Announcement: Yongnuo YN35mm F1.4C DF UWM

Late July 2019 at the official website The YONGNUO YN35mm F1.4C DF UWM lens was announced.



Basic properties

  • For Canon EF mount full-frame SLR cameras ('C' and DF [Digital Full Frame] designated)
  • Relative Hole: 1: 1.4-1: 22
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • MDF: 0.35 m
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 6.67
  • Optical design: 11 elements in 9 groups, including 2 aspherical elements and 2 elements with low dispersion. The optical design is the same as Yongnuo 35mm 1: 1.4  first version
  • Aperture: 7 blades
  • Focus with Yongnuo Ultrasonic Wave Motor (UWM)
  • Electronic focus ring
  • Filter Diameter: 67 mm
  • USB port for firmware upgrade
  • Weight: 700
  • Price: about $360, look at ALI


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  1. Yongnuo YN433 (2023, Micro 4/3, 20 MP, 4K)
  2. Yongnuo YN455 (2021, Micro 4/3, 20 MP, 4K)
  3. Yongnuo YN450/450M (2019, Micro 4/3 -> Canon EF, 16 MP, 4K)

Lenses and cameras and many other products from Yongnuo can easily be found at Authorized Yongnuo Dealer / Store on Aliexpres.

My video on all Yongnuo lenses here.

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Comments: 17, on the topic: Announcement: Yongnuo YN35mm F1.4C DF UWM

  • RussTamblyn

    If F1.4C, then it will be F1.4N?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Unknown, the first version of 35 / 1,4 for Nikon did not work

      • Alex

        For nikon, no?

      • RussTamblyn

        Maybe they decided to release immediately with a new engine

        • Arkady Shapoval

          We will see

  • Volodimir

    The price is approximately 400-500 $
    Well, information about this lens in his native language:

  • Koba

    This lens in China costs exactly 2178 yuan, or $ 316 at the current exchange rate. Several months ago I wrote here in the comments that sooner or later Chinese companies will master ultrasonic motors, that is, someone will not produce it. This was expected and it happened. Viltrox recently installed it in its 85 / 1.8, which the well-known blogger-observer Christopher Frost gave a high rating, that object shows a level clearly above average and even closer to high, in all respects. So Yongnuo began to apply it, now we can say for sure that some Chinese company has begun to produce this ultrasonic motor, which means that a new forecast can be made - this company and all the others will soon release updated versions of their lenses, at least those who sells well, with new ultrasonic motors. Presumably we'll also see more Sony lenses and new mirrorless cameras from Nikon and Kenon. Laowa has already released even unique lenses and is very popular in countries such as the UK and the USA. And a Chinese company for the production of optical glass and other special types of glass is building a huge new plant ... In our institute (where I am currently working) 5 people have been invited as foreign professors (18 other professors are on the way, also foreigners) - 3 from Russia and 2 from Ukraine, they are all mathematicians, now they will work FRIENDLY for the good of China, but this does not directly apply to photography ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      They already showed a step-by-step STM in Yongnuo 28 / 1.8 but there is no official release of the lens yet.

  • Air force

    How does the motor affect focus quality? Though let asynchronous put)

    • Vitaly N

      Buy them 35/2 and find out. Although the same Tokin and Sigma with the same motors did good lenses, they didn’t save on helicoid position sensors.

    • Photographin

      The focusing stability of the lens is influenced not by the motor, but by the gearbox. In the case of using a cheap DC motor, a cheap reducer made of plastic gears with an unpredictable backlash is also installed (gears also create noise when rotating). The gears of the reducer have huge teeth that prevent the reducer from turning a small step. Due to the backlash, a DC-type lens often mis-focusing. A typical example: “making fiction” Canon 50mm f1.8 How many pictures he killed because of the backlash of the autofocus motor reducer - you can't count. But they released an improved version with an STM motor (with the same optical scheme) - focus stability has increased dramatically. We removed the cheap gearbox, since the motor is now more expensive, then the gearbox is more advanced, free of backlash.

      • Novel

        By the way, yes. Canon on ArcDrive has a 100-300 with a wild focusing pitch, and 80-200, which is quite acceptable in speed and accuracy.

  • Paul

    Well done Chinese. Hopefully it will cost about the same as the YN 35 1.4 with DC motor. Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't have time to buy it, because yeong's micromotors are a quiet horror. Especially on Deshman 50 1.8 and 35 2.0. I think next and fifty dollars 1.4 UWM will see

  • Paul

    Well, for 300 it's just a gift, even for 400 it's normal. he will be on the mirrorless as Nikon and Kenon calmly

  • Arkady Shapoval

    It just so happens that I have used almost all Yongnuo lenses. Added YouTube videos for all Yongnuo lenses (generations, lineups, etc.)

  • Eugene

    YONGNUO YN35mm F1.4C DF UWM Ultrasonic AF is out now.
    Do you plan to update the review?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      but they don’t want to send it to me, but in the examples for it they use my frames for the first version

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