Works on Helios from Chorny Alexander

Brief gallery note with sample photos on MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm 1: 1,8.

Works on Helios from Chorny Alexander

Works on Helios from Chorny Alexander

Examples in the gallery below photographer Alexander Chorny received using Nikon D800 and Soviet lens MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm 1: 1,8. At the disposal of Alexander there is another modern specialized optics for macro photography, by type Nikon 105 / 2.8 VR Microbut he does a lot of work on MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm 1: 1,8.


More works by Alexander can be found at the following links:

MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm 1: 1,8 quite rare, so I decided to find practicing photographers who use it in their daily work and asked them to share their photos and impressions. This is the fourth and final gallery note dedicated to the Soviet MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm 1: 1,8, still wonderful examples with portraits on this lens can look here.

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Comments: 21, on the topic: Works on Helios by Chorny Alexander

  • Roman

    It’s also a fairy tale, but only such a man’s, colder and mean. Interesting.

  • Sergei

    Taken Well, but the stories are too staged. (personally my opinion) ;-)

    • Alexey Ovoshchnikov

      How is this too staged? They are staged and that’s it. This is the card you need.

      • Maria

        Snail replay)

  • Maria

    Interestingly, the author’s helios as a macro is used, without a lens? Very juicy photos, interesting ideas embodied.
    I will not advertise the Nikon system here, but it is gratifying.

    • zengarden

      Macro rings exist.

  • Misha

    The feeling of a pavilion shooting. Photos are good, there is some kind of simplicity.

  • Alexander

    Wonderful photos !!! Let it be staged ..., but the author conceived the plot, chose the shooting locations, picked up accessories, embodied everything in artistic photography! He worked ... At the exit - postcards !!! :)

  • Irina

    In what style are photos processed in Photoshop?

    • Roman

      Gangnam Style

  • Roman

    I read the comments and am surprised. How unhealthy-lazy-primitive perception has to be for staging to be perceived as a disadvantage? Actually, cinema, painting, ballet, theater, literature are all staging art. Even the pseudo-documentaryism of the “great masters” (c), including DidyWayed with the Traphy Clock on the Reichstag and “The Taking of Iwo Jima” are STANDARD photos. Landing in Normandy is a staged photo, the photographer was dumb to get into the thick of the battle. Even going out in the morning, waiting for dawn, climbing somewhere to a convenient place, removing garbage, putting on a gradient filter - these are staged photos. Staging is a sign that a person is ready to work. Not to shoot barracks with garbage from the window of his khrushchev, not his woman, carelessly leaning against a tree, but to think up and implement something exactly the way he sees, how he feels. To be beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, interesting.

    • Semen

      Roman, it is unhealthy minds arrogant with envy ...

    • Misha

      Roman rather you have a primitive perception, to compare military photo-documentation with still life. If it weren’t for military photo cameras, we would not have known all the horrors of war. And they died, like soldiers on the battlefield, and it wasn’t dumb to climb into the thick of things.

      • Michael

        Of course, all the shots from the time of the war were taken at a real time.
        Not a single production!
        And the photographers were never afraid of anything and never, just some cars =)

  • zengarden

    Very beautiful photo cards!
    Interestingly, do macaroons always carry specially trained snails with them? ;)

  • Gennady

    Thanks to the author! Everything is great, there is a role model for the winter ...

  • Semen

    Well done! Gelik is his assistant, talent :)

  • Dmitriy

    Well? From Helios there is only boke, and even then not on all frames. The rest is all the long hours of Photoshop. Change the lens to any other, there will be no difference.

  • Andrei

    Tell me please. On Nikon D300S, 44m7 is suitable, which adapter is needed?
    What nuances await?

    • Valery A.

      Well, here a lot has been written about it. Adapter m42-nikon, if without a lens - it will focus up to 2-3m, if with a corrective lens - focusing will be infinite, but with some loss of image quality ( Usually they advise a Helios 81N (with a finished thread) for nikon, I would advise you not to suffer and take your own 50 / 1,8D, if you feel sorry for the money.

      • Anton

        I fully support it - it's better to take 50 / 1,8D. He does it in contrast, and dances with a tambourine do not need to be arranged with adapters.

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