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Winner photo

Photo of the winner. Svisloch River, FUJIFILM X-T10 + XC 50-230mm F / 4.5-6.7 OIS

Prize sent to the winner.

TOP 25 photos

I also want to note the following photos (approximately every tenth photo from the entire competition). It was extremely difficult for me to determine the winner. Photo selection Is one of the hardest things to do for many photographers. Each photo is noteworthy, has its own story and its own content.


Thanks to all the participants who shared their pictures on the winter theme! I am sincerely pleased that many photographers and amateur photographers described interesting and fascinating moments from their shootings and shared the result.


  1. in the comment to this note you need to attach your photo with a winter theme
  2. write the story of this photo: how it was obtained, where, when, with the help of what technique and what photo-receptions. Perhaps the photo has its own name. An example is shown in the first comment.
  3. wait 30.01.2020 and find out the winner UPDATED: works are accepted until 12.00 by UTC (14.00 Kiev time)


The prize is the lens HELIOS-44-2 2/58 with delivery worldwide, specifically this instance:

After I choose a winner, the best photo will be posted in the header of this page. The essence of the competition is not only to show the work / pick up the lens, but also to share with other readers your experience and interesting skills in obtaining a particular photo.

And the small features of the competition:

  • Comments do not require registration, just enter your name and e-mail
  • photo size must be up to 1 MB, any pixel resolution, file format '.JPEG' / '. JPG'. You can compress this for example online tool.
  • You can not publish other people's photos
  • one participant - one photo
  • can not publish NSFW content
  • only fresh photographs taken between 2018-2020 are allowed
  • if you forgot to write something, you can answer yourself in the comments and add the missing information
  • if suddenly the text in the comment was added, but the photo was not, try again, check the size of the attached photo, it should be up to 1 MB
  • preference will be given to photographs taken by amateur photographers. Professionals are expected to focus more on the description of their work.
  • comments / works that do not meet the requirements can be deleted without explanation
  • this entry will be one of the first on the main page of the site until the end of the competition

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Please, if this material was useful to you, help my project. And don't forget that everyone can write your review for one or another photographic equipment.

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Comments: 364, on the topic: [COMPLETED] Competition: winter photo [COMPLETED]

  • Masha kovalchuk

    One of my favorite things to do on the road is watching the scenery change outside the window. For many years I have been traveling along the same route and, it would seem, have remembered to the smallest detail all the streams, ravines, fields, hills, rivulets, tops of churches that shine somewhere in the distance. But no. Each time the weather, the season bring something new to the surrounding views, create a special, never-again-repeating mood. Usually I always have a camera with me. I rarely part with him. And it is he who helps me to capture all this unrepeatability of nature.
    So it was that January morning. The train raced me after the holidays on weekdays.
    Outside the window, snow-covered fields swept by, over which a thick haze hung, through which the sun timidly made its way. Indescribable beauty. I even remembered the lines from my beloved Fet: "Native landscape ... Under the smoky canopy of a huge cloud of snow the distance turns blue - with its gloomy forest." Fortunately, my Nikon was at hand. Having chosen the “Sport” mode (the speed reached 160 km / h), and hoping to catch something interesting, I stuck to the viewfinder. Many shots were taken then. To my delight, some of them turned out well. In particular, this one. A black formation of trees on the horizon, whose branches pierce the sky, and under them is a snow-white carpet. It seems that the trees are hovering between the sky and the earth.
    Now, by the way, I am writing this and traveling by that train. True, there is no snow outside the window, and January is more like April - deep blue with light clouds, green fields bask in the sun. In a word, spring.
    * The picture was taken somewhere in Cherkasy region, Ukraine.

  • Alex

    The last “real winter” was in January 2018. Since then, winter has only returned for a couple of days during the season. And on the only frosty sunny day, it was a sin not to use it for a sortie.
    Drozdy Park. An artificial water system after the dam and sluice prevents the water from freezing even in severe frosts. This water system feeds the reservoir, which then flows into the apartments of Minsk residents. Ducks and local fishermen have chosen this place. The place is quiet, calm and peaceful.
    Nikon D3200 + 18-35 F / 3.5-5.6 VRII 28mm ƒ / 7.1 1/250 ISO 100

  • Oleg

    This year the winter is still warm and almost snowless. Who else suits me (warmth and infrequent snow, so that it melts without slush). On January 19 in the evening, snow fell, and I decided to get from point A to point B on foot. With you from the photographic equipment, only the Redmi 7A smartphone. The gadget is budgetary, the price even at the start of sales is about $ 100, but it has a mode with manual settings (balance in Kelvin, ISO, shutter speed setting up to 32 seconds). I walked and photographed along the way. This photo was taken at 1/4 or 1/2 sec. During this time, the snowflakes, illuminated by a lamp in the ground, made such "tracers", creating the illusion of a badly scratched picture.

