Announcement: FUJINON GF LENS 50mm 1: 3.5 R LM WR. Pancake for medium format

July 18, 2019 the lens for the medium format mirrorless cameras FUJINON GF LENS 50mm 1: 3.5 R LM WR was announced


FUJINON GF LENS 50mm 1: 3.5 R LM WR. The lens is shown on the camera. GFX 100

Basic properties

  • For mirrorless cameras with Fujifilm G mount and crop factor Kf = 0.79
  • Focal Length: 50mm (EGF 40 mm)
  • Relative Hole: 1: 3.5-1: 32
  • MDF: 0.55 m
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 10
  • Optical design: 9 elements in 6 groups. CHART DRAWING
  • Aperture: 9 rounded blades
  • Focusing with the LM motor
  • Aperture control ring
  • Filter Diameter: 62 mm
  • Rugged housing, operating temperature from -10 ℃
  • Weight: 335
  • Length 48 mm, diameter 84 mm
  • Price: about 1000 dollars
  • Sample Photos here


All mirrorless medium format cameras FUJIFILM GFX with sensors 43.8 X 32.9 mm (crop factor Kf=0.79X)

  1. FUJIFILM GFX 50R [September 2018, BHphotovideo]
  2. FUJIFILM GFX 50S [September 2016, BHphotovideo]
  3. FUJIFILM GFX 50S II [September 2021, BHphotovideo]
  4. FUJIFILM GFX 100 [May 2019 + IR modification, BHphotovideo]
  5. FUJIFILM GFX 100 II [September 2023, BHphotovideo]
  6. FUJIFILM GFX 100S [January 2021, BHphotovideo]
  7. FUJIFILM GFX 100S II [May 2024, BHphotovideo]


Third party lenses with GFX mount

  1. MITAKON: 28/5.6 | 65/1.4 | 80/1.6 | 85/1.2 | 135/2.5 | 135/1.4 | 200/4 Macro
  2. laowa: 15/4.5 Shift | 17/4 | 19/2.8 | 20/4 Shift | NA0.5 Supermicro | 100/2.8 T/S 1X
  3. AstrHori: 12/2.8 Fisheye | 40/5.6 | 55/5.6 | 75/4
  4. TTArtisan: 11/2.8 Fisheye | 90/1.25 | 100/2.8 Macro 2x
  5. Kipon: 75/2.4
  6. Irix: 45/1.4

Autofocus adapters and manual converters


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Comments: 14, on the topic: Announcement: FUJINON GF LENS 50mm 1: 3.5 R LM WR. Pancake for medium format

  • Novel

    Is it like about 24 / 2.8 on a crop? It is interesting to compare side-by-side pancakes from Canon and this one. But somehow, judging by the pictures from the example ... and for THIS do you need a medium format camera?

    • anonym

      No. Matrix size Fujifilm G 44 * 33mm. Crop 0,764 in relation to FF. 50 * 0,764 = 38mm Equivalent aperture 2,7. That is, it is closer to the 40 / 2,8 glass from the FF fleet.

    • Novel

      Well, or 24, tightened somewhere to 4.

  • anonym

    And what is it screwed onto it from the front (“appearance”, photo 4)? It doesn't look like a hood.

    • Novel

      Yes, there is a hood. On canon pancakes 24 and 40, the hood is about the same. Only there the front element is a little more buried.

  • Alexander

    good afternoon

  • zengarden

    With this pancake, the camera will undoubtedly become much more compact!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Well then, 50r so for sure

    • Joe

      This is actually so.
      Medium format

    • Joe

      This is actually so.
      The medium-sized Fuji GFX 50R is comparable in size to the Canon 5D series.
      Their new 100MP camera is no larger than Canon's 1D series cameras, I guess.
      If we talk about the experience of using Canon 5D and 1D series cameras, then with the “pancake” 40mm f / 2.8 it is much more convenient to carry them with you, they fit into almost any bag or backpack. This is especially true for 1D - with “pancake” the camera takes up much less space.

      Basically, such nuances in lens sizes are relevant for travel, tourism. I am not in favor of carrying cameras on a belt - this is not always appropriate. And when the camera is in a bag or backpack, the smaller the dimensions, taking into account the size of the lens, the easier it is to get / put it back in each time, and the less space it takes up (and there can be many other things with you, in addition to the camera). Therefore, even with other lenses, the use of "pancake" in field conditions justifies itself due to greater convenience.

  • Vitaly N

    Autofocus Industar 50? :)

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Rather, MIR-26V 3.5 / 45

      • Vitaly N

        Well, the World is not a pancake) Although the resemblance to Industar is only external.

  • Carl Zeiss

    On the link with examples of photos, some nonsense. Not these frames need to advertise and promote glass data and these devices.
    It would be better if they sent you the whole set, Arkady, for the test (and then they would have given it, after a good and detailed review of their equipment. For you are more than worthy of this.).

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