Announcement: Canon EOS 90D

28.08.2019/90/XNUMX Canon EOS XNUMXD digital SLR camera was introduced.

Canon 90D

Canon 90D

Key features include:

  1. The new 32.5 MP APS-C sensor, which takes pictures of a maximum size of 6960 X 4640. Most likely the same as the Canon EOS M6 Mark II
  2. DIGIC 8 processor
  3. ISO 100-25.600 expandable to 51.200
  4. Mechanical shutter with shutter speed up to 1/8000 s. and electronic shutter with shutter speed up to 1/16.000 s
  5. Focus module 45 cross-shaped focus points (the same module  80D, 77D, 800D, 6D Mark II?)
  6. Focusing in Live View using Dual Pixel CMOS AF at 5481 points, there is a face recognition function
  7. Face recognition through JVI and auto focus on the face through JVI. Metering sensor exposure works in conjunction with the focus module
  8. New metering module exposure 220.000 points
  9. JVI based on a pentaprism with 100% frame coverage and 0.95x magnification
  10. Maximum Burst Speed 10 fps with focus through JVI (25 RAW buffer), 7 fps with focus tracking via Live View, 11 fps with single-frame focus via Live View
  11. UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 30p and Full HD 120p
  12. SDXC with UHS-II
  13. 3-inch swivel touch screen
  14. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  15. Protected enclosure
  16. Weight: 701 gram
  17. The price is about $ 1200 per body; actual prices can be viewed here


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Comments: 36, on the topic: Announcement: Canon EOS 90D

  • Ivan Shikhalev

    “Face recognition through JVI and automatic focusing on the face through JVI”

    It is extremely interesting how this is done ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The exposure metering sensor is similar to a conventional camera sensor, it sees a picture, only in a lower resolution (only 0.2 MP), it recognizes the location of the face and transfers this data to the focus module, which activates the focus points in the right place.

      • Vladimir

        A person’s face is heterogeneous, if it can focus on the eyes, and not on the eyebrows, it will be great. Although the mirror crop dies IMHO, because almost all lenses are scraps from the table ff DSLRs.

  • Roman

    Goodbye 7D, you were dear to us ... :(

    • Roman

      And, you bastards, they could have finished off some 30 / 1.4 and 17-55 / 2.8IS II with a demobilizing chord for the unfortunate crop. Some sensation from a fotik - to be. Here you do not know why there is a higher resolution of the matrix, which you did not ask for, but we will take away the focus points that you are used to.

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Rumor has it that the 7d line will be covered.
        90d raised the level of the line 60, 70, 80d to an experienced level of 50d and, perhaps, is intended to replace both the 80d and 7d mark 2.

        • Roman

          Yes, now it is already 100% clear that they will cover it up, there is no longer anything to cram there in order to distinguish them in principle. More pixels on the sensor? This is already absurd, even 32MP ... I don't know, I would have had enough sensible 24 with my head.

          The rate of fire is almost limitless. There is dust and moisture protection, a turn signal was added, in fact, only the focusing system was cut down - the 7D had an excellent coverage of most of the screen and a very convenient focusing mechanism. Everything else in 90D is at the level and better.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            I would not say that in 90d and similar ones, on the same module, direct coverage is somehow radically different from the first 7d. But from the 7d Mark II is different.

            • Roman

              In 7D2, of course, a comparison with him. 7D is already quite that.

        • Roman

          The strangest thing is that 18-55 kit, even IS STM, are sold to it.

          Well, 18-135 still went wherever, but by 7D there was a very decent 15-85, and then there was some direct downgrade. Actually, the complete lens does not correspond to the class of the camera at all. At least one kind of dust and water tight cropped lens was made, even if it was a 15-85 / 4IS with a mandatory wide angle. There is a 24-70 / 4L IS that is not very expensive, but it’s really not enough for a wide angle lens for everyday lenses; 24 on the crop is still not wide enough.

          • Arkady Shapoval

            18-55? No, it seems like, from the start of sales, he goes from 18-135, even in the photo from the presentation he is everywhere from 18-135.

