovels with their help, funny, but it cost them a lot of money, you just had to give them 50 cameras and 100 lenses and that’s all! The most popular 50 bloggers determine the sales and popularity of cameras in the modern world. As it turned out, Nikon and Kenon even gave the cameras to them for a delay, and didn’t even want to pay them, not only to give the camera, but the results are obvious, they have already lost tens of millions of dollars, as they say greedy pay twice. Do you remember the story of Scott Kelby and Sebastiao Salgado? Both were active users of Nikon, but Nikon did not even send them one camera as a gift, so both switched to Kenon and began to openly say that the equipment from Nikon disappointed them. And buyers look precisely at the opinion of famous photographers, and not at the characteristics of the technology, for which Nikon also had problems. As a result, Nikon equipment quickly loses value and is an excellent acquisition in the secondary market, which I personally use. Thanks to them for the fact that they have never failed in terms of matrices and noise!

        • Peter Sh.

          Koba, you upset me ..

          What do all these people have to do with reportage photography?

          Well, this is the same as if bloggers advised ballerinas how to dance ballet.

        • US6IBD

          I never listened to bloggers' reviews - stupid nagging only about the possibilities of video filming. As the saying goes: who is about what and lousy about the bath.
          Arkady's site had a great influence on me when choosing the first DSLR, for which I am very grateful.
          Financial opportunities allowed me to choose a device in the secondary market (I continue to do this now)
          The first was the Nikon D80. However, over time, he ceased to satisfy me in terms of shooting opportunities in low light conditions. And although in the sports column estimates the working ISO at 524, the noise annoyed me already at ISO400. Therefore, he switched to D610, which he also bought on the secondary market with a mileage of 3600, under warranty with a working ISO2925. 2013 camera. Canon approached these parameters only in 2016 in the 5D MarK 4.
          For me it was a very important parameter, although Canon wins in the colors of the in-camera Jpeg.
          Many thanks to bloggers for their work on advertising new products, which allows us to buy used equipment at affordable prices!
          Although, judging by your comment, through the efforts of bloggers, the secondary market of Sony and Fuji should have been saturated with top-end devices, released in previous years, for a penny price. However, although the prices for used equipment are decreasing, they remain quite adequate in terms of price / quality ratio. This means the influence of "top bloggers" on the sales of new products is negligible!
          Few people, after watching their videos, tear their hair out on their heads and shout: "how dark I was!" carries a D3s or 5D to the trash can.
          Scott Kelby's “disappointment” at Nikon is due to the fact that Canon pays more.

          • Pokemon

            Let's not compare the impoverished post-USSR market with the “decaying” West.
            Western bloggers are focused on a solvent, well-fed Western audience.

  • Wade

    By D780, a review is not accidentally scheduled for the near future?

  • Oleg

    It's strange. Autofocus for some reason is not 153 points as in d5, but 105 points. Usually they add, and here ... Although all cross, yes.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      At d5 there are 153 of them, but only 55 can be selected (used). Here, all 105 can be controlled.

  • Pawel

    Listen, why are you up in arms then, if you are sitting here writing, then vryatli you have half a lem on camera. The camera will be bought by newspapers, magazines, photographers whose previous top carcass died, etc., but not YOU. And in 15 years we will buy a B / U ushatannaya, shoot and say: People knew how to do, not like the current Nikon Y500, and the color is good and the grip is comfortable. I just recently bought D1x - I'm playing, I'm happy. If I have money I will take D2 and so maybe it will reach D6, in 20 years))) There were always enough haters.

    • SashOK

      You have the most sensible comment here, with which I agree. And not quoting some kind of bloggers-mudvazonov.

  • Nicholas

    Strange, but I expected it this way. Why “improve” a good camera? (D5) It was just re-released with a newer one, some money was made, and that's all. Well, the price ... but still more expensive in the world, and the new camera has risen in price))) Perhaps this is still one of the two or three best digital SLRs of all time, that's all. If the soul lies with the DSLR, and there seems to be enough money, then it is simply taken. For example, I like its a bit old-fashionedness, and I'm not the only one. One thing I do not understand, why insert this fucking video into them at all? There are video cameras for video. And remember the main thing - this is not a dear camera, we are poor)))

  • Russell

    I suggest everyone for a moment to become more objective! Like it or not, but the canon is really faster! At least for a couple of shots which obviously do not do the weather, but still! I think it's all about patents! Which Kenon recorded on time! Or bought it! So Nikon was a little late!

    • Nicholas

      The flagship Nikon and Canon are the two best DSLRs, and which one is preferable ... yes, the one that I liked best in my hands. Other criteria are not relevant.

      • Ivan

        These are professional cameras, they are not chosen on the basis of “liked, did not like in the hand.” For professional purposes, other priorities and criteria come forward, and to a large extent, optics affect the choice.

  • Sergei

    I love to read comments from the past, albeit recent. Hopes from fans and comments from sellers, predictions from observers. And then…

    Japanese corporation Nikon will finally move the production of camera bodies from Japan to Thailand this year. The Japanese newspaper The Mainichi wrote about this today, June 7, citing a statement from the Nikon management.

    The end of camera production in Japan is part of the company's restructuring plan, with Nikon's fiscal 2020 net loss of ¥ 34,4 billion ($ 314 million). In recent years, the demand for cameras has been declining as smartphone cameras have improved and most people now take pictures with their smartphones.

    Nikon had its only camera factory in Japan, in Miyagi Prefecture in the northeast of the country. There was only one model produced there - the Nikon D6 professional SLR camera. By the end of the year, this production is to be relocated to the company's main plant in Thailand. Nikon's intention to finally withdraw camera production from Japan has been reported several times in recent years.

    • Andrei

      Have you decided to forget the news a month ago? Here it has already been discussed a thousand times.

  • Hlux

    I bought a new D6 and my butt is smiling, I borrowed a friend’s Z9 for a photo hunt, I didn’t go in at all... The electronic viewfinder is some kind of crap, the eye gets tired, it wakes up from hibernation like a cyborg compared to the D6. Something was buzzing, his owl flew away... In this case, a DSLR is faster.. The only plus is that it’s quiet shooting and that’s all... I don’t take a gigantic number of pixels...

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