  • Anton

    Sony a700, Super-Takumar 1: 1.8 / 55. January 12, 2020. Three combined frames made from one point. F 1.8, shutter speed 1/6400.

  • Artyom

    The photo was taken on one of the reservoirs of the city of Kiev. January 19, 2019. Epiphany. Camera Nikon d5100 + Sigma 70-300.

  • Alexander Efimkin

    Hello! This photo was taken at the end of October `19, so it may not be suitable for the competition. But the snow outside the window is far from the first.)
    Multi-colored "strokes" behind the glass - houses and attractions in the kindergarten next door.
    I shot on an old EF 35-105 at 105mm, in manual mode - autofocus would only interfere.
    Aperture - 5.6, shutter speed 1/1600, ISO 2000, Canon 6d.

    • Michael

      Good frame

      • Alexander Efimkin

        Thank you.

  • Alexey

    I do not pretend for prizes, the photo is old, but I like it and decided to share it with you. Far 2013, Berdyansk. I went for a walk with a camera, the snow was just beginning and I absolutely did not know what weather was waiting for me. Snow is generally a rarity in those parts. But that day was lucky to see the real winter.
    Thank you all for the wonderful photos and stories!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I know this series, S5 Pro :)

  • Rasim

    In the regions where I live, winter is almost always without snow. For the winter mood, I add cold tones and get out into the street towards evening, when the lights are lit.
    I took this photo on a frosty December evening, in a glassed pedestrian crossing over the avenue, when I was in a hurry for the evening bus to the house. Glass walls added blue-green hues.
    Shot on a Canon SX 120 IS. Aperture f 3.5, shutter speed 1/40, ISO 80, taken on December 13, 2019.

  • Max kotov

    Photo of 2017, the main trick is the right winter. Canon 550, I don’t remember the lens.

  • Arkady Shapoval

    Thank you all :) photos are no longer accepted. All photos following this comment will be considered simply comments and will not participate.

    • Semen

      Arkady, good afternoon! I learned a lot of useful things from your site. If possible, please comment on your photo from my point of view. I would like the contest not to be in vain. There was clearly something wrong with the photo, it did not cause any reaction at all. But I really want to develop, but it can be difficult to criticize myself. Thanks a lot.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        I answered you under your picture, thanks

  • Konstantin

    Congratulations to the winner! I agree with all the photos from the top 25, except for the photo of a cat in a hat ... Arkady, why is it remarkable? Neither technically nor artistically - nothing special ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I left this photo, since in such pictures the technical part is not at all important, but the atmosphere is important, which is well conveyed. Also, preparatory work was carried out here for creating a photo, namely an outfit for a cat and creating a composition with a toy and a cat. This is a significant advantage over walk-see-shoot photography. We can say that the author was lucky that the furry friend responded and did not run away. Santa Claus's hat (or whatever it is) in the CIS countries sends us to the New Year and, accordingly, winter. Therefore, the theme is also sustained here. Photos like this spread very well on social networks and messengers and bring more warmth than some “professional” winter landscapes. FROM the minuses of this photo, I would note the extra details in the composition (on the upper left, other toys remove the Lion's eye and the pillow on the right), and also the Lion is inscribed in the frame exactly at the edges of the frame, end-to-end, without any reserve of space.

      Of course, I'm not the last resort and each person can and should even have their own preferences and evaluation criteria.

      • Oleg

        in front of the “walk-saw-took” photos) Just walking and seeing the moment is worth a lot. More than once I just walked and found bills of UAH 100 and above on the road)) “Shel-saw-took off” - it even happens to the place, if the moment is caught interesting, by definition “walked-saw-took off” does not mean at all that bad picture) A bad or good picture is the end result, not the amount of work done (to plow a field, a plowman needs much more effort than a combine operator, but will the success of a plowed field be judged by this indicator?). Well, that is, even if we say that the picture simply does not catch on, this is an understandable subjective assessment, but by definition it is not necessary to reject pictures from the “walked-saw-took” category) If the author's cake turns out to be tasteless, few people will like it just because that more effort was spent on his baking) well, except for the husband out of delicacy or fear of his wife)

        • Arkady Shapoval

          All right

      • Konstantin

        Thanks for the detailed answer!