            • Roman

              Canon EOS 90D Body $ 1199
              Canon EOS 90D w / 18-55mm IS STM $ 1349
              Canon EOS 90D w / 18-135mm IS STM $ 1599

        • San.Sanych

          According to rumors, they want to make the new Seven mirrorless ... (like a cropped EOS R) And the 90d is most likely as non-reportable as the 80k ...

      • Vladimir

        Nakoy canon develop and produce cropped SLR lenses if technology goes off and crop goes first.
        For 25 years, Canon has not updated its 50 / 1.4, and you want 30 / 1.4 under the crop.

      • Vladimir

        The DSLR segment falls, and the crop drops even faster. Why canon develop and produce new lenses for a system that will die in the future 5 years.
        They can’t update 50 / 1.4 for about 25 years, so why would they let out optics for crop?

  • zengarden

    She, probably, is also full-frame, with such a megapixel? or crop?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      No, it's a crop, with 1.6X

  • BB

    Become the legendary 'ninety' from Canon?)
    I wonder how these chips actually work - focusing on the face (and is it necessary?), And AF at 10/11 fps?
    Expensive, of course, but this is the start of sales ...

    • Roman

      Workers and it is necessary, especially in the reporting.

  • B. R. P.

    The sunset of the mirror crop is now evident.

    • Michael

      Well, not yet on the face. We returned to the old scheme, made a 50d receiver. Here lenses would be released under the crop - yes

      • spitzer

        What is the continuity of 50d?

        • Michael

          In positioning

        • Arkady Shapoval

          We can say that management, primarily work with focus. In 60d the control was brought closer to 600d, in 90d it was again raised to the level of 50d.

          • Michael

            True, the top panel of buttons as in 60d left

  • Oleg

    For many amateur photographers, if not for most, (except for Radozhiva's readers, of course, who understand what's what =)) the more MPix, the better. So this crazy 32 megapixel crop for 1.6 people grabs for a sweet soul.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If there were cheap lenses for these MPs, it would be a different story.

      • Vladimir

        There would generally be lenses under the crop, or else amateur plastic, with variable aperture, or from a full frame.
        Modern professional lenses for a mirror crop, in fact, only sigma makes (18-35, 50-150, 30 / 1.4), but there are not clear things with autofocus, so it doesn’t work very professionally.

        • Arkady Shapoval

          There is also a crop, but there are not many of them.

  • Rigel

    In general, nothing new. Canon, as always, is marking time.

  • Valery

    I wonder when the sales of this camera will begin? I have a Canon 80d .. I would like to get acquainted with a comparative analysis

  • Valery

    1. I would like to know the start date of sales
    2. It was interesting to read a comparison of the eighties and the nineties ..

  • koba

    The other day I tested this camera a little, the first impressions were just awful. I have never seen such a colorless matrix in my life, word files immediately turn out closer to even-white. Another problem is even bigger - apparently such dense and small pixels greatly reduce the ability to register halftones, the picture turns out to be as poor in appearance as possible, very reminiscent of pictures from mobile phones. And the last thing - files on ISO1600 are completely unusable, on the old 40D they were many times better, especially this one concerns green colors, the noise is just very large. Of course, this is my subjective opinion, but for myself I thought that even if I give it as a present, I will still give it to someone else, I will not use it. And having opened various reviews, paid reviewers, of course, extol it as a peak camera from a renowned manufacturer ... I used to also watch files from the 80D and then criticized it, despite the fact that they were much better than the files from this camera.

    • Max

      You would have learned to use the camera, you would not have written nonsense about the “colorless matrix”.

  • Nicholas

    Question: I want to sell 80D, and buy an eos R with an adapter, but there is BUT, I have windows for crop 18-35 / 50-100 / 11-16. If in crop mode I take pictures and videos for the time being, but I collect money for the season and I will change it. What do you think??

    • Roman

      What is missing in the 80D to upgrade to EOS R? This is a transitional DSLR with its pros and cons. Native lenses are an essential part of these advantages. And you will use not even full-frame, but cropped ones. There, Mark 2 is on the way, it’s easier to work out the season on 80D and not to steam, but to take the second mark with native glasses, possibly with camera stabilization, to get all the advantages of switching to a new platform.

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