Announcement: Sony FE 35mm f / 1.8

On July 9.07.2019, 35, the Sony FE 1.8mm f / XNUMX lens was announced.

Sony FE 35mm f / 1.8

Sony FE 35mm f / 1.8

Basic properties

  • For Sony E full-frame mirrorless cameras
  • Relative Hole: 1: 1.8-1: 22
  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • MDF: 0.22 m
  • Maximum magnification ratio 1: 4.17
  • Optical design: 11 elements in 9 groups, with one aspherical element
  • Aperture: 9 rounded blades
  • Focusing with a fast linear motor
  • Autofocus stop button, can be reprogrammed to other functions
  • Filter Diameter: 55 mm
  • Protected enclosure
  • Weight: 280
  • Price: about $ 750, current lens prices here


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Comments: 20, on the topic: Announcement: Sony FE 35mm f / 1.8

  • anonym

    Introduced a budget lens.
    Sony zeiss 35 2.8 costs the same.

    • anonym

      Zeiss is darker. Sony has no budget lenses by CIS standards. This is not old Kenon or Nikon 35/2 for the price of two movie tickets

      • Jury

        I don’t remember something when it was a movie ticket worth 500 bucks.

        • Novel

          Canon has an old 35/2. 5500 - 6000 UAH It's 213-230 bucks. And he's not that bad.

      • anonym

        The Zeiss has seven glasses, is it darker?

  • Paul

    Absolutely painful price. One of Sony's main problems is complete idiocy with the prices of optics. I know a couple of A owners of 7 different generations who have not bought anything except a whale. True Sigma Tamron Yungnao and co are very happy of course.

    • Denis

      For the price and quality of the lenses. Have you personally used one lens? I'm sure not. But there too ... I had Nikon lenses, now Sony lenses, 85 GM, 55 Zeiss 24-105 Sony, and a cheap 28 / 2.0 also Sony. So, in terms of detail, no Nikon can compare with these. So, all the old stuff is sold at a real price, even though it used to be top. And comparing the development of twenty thirty years ago and modern lenses is stupid. Like a Muscovite 412 and a Camry.

      • Paul

        My nikkor 60mm micro will rip your dormouse)

        • Denis

          Neighing. I had lenses from Nikon and I know what it is. And there are lenses from Sony and I also know what they are. Do you have Sony lenses and cameras with 43 megapixels on hand? That's when you buy, then you will understand. And yes, all new lenses from Nikon, Canon have a price no less than Sony and Zeiss. And Panasonic for its fifty dollars asks 200000 !!! Two hundred thousand, yes. New developments that have very different characteristics than old junk. As long as manufacturers pay off deposits, prices will be so high. But you can fly to Hong Kong, there is tax-free sale, the difference is sometimes huge. Well and - everyone chooses his own path. You can buy Nikon d3000 and yell with a foam at the mouth that is bigger and not necessary. And maybe this is the right choice for someone.

          • anonym

            And when you print a 15n20 card, why do you stick your 43 sharp MegaPixels?
            Marketing, he is such marketing ...

            • anonym

              And how many people print their imperishable in this size?
              In general, in addition to printing, a lot of pixels are archip useful for landscapes, macro and other shooting, for subsequent crop or downsize if necessary.
              Any downsize from 43mp to 12mp will look much better than a frame at 12mp, this is the alphabet of downsize. Suitable for video. New lenses for all brands are much more expensive than old designs because of the many times better resolution.

              • anonym

                Everyone wants more pixels and sharper glass, as if this will make pictures even more beautiful. And the manufacturer is happy to rivet 1000 lenses that differ only in bokeh. They will put the letter “N”, “Art” and here it is ... the ultimate dream.
                And pixels and sharpness have long been lacking not only for the amateur.

              • Denis

                Once upon a time, some also reasoned about electricity ... why is it, When is there a torch? ;-))

              • Alexander

                You confuse sharpness and resolution. Of course, there is enough sharpness on viewing on a monitor (usually 2MP), but if not, you can add it in Photoshop.
                there are really not enough details (permissions) in many genres, and adding it well will not work.
                but in general why groans, why everything is enough - can be clearly seen in the video. groans were "why" when switching from VGA to 720p, then to 1080p, then to 4K.
                Now look and compare VGA versus 1080p and 4K - the difference is huge. so 4K is no longer the limit.

              • Denis

                all true!

            • Denis

              You were answered below. And with your logic at the moment, no camera is needed at all, with this print size you can shoot everything on an iPhone and similar androids. Why then discuss lenses and cameras?

    • Vladimir

      Here, your claims should be addressed to all manufacturers, and along with the dollar.
      The rest of the new lenses are approximately the same (see Nikon 35 / 1.8 for mirrorless).

      • Michael

        Rather, the dollar) My first CZK (crop) was worth $ 1000. Now FF is selling for the money. With lenses about the same

  • Lancelot

    In addition to size and weight, is it better than the existing Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art? ;)

    • Denis

      Focus speed, silent. And of course weight.

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