Macro on JUPITER-8 2/50

Brief gallery note on JUPITER-8 2/50 from Vladlen Lapshina.

Macro on JUPITER-8 2/50

Macro on JUPITER-8 2/50

The lens is designed for rangefinder cameras (mirrorless), so on SLR cameras it only shoots in macro mode. Mounted on the camera using the adapter ring M39. The lens is very small and light, it is always convenient to take with you. I got it for a penny (now it costs much more), but after the first shooting I fell in love with him to the impossibility. The lens turned out to be just magical, the picture was stunningly artistic, with bokeh on the open aperture in the form of bizarre circles of perfect shape.

The sharpness on the open aperture is low, so if you want to achieve a sharper shot, the aperture should be covered. This lens can be safely advised to owners of DSLRs for macro shooting, especially if you are a beginner, and only get acquainted with this genre.

Used black JUPITER-8 2/50 with a name written in Latin. The video for him, for those who like to blame for "photoshop" - everything is real, 1 link, 2 link.

You can find a lot more interesting works by Vladlena at the following links

Reviews of the lenses of the Jupiter-8 series:

  1. JUPITER-8 1: 2 F = 5cm П | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1956
  2. JUPITER-8М 1: 2 F = 5 cm | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1961 | reader's review
  3. JUPITER-8М 1: 2 F = 5cm П | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1963
  4. JUPITER-8М 2/50 | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1977
  5. JUPITER-8М 2/53 | Arsenal | Contax-Kiev | 1978
  6. Jupiter-8 1: 2 F = 5cm П | KMZ | M39 | 1958 | white
  7. Jupiter-8 2/50 | KMZ | M39 | 1962 | white
  8. Jupiter-8 2/50 | KMZ | from the TV camera 'Electronics L-50' | 1965
  9. Jupiter-8 2/50 | KMZ | M39 | 1974 | black | review from Rodion Eshmakov
  10. Examples on JUPITER-8 2/50 (black, M39)
  11. 500PX Gallery
  12. Video about Jupiter-8

Jupiter-8 also exists in early versions under the names:

  1. ZK 1: 2 F = 5cm P | KMZ | folding frame | ~ 1948 | M39
  2. Vigilant ZK 1: 2 F = 5cm P | KMZ | white with ears | ~ 1949 | M39

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Comments: 31, on the topic: Macro on JUPITER-8 2/50

  • Pavel Gorbunov

    Cool adder turned out!

  • Alexey

    For macro Yu8 just right !!!!!!

  • Alexey


  • Irina

    Wow, the photo experience is excellent!

  • Vadym

    200-300 UAH for sale at OLH :) Not at all expensive
    I shoot on Industar 61 l / d M39 - also super!

  • koba

    great photos! Thanks! there are photographers who have equipment worth many thousands of dollars, but the results are worth a penny, and here we have the opposite example - there is equipment for a penny and the results reach art ... By the way, they love to talk about the low quality of Soviet lenses. Yes, as a result of the now well-known sabotage activities of the Khrushchevites in the USSR economy with the aim of destroying it (they achieved this), all the conditions were created for such a decrease, but despite this, these lenses still work all over the world, even professionals use a certain content, they continue to work and in good hands produce great results. They don't tear anyone's wallet, etc. So why were they bad? By the way, such a question: can anyone know if the so-called. lead glass (that is, crystal) in the production of any lens in the USSR?

    • Trueash

      Soviet engineers, the best in the world, proudly abandoned ideologically harmful crown and flint glasses! Even the bottoms of Soviet beer bottles, illuminated by the rays of the stars from the Kremlin towers, gave a better image than the vaunted bourgeois "zais" and "voithlander"!

    • Rodion

      Now we would call lead glass as crystal)) The glass palette of the USSR is searched for quite easily. Almost all lenses produced in the USSR have lenses made of lead glass, which itself is yellow in transmission (PbO is yellow in color, its content could reach 60% by weight).

