Announcement: Sony a6600

On August 28.08.2019, 6600, the Sony aXNUMX camera was introduced.

Sony a6600

Sony a6600

Basic properties

  1. 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor
  2. ISO 100-32000 expandable to ISO 102.400
  3. Maximum shooting speed 11 fps
  4. Exposure up to 1/4000 s
  5. UHD 4K 30p with support for HLG and S-Log3, 100 Mbps XAVC S 4: 2: 0, it is possible to record to external storage using HDMI and 4: 2: 2
  6. EVI 2.36 million dots, 120 fps
  7. 4D FOCUS with 425 phase points and 425 contrasting focus areas, automatic eye tracking
  8. 5-stage integrated stabilizer
  9. 3-inch swivel touch screen
  10. Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, headphone and microphone jack
  11. Protected enclosure
  12. Weight 503 grams
  13. The price is about 1400 dollars


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Comments: 8, on the topic: Announcement: Sony a6600

  • Death_upset

    Sonya, as always, is the top in terms of video

  • Adiart

    Price… :(
    I will stay until the old 6300.

  • Oleg

    Nothing new, nothing surprised. The price says it’s more logical to buy a fullframe.

  • Michael

    I was waiting for a new matrix ... the color is ugly on these matrices. I took a6300 as a universal camera for photo and video, I want to take photos less and less with it. Nikon and Kenon are much better in this regard. And for video, yes, a great camera.

  • Albert

    Taran in his comments said that Sonya has expanded the color space. Question. How radically will this affect the picture?

    • Roman

      How exactly and where did she expand it? The matrix has its own color gamut inherent to the matrix, the JPEG has its own depending on the selected profile. The standard JPEG profiles are sRGB and AdobeRGB, into which the values ​​taken from the matrix are recalculated according to certain formulas. You won't go outside the reach of these profiles if you're working in JPEG. If you work with RAW, then the final result is also saved in JPEG, but when working in the converter you work with the MelissaRGB color space (with the same color gamut as ProPhoto), to which the color gamut of your matrix is ​​already reduced.

      So you need to answer the question of how this will be reflected, first find out what is meant by the expansion of color gamut.

  • Michael

    There, in my opinion, the video was discussed. About the newer format instead of rec709. Everything else is not clear. If there were any improvements, sony would be the first to talk about it.

  • Victor

    2020, and in Sony's top crop, this rotten EVI is still at 2.2 million points from 2012 = /

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