Announcement: Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm 1: 1.8 S

31.07.2019/85/1 Nikon Nikkor Z 1.8mm XNUMX: XNUMX S lens was announced

Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm 1: 1.8 S

Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm 1: 1.8 S

Basic properties

  • For full-frame mirrorless cameras with Nikon Z mount
  • Relative Hole: 1: 1.8-1: 16
  • Focal Length: 85mm
  • MDF: 0.8 m
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 8.3
  • Optical design: 12 elements in 8 groups, with two ED (Extra Low Dispersion) elements
  • Enlightenment SIC + N (Super Integrated Coating + Nano Crystal Coating)
  • Electromagnetic diaphragm with 9 rounded blades. Possibility of smooth adjustment
  • Focus with two step STM motors (multi-focus system). Internal with constant manual control
  • Electronic focus ring, can be programmed for other functions
  • Filter Diameter: 67 mm
  • Protected enclosure
  • Weight: 470
  • During development special attention was paid to bokeh
  • Price: about 800 dollars


List of all 'Nikon Nikkor Z' full-frame lenses for mirrorless cameras with Nikon Z mount


  1. Nikon Nikkor Z 20 mm 1:1.8 S
  2. Nikon Nikkor Z 24 mm 1:1.8 S
  3. Nikon Nikkor Z 28 mm 1:2.8
  4. Nikon Nikkor Z 28 mm 1:2.8 SE
  5. Nikon Nikkor Z 35 mm 1:1.8 S
  6. Nikon Nikkor Z 40 mm 1:2
  7. Nikon Nikkor Z 50 mm 1:1.2 S
  8. Nikon Nikkor Z 50 mm 1:1.8 S
  9. Nikon Nikkor Z 50 mm 1:2.8 S MC
  10. Nikon Nikkor Z 58 mm 1:0.95 S Nod
  11. Nikon Nikkor Z 85 mm 1:1.8 S
  12. Nikon Nikkor Z 105 mm 1:2.8 S VR MC
  13. Nikon Nikkor Z 400 mm 1:2.8 S VR TC
  14. Nikon Nikkor Z 800 mm 1:6.3 S VR PF


  1. Nikon Nikkor Z 14-24 mm 1:2.8 S
  2. Nikon Nikkor Z 14-30 mm 1:4 S
  3. Nikon Nikkor Z 24-50 mm 1: 4-6.3
  4. Nikon Nikkor Z 24-70 mm 1:4 S
  5. Nikon Nikkor Z 24-70 mm 1:2.8 S
  6. Nikon Nikkor Z 24-120 mm 1:4 S
  7. Nikon Nikkor Z 24-200 mm 1: 4-6.3 VR
  8. Nikon Nikkor Z 28-75 mm 1:2.8
  9. Nikon Nikkor Z 70-200 mm 1:2.8 S VR
  10. Nikon Nikkor Z 100-400 mm 1: 4.5-5.6 S VR

Lenses are designed to work with Nikon Z series cameras: Z5, Z6, Z6 II, Z7, Z7 II , Z9 + Z50, Zfc... Another autofocus lens for Nikon Z makes felttrox: 24/1.8, 35/1.8, 50/1.8, 85/1.8 и T.T.Artisan: 32/2.8

  • S (S-line, Superior, Special, Sophisticated) - a line of professional Nikon Nikkor Z lenses of the highest quality
  • SE (Special Edition) - special versions of lenses with a retro design
  • VR (Vibration Reduction) - Built-in Image Stabilizer (Vibration Reduction)
  • MC (Macro) - lenses for macro photography
  • Noct (Nocturnal) - specialized lenses with excellent optical performance, but only manual focus
  • TC (TeleConverter, Build-IN) - built-in teleconverter

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Comments: 21, on the topic: Announcement: Nikon Nikkor Z 85mm 1: 1.8 S

  • zengarden

    On DPReview there are examples of images from it:

    It seems to me that the sharpness for the portrait is excessive, every goose bump is visible, every hair is on the skin

    • Arkady Shapoval


    • Alexey

      too harsh? Moir filter to help

  • Serge

    Most likely excellent glass ... They are following in the footsteps of Sony- 85 1.8 ... Long wait 1.4, probably ...)

  • B. R. P.

    Incubator design, but nothing, we'll get used to it.

    • anonym

      quite right

  • anonym

    Yes, the designer is a plumber along the way, and so is good glass. I would have become like Tamron’s.

    • anonym

      Stab! Again the robot palm off other words :)

      • anonym

        T9 developer died. Land him a down jacket ...

      • Eugene

        Why does he need a stub like a tamron? There is a stab in carcasses. Only spoil the picture with the optical in this glass ...

  • Paul

    800 dollars for not the lightest 85? their Sony bitten which simply multiplies any price tags by 3 from the start, and sometimes by 5?

    • Artem

      Here, the overall decline in the photo industry is more likely to affect, it is expensive to develop, and users do not buy stupidly. Therefore, the overall price tag is growing, and taking into account the dollar exchange rate, for us everything becomes even more expensive.
      By the way, horse price tags are now not only with Sony, everyone else is pulling up.

    • Novel

      Well, Canon has RF 85 / 1.2 for 2700, EF 85 / 1.2 for 1800 and 1.4 with a stub for the same. Nikon has a bunch of his glasses on 1.8 and 1.4. After all, is there any point in releasing a remodeled, inexpensive old if you can take the old and put it through the adapter?

      If the price tag is really unfounded, Sigma and Tamron will quickly fix this.

    • Eugene

      This is not a budget lens, it is something like a pro, but 1.8. The letter S is in the title speaking.

  • anonym

    I would have thrown all marketers into the mouth of an active volcano ... and, I understand correctly, everything that is marked with a non-yellow color is not glass?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Wrong. There, all the elements are glass, and 2 of them are made of special ED glass.

  • scif

    the price is far from adequate when compared to the nikkor AF-S 85 1.8G

    • Eugene

      This is not an analog of AF-S 85 1.8G, it is a lens of a class above

  • Nikita

    But will Arkady soon replace the d700 and d90 with something new? Unless of course it makes sense. For example d850 / z6 / z7 + d500 / d7500

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Wait and see

  • Vasya

    Judging by the cited frames, it’s extremely unpleasant bokeh, especially where long rhythmic bands are in focus, then it's generally a shame

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