      • Ivan

        Arkady correctly described everything. I’ll add on my own that the frame is not staged in terms of the location of the cat and her older brother Lyova. She just loved sleeping next to him like that. Since it was on New Year's days, an impromptu decision came to decorate them with hats. It was easier to do this with a lion, but the cat does not tolerate any violence against itself and, at best, would throw off its clothes, and at worst would run away. Therefore, I had a few seconds until she woke up completely to put a hat on it, compose the frame and take it. That is why in the frame there are excess objects that could not be removed, and I entered the frame as much as possible under the lion with a cat, and because of this I later saw that the horizon was “littered”. Knowing full well that photography has flaws, as well as the fact that the picture was taken several years ago, I posted it out of competition. I like this picture and Arkady correctly noticed it. For me it is even unexpected that he allocated it, for which thanks!

        • Arkady Shapoval

          I apparently missed the description that he was out of competition. Already a lot of photos had to be kept conscious today. Thanks for the addition :)

          • Julia

            Thank you very much for your competition.
            I am personally surprised that the cat was appreciated, but the snowflakes were not noticed.

            • Arkady Shapoval

              Most likely I noticed all the photos, but I did not add them to the TOP

            • Ivan

              Julia, you’re probably a man, since you call a cat a cat?

  • Vladislav

    Can I jump into the outgoing car? I sent, but the photo did not go away. Just a winter duck in a winter Gatchina park. Stroll.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you :)

  • Roman

    Congratulations to the winner :)

    A lot of good photos, it was interesting to watch)

  • VasilVasil

    The competition was pleased from the point of view that it was possible to understand who is on the site and evaluate their own and overall artistic level. At the same time, the choice of a winner suffers from some subjectivity, if only because the selection criteria are not defined, and some pictures from the top 25 (including the cat with a lion) have uncertain or dubious artistic or technical value. In the end, we agree with your choice, voting (democratic choice) could take more time. Personally, I liked the 12th and 16th most.

  • SashOK

    Thanks to Arkady for the interesting contest, and to the participants for almost all the beautiful photos. Congratulations to the winner!

  • Gregory

    First participated in the competition, in general.
    It was interesting for me (though, I think, my photo is in the last place - the joke about the misunderstood during life consoles me).
    Why are some photos remembered and I want to see them
    after a while (even if they are “wrong” - exposure, frame composition, foreshortening, etc.) -?
    I will wait for the next contest and exchange of impressions.

  • Alex

    Congratulations to the winner.
    This resource was just not enough competitive notes.
    For more such contentious topics.

  • Igor

    Cool photos!

  • Sergii

    Of course, I'm not a critic, but damn it, as for me, the winning work is not about anything at all ... of course tastes are not judged. Arkady, I didn't participate, I don't need a prize, but I constantly read your blog. Please share your conclusion as to why this particular photo won. Photos 8, 9, 16 and 17 I like much more than the winner's photo. With this post I am not trying to offend anyone!
    Thank you!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      I tried not to get attached to my tastes as much as possible, but reasoned rather coldly and methodically. The winner has a more balanced performance than the rest. Of course, I could be wrong, but in this case it is for me and only me to take the burden and decide who is the winner.

      The 8th photograph does not have such a warm backlight as the winner, i.e. not such a good time chosen
      The author did not deign to send the 9th work in a more or less normal resolution, but made us look only at a very small and squeezed picture. Also, the picture shows a typical winter landscape, inferior to the winner and work number 17 in its light
      16-landscape is heavily cut into a square. “Square” in landscapes is usually done when shooting in medium / large format and this is due to the aspect ratio itself. I don't think it's SF / BF. If this is something else, then the original image was cropped due to the extra details that were present on it, and this is a minus to the photographer's work
      17th very strong work, it took me a long time to decide between this picture and the winner. Nevertheless, I came to the conclusion that the 16th has a weak lower left corner and a part of the central part with sticks sticking out, which brings disharmony into the overall very strong atmosphere of the picture. As my colleague, whom I showed these works to, said, “in the place of the photographer, you could have chosen a more successful angle”

      Once again, I appreciate the work of all participants and only make comments, I may be wrong or not fully delved into understanding this or that work / photograph.

      Let me remind you that I am doing a detailed analysis of those pictures about which their authors ask me

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