Some examples on HELIOS-40-2 1,5 / 85

Brief gallery note on HELIOS-40-2 1,5 / 85, photographer Igor Kurilov.

Some examples on HELIOS-40-2 1,5 / 85

Some examples on HELIOS-40-2 1,5 / 85

Hello! I fell in love with photography a long time ago in far 2009 and now it is my way of life. Almost from the very beginning I tried to shoot other Soviet branded manual lenses with Soviet optics: Super-Takumar 1.8 / 55, Carl Zeiss Planar 50 / 1.4, Jupiter-37A 3.5 / 135. But most of all sunk into the soul HELIOS-40-2 1,5 / 85 with his live picture. I shoot only creative shots completely at open aperture 1.5 in Live View mode. In processing, color correction and be sure to add sharpness. The lens paints watercolor bokeh and gives beautiful highlights in the backlight. It is far from ideal, but for all this, all its disadvantages can be forgiven - the lack of ringing sharpness, chromatic aberration, a lot of weight. Yes, we must not forget that this is still not an ordinary Helios, but a full-fledged portrait lens with a focal length of 85 mm.

Examples taken on HELIOS-40-2 1,5 / 85 (This one) and Canon EOS-1D X / Canon EOS 7D.

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Comments: 24, on the topic: A few examples on the HELIOS-40-2 1,5 / 85

  • R2D2

    Well, how work) Attempts to twist Boke, no more.

    • Anonymous 2.0

      Interestingly, when will the post be with your work? You write a lot, I think you know a lot, so show us an example. Lovers fry raw)

    • Andrei

      The 40-2 potential has not been revealed. I have one. It twists so that sometimes, you look for a long time, your head is spinning. It must be "shown". I always start with contrast. The picture, it seems, appears in a bath with a developer. Further processing according to the list, but the main thing is contrast. The rest, if done correctly, comes as a creative approach.

  • Nicholas

    Very beautiful! The second, fourth, fifth and last photos were especially liked. Personally, my favorite photo is the fourth, the blurring of the leaves in the background resembled a painting with oil paints
    The lack of strong processing also pleased, beautiful natural shots

    • Roman

      Indeed? Strong color grading, sharpness, face retouching - everything is as always. It’s just that in previous portraits there is practically no background and the subject is the model’s face. And here are waist-length portraits.

      • Nicholas

        I am by no means a "professional": D, but in past photosets it seemed to me that in some of the pictures there was a too sharpened picture, it was personally unpleasant for me. Plus, in the photoset from Jupiter, the colors are completely distorted

  • Alexander

    Normal pictures. I would like more examples.

  • Michael

    The “previous” Helios was nicer to my taste)

  • A.N. Onim

    In any incomprehensible situation, shoot in the open and translate into b / w)))))

    • B. R. P.

      And “cut” the hand model, all the same, everyone looks at the “boke”)))

      • V.Matveev

        And what, interestingly, can you see in this rattling, sloppy, and dirty "bokeh" of a poor technical lens? With a normal modern portraitist, exactly the same subjects would look much better. All kinds of whims are being consumed by people, and of course the home-grown mothers of the “market experts” tried to fool the brains of the simple-minded near-photographic party ...: - \

  • Roman

    Nice photos.

    The girl with the lantern is madly in love.

    At the penultimate girl, she is very beautiful, but the merit is girls, photographs or everything at once, I have not figured out yet. Probably the last option))

  • Anonymous 2.0

    Very nice portraits) I really liked.

  • Kievan

    Looking through a bunch of photos of the last months taken with different lenses, I came to the conclusion that there is absolutely no point in spending money on a conventional Carl Zeiss for a couple of bucks. It is easier to buy old Helios at a flea market for a conventional bottle of beer - the most important thing is to master his Majesty PHOTOSHOP. All the same, all “beautiful” photos undergo complete and total processing.

    • Anonymous 2.0

      This is exactly what is fine, if before it was necessary to have a kit costing like a wing from an airplane, now it isn't. A used set for $ 200-500 is enough to take great pictures. And now he is taking out pre-production and post-production. That is, the selection of a model, the selection of an unusual place, light, clothes and makeup, and not even a mood. And then also processing. Yes, she was before, but very few could afford it. And the main thing in this is that the technique went into the background, and the photographer collects a whole puzzle from which an excellent result comes out. Appropriate time. And if you assemble the puzzle better than the others, both recognition and customers will come.
      And if you think it's not kosher, shoot on film. It's definitely just you and the camera. And print with optical printing. Then yes you are a master of the old school ...

    • koba

      There is no secret here - the fact is that Soviet lenses were close to Zeiss in their creative capabilities, glasses were made of crystal, etc. They still work, give many people the opportunity to make interesting photos for minimal money. Recently I conducted an experiment myself - I took a picture of my daughter with different lenses with the same focal length, about 60mm, under normal conditions, without any tweaks, preparation, etc. Then I began to show them to her friends, my friends, and more than 85% answered that they liked the photo taken on Helios 44-2, which I bought for $ 10 (I showed not files, but prints). In my opinion, the main thing in photography is to find a frame for photographing, the correct shooting point and lighting, after which most lenses will give very good results, and lenses with interesting distortions will give excellent results.

    • Oleg

      It depends on what purpose to use. Many photos go to Instagram, other social networks, which are more often viewed from mobile devices with small screens. When you look at photos from a smartphone screen, and then on a large computer screen, the difference is often noticeable. For example, heavily processed pictures from the phone's camera on the phone itself somehow more or less decently look, and when you open it on a large monitor, it is quiet horror.

      So it is in the other. If a photographer needs a fast and tenacious autofocus for work, he doesn't care what bokeh the 40th helios has, he doesn't need these dances, and the reporter will prefer the new crop to the old full frame, if he has a better rate of fire, focusing system and buffer. Well, this is how you can photoshop a "Lada" (tune) and do it really beautifully, but at the Paris-Dakar race or the 24 Hours of Le Mans it will be uncompetitive.

      But in fact, the photo that is successful is successful. If a person comes with likes and he achieves this, then his pictures are successful for him, if a person is paid money for his pictures, then they are successful for him.

  • Vyacheslav

    The best photo of this series is the one on which the lens itself is shot

  • zengarden

    Complicated lens. It is revealed only at the full frame, it is difficult to choose a successful composition in the open area due to the curvature of the sharpness zone and narrow flu (yes, all portraits are strictly centered). It was such, only old, white; got rid of him. All these torsions are bokeh for an amateur and quickly get bored.

    • Edward

      Flowers in macro because of its bokeh turn out normally. нормально

  • Edward

    With such experience and such a mediocre result ...

  • UstasFritZZZ

    A good example of what is not shot by a technician, but by a photographer. And here the photographer clearly lost. Why was it necessary to take a carcass for 5 kilobax? I saw the shots taken on the ancient budget crop where much more interesting.

  • Andrei

    The depth of field hints that there is not 1,5. At 1,5, it is insignificant ...

    • Rodion

      Not at 1.5 he has fawn saw stars, so here it’s still 1.5.

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