      • koba

        Well ... Nowadays, crystal is used in such really super-duper glasses as the line of lenses from Voigtlander. And the constructiveness in them is superb. But all the same it is glass. the fact that after 1953, instead of improving quality, everything went down, this was not the work of Soviet engineers, but the purposeful destruction of everything in the USSR, primarily in the production sphere. To produce something at some level is just a matter of standardization, and not some fancy about the country of production or good workers. Of course, the manufacturer must also have production experience, but this is also achieved over time. There is nothing particularly complicated in the production of lenses, all this is greatly exaggerated by the manufacturers themselves and by advertising, and the proprietary bayonet acts as the main standardization tool. The recently released macro lens from the Chinese Laowa has put on the blades all other macro lenses, including the super-expensive Zeiss macro lenses, I mean in terms of sharpness, the absence of chromatic aberrations and field curvature, and these are the main optical indicators for a macro lens. By the way, I wrote earlier that lead optical glass is not produced in China, it turns out I was mistaken, since as many as 4 factories produce high-quality lead glass, that is, crystal, in the form of optical glass.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          Yes, I laid it so :)

  • Vlad

    You can easily take a bezerkak on the Yu-8, good glass, there is also the Yu-3, its price is several times higher, but the picture on the 8th is not much inferior.

  • Vlad

    and this type of macro

  • Alexander

    “Now it costs much more” - it costs a couple of hundred now, together with a camera like Kiev or Zorky.

    • Vladlena

      I took it for 500 rubles, then I saw it for 1500 - 2000 rubles.

      • Alexander

        Some and for 10t.r. try to sell)), but this is not an indicator, you should focus on the lowest price. We have up to 500 rubles (often with a camera) full of them.

      • R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№

        Wonderful photos! Did you shoot with macro rings?

  • Ivan Wolverine

    Well, that’s what they just won’t come up with, just to not buy a real macro lens! :-)))

  • Alex

    Fucking, no other words!

  • Duck

    Perhaps a hint at me. Because I was the one who “blamed the FS”. And although I did not accuse, but only expressed my doubts, I will apologize as a well-mannered person. Here. Because I was banned there. Yes, I was convinced that it was not FS, when I managed to make it look similar. Just Vladlena kept silent about something important)

    • Oleg

      I guess before you start shooting macro with bokeh, you first need to experiment with getting bokeh: wet glass in front of the subject or background, or both, garland, crumpled foil, and so on. Here's a quick example, just for understanding, of bokeh from a budget smartphone (background - crumpled foil of a chocolate bar mounted on a reflective surface). And this is just a phone, with its quality, but without any additional tweaks, such as adding bokes in front, etc.

      • Vlad

        Bokeh is relative to something, that is, the main subject, and this is just a defocus and nothing more.

        • Oleg

          In this case, you do not need an object, you need to understand “what will be behind the subject of shooting”. And it will be exactly as in this photo, or otherwise, if you take another camera and another lens, or other available means. Experimenting with different tools at hand, placing them at different distances from the camera, you get an idea of ​​the bokeh that will be when shooting an object. When you know what kind of bokeh you will get when shooting with foil, wet glass, a spray gun, or a garland, it is much easier to start shooting the subject after that.

    • Vladlena

      about what? if you look at my page there you can find a bunch of “recipes” for bokeh) any glare in the blur area will give bokeh)

  • R2D2

    It’s time to already sell macro kits.
    Mushrooms, snails and ladybugs.
    One and the same, somewhere there is a factory where photographers are made like that?

    • Vlad

      Yes, it’s better to look at flowers-mushrooms and different natural living creatures than staring at portraits of fear, which are blocked by 80% of the forums of photographers, looking at some I want to be baptized so that we don’t dream!

    • Vladlena

      Macro sets are sold by "businesswomen" and a bunch of "necessary" services)) even if they sell, I only help those who want to shoot something like that, and at a symbolic price. And I help everyone who writes to me for free! It's good that at least a little social. the networks are being filled with something beautiful, and not just boobs and priests, sorry, which two years ago only dazzled in the news feed.

  • Passer

    Why is everything so vigorous and the snake on the lips has put on the wrong color, it does not suit her :-)))

    • Vladlena

      The taste and color. I love bright, so I have the right to take my pictures like I see them.

      • Jupiter

        Vladlena, and you retired from the social. networks everywhere. How to find now?

  • Igorrr

    Good shots, I like it.

  • J. Taysaev.

    Wonderful shots. I was struck by the artistry and quality of the drawing. Bokeh by itself, it's just fabulous. And this is on a simple lens! Amazing
    I’m interested in comparing Jupiter-8 and Industar 61 p / a for macro photography. It’s just that I already have Industar, it seems to be not bad, is it worth trying the Yu-8 as well, or are they roughly equivalent?

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