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It is no secret that it is the full-frame OPC that make it possible to use almost everything that can collect light. Therefore, from the beginning of June 2019 until today, on the initiative of readers of Radozhiva and Arkady Shapoval, fundraising campaign to purchase a full-frame mirrorless camera to improve the quality of reviews.

Readers of Radozhiva collected 18610 rubles (~ $ 280), the help of Arkady himself amounted to 6270 rubles (~ $ 95). In addition, a whole set of different lenses, which to one degree or another require revision, was immediately given in support. Some of them were presented on the site: time, two etc. The implementation of one (so far) of them brought another 3500 r (~ $ 50).

Thus, by joint efforts, as many as 28380 rubles (~ $ 430) were collected. This allowed me to purchase a camera for 53000 rubles. Sony ILCE-7s. In addition, I bought the Sony E / Canon EF adapter so that I would not miss the deciduous October from the electronic viewfinder.

Without the help of Radozhiva, I was not able to get such an expensive tool, because I express my deep gratitude to everyone who supported me!

Reviews from readers Radozhiva are all here.

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  • Arkady Shapoval

    Again, I note that Rodion prepared more than 50 reviews of various vintage (and not only) equipment and the a7c will be extremely useful for various interesting lenses.

    • Valery A.

      Congratulations on your purchase, enjoy the shoot!

      • Rodion

        Thank you!

    • First Substation

      Arkady, how do you propose to make Rodion the official “Ambassador of Radozhiva” and transfer his reviews from the “Reader's Review” category to the “Rodion's Review” category?

      • Arkady Shapoval

        I'll think about it

  • Rodion

    Here I posted an update for one of the reviews made with the new camera :)

  • Maria

    I wish you success and many interesting creative discoveries!

  • koba

    This camera probably has the same sensor as the Nikon D3s. Yes, and for D3s at one time Sony did not produce matrices, the circulation was not the same, and it was necessary to do something really worthwhile, so we agreed with a subsidiary of Panasonic - TowrJazz, which made matrices for D3 and D700 cameras, and then and its modified version for Nikon D3s. On the Internet, observers simply copy the marketing information distributed by companies that these matrices were produced by Sony himself, but this is not true. As it turned out, for the new D850 the matrix itself, that is, the sensor itself, is also produced by the same TowerJazz. No one would produce a 12-megapixel matrix twice with the same characteristics ... WHEN Sony released this camera, everyone wondered why exactly 12 megapixels, but because they had the matrices themselves from the old batch, which Nikon could not implement, so they came up with a move with high ISO, moreover, all this would be very useful for video in the dark, which from this camera is still unsurpassed. It is noteworthy that Sony A7ii with the same matrix does not show such low noise at high ISO, and the third in this line apparently will not be, or they should put a matrix from D4 in them, if they are still there. It is also true that in all the cameras sewn on, the complete mechanism with the sensor is assembled by Sony and, of course, is also marked, hence the false information that the sensor is also produced by them. Of course, in fact, this does not change anything, especially for the user, but just when we know that a sensor is not installed in the camera from Sony (one user here rightly called it matrices from digital cameras, probably not knowing that Nikon's top cameras still Since I have always used matrices not from Sony), then you can immediately expect top quality. Sony is a huge company and specializes in consumer goods, otherwise they can't, but a relatively small company like TowerJazz (but not very small in fact) can produce more expensive sensors with top-end characteristics. And now it becomes clear why Panasonic's new mirrorless full-frame cameras immediately showed very high performance in terms of the sensor. Congratulations on your purchase, and from now on, all full-frame lenses on this resource in your reviews will be tested on this remarkable camera in terms of sensor. This is very, very good, and some old lenses will also need to be tested on it ...

    • Neo

      Yes, it’s unlikely that a7s video does not shoot badly, the old matrices were not designed for 60p full hd

      • koba

        adding video removal from matrices is a matter of very minor modification, usually you need to make better cooling, as well as faster information retrieval, and the sensor itself, that is, light-sensitive receivers remain the same ... I have already asked in local workshops if any master has experience of full analysis of this camera, but so far none have been found, since these cameras are still in service, sooner or later I or someone else will get to the bottom of this ... In the meantime, this is just an assumption, nothing more. All this has no practical meaning, it's just interesting, so for the sake of history ...

  • Air force

    Congratulations. Will there be a camera review?

    • Rodion

      Thanks! Not sure yet.

      • Pokemon

        Rodion, why?
        It would be interesting to read.

        • Rodion

          Well, I’ll take it into account.

          • Gregor

            Indeed, do a review on a7c!

            • B. R. P.


  • Alexander

    I myself recently took the first A7s, mostly for video, but I also take a photo, a very good camera, the menu of course ... In general, it would be interesting if there was a review of the Sony A7s as a camera in the first place, as it is taken by videographers and reviewed by vidacs.

  • Zhenya

    Why exactly S and not a7 mark 2, for example?

    • Alexander

      Photosensitivity, piccher profiles, full readout from the matrix during video, a7 has 2 lines skipping. Electronic shutter - silent mode) The second seven, of course, has a stub, but this is only one plus.

  • Nikita

    Could you give more details why the choice fell on this particular model? Not a7, not a7p or the second generation, or is there Nikon / Kenon?

    • Rodion

      Since the camera is bought for reviews, it should be as versatile as possible in terms of compatibility with optics - only ff bzk satisfy this requirement. The cheapest of them is used Sony. As an amateur, high working ISOs, video capabilities, and the speed of processing camera ras are also important to me. The 12 megapixel A7c sensor better meets these conditions, it gives me something that my 600d does not have.

  • Oksana

    Mobile phone

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