Landscapes on Carl Zeiss Distagon 1,4 / 35 ZE T *

Brief gallery note on Carl Zeiss Distagon 1,4 / 35 ZE T *, photographer Valery Shcherbina.

Landscapes on Carl Zeiss Distagon 1,4 / 35 ZE T *

Landscape at Carl Zeiss Distagon 1,4 / 35 ZE T *

At one time, I used a Canon 16-35 lens and, over time, after analyzing my pictures, I came to the conclusion that most of them were made at the narrow end (i.e. 35 mm). In addition, I am a perfectionist and make special demands on the quality of pictures. I began to choose a fast fix at 35 mm. As a result, he settled on Zeiss Distagon T * 1.4 / 35 ZE.

Actually, I like everything in this lens - sharpness, drawing, lack of distortion and vignetting, in general, my favorite lens. I have been using it for many years Canon EOS 5D Mark IIII'm not going to change the lens. I shoot only the landscape.

At one time, I had a lot of lenses in my arsenal, but over time, given that I only take off on travel and carry extra weight with me most often it’s not rational, I came to the conclusion that my today's kit is ideal for my tasks and for many years now I shoot with the following kit: wide-angle Canon TS-E 24mm f / 3.5L II, above named Zeiss and Canon EF 70-200mm f / 2.8L USM, for long-range plans.

There are no difficulties with this lens, if only manual focus, however, in any case, I always use manual focus, even if the lens is autofocus. Zeiss Distagon T * 1.4 / 35 ZE - very good glass, I recommend it to everyone.

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Comments: 16, on the topic: Landscapes on Carl Zeiss Distagon 1,4 / 35 ZE T *

  • Pavel Gorbunov

    The lens is gorgeous, no doubt, but I would like to see the same author’s photos taken on it without photoshop, as it is.

  • Picto giclee

    a lot of FS

  • Michael

    Great shots

  • Andrei


  • Sergei

    Considered this lens for purchase on Sony a7r2. Studying a thread about him on one of the forums stopped ... For landscapes, at hole 8-11, it is, of course, sharp, etc. But there is also 1.4 ... Yes, and sometimes people need to be removed)

  • Novel

    Decent shots, it was a pleasure to view them.

  • Eugen

    Modern Milvus 1,4 / 35 is much better (especially with 42 + mp matrices).

    • Roman

      On such apertures I do not think that 35 / 2.0 would be much behind. It would be interesting to look next to whether they could distinguish or not. Moreover, the shooting is conducted at 22MP, which is the point of discussing the superiority of something at 42.

  • koba

    Thanks to the author! And visited South America, and Tuscany, etc. Must be preparing a book?

  • Maksim

    Apparently, 35mm is more convenient for stitching panoramas than 24mm - it is in this technique that most images are used. Is that correct, Valery?

    • Michael

      Only half) 35, of course, more convenient 24 - less angles "pull"

  • Roman

    Very beautiful.

  • shufiga

    Is it possible to work with this lens on a Nikon camera? If so, how?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      There is a version of ZF specifically for Nikon.

      • Ramis

        I bought D's mark 2, ideally for 40 thousand. Mileage claimed 80 thousand frames. What is better to take a lens on it, so that it doesn't get too expensive and the quality is good? 35 and 50 are considered, you can 85

        • Michael

          you can see them, relatives from the old line

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