Announcement: Sony Alpha 7R IV

On July 16.07.2019, 7, the Sony Alpha XNUMXR IV camera was announced.

Sony Alpha 7R IV

Sony Alpha 7R IV

  1. Full frame BSI Exmor R CMOS sensor 61 MP
  2. APS-C mode of a crop at 26.2 MP
  3. Pixel Shift, Up 240 MP (19.008 X 12.672)
  4. ISO 100–32.000, expandable to ISO 50-102.400
  5. Claimed 15 steps dynamic range
  6. Maximum Burst Speed ​​10 fps (JPEG / RAW)
  7. Focus using 567 phase points and 425 contrast focus points
  8. Real-time focus tracking with eye tracking for humans and animals
  9. OLED EVI at 5.76 million points
  10. Built-in stabilizer on 5.5 steps
  11. 4K video, S-Log3
  12. Protected enclosure
  13. Touch main display
  14. Dual memory card support SD with UHS-II support
  15. Price: about 3.400 dollars
  16. Mirrorless Future Discussions here


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  24. Sony FE 100-400 mm F / 4.5-5.6 GM OSS [April 2017, AliExpress price]
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Comments: 38, on the topic: Announcement: Sony Alpha 7R IV

  • Yevgeniy

    As for me, the price is quite adequate. But who needs these megapixels? And who has the power to process photos / videos of this resolution?

    • Paul

      Remember the megapixel race in smartphones a few years ago.
      Here everything will be the same: a little time will pass - and the saturation of the matrices of modern cameras with megapixels will reach the physical limit, beyond which a noticeable loss of quality will begin.
      You can cram both 300 and 500 megapixels into a full-frame matrix, but why? Can you read text printed in microscopic letters without a magnifying glass?

    • 1ds_mk3

      Those who have money for cameras like d850 or 5dsr have money and for a computer to it.
      4K monitor with a 10-bit matrix, and what-like Ryzen 2700x and 32GB of fast memory and ssd on 1tb. It all costs a lot.

    • Paul

      Any person with 16-32 nuclear CPU. You just do not know what they are and not even expensive

    • Vitaly N

      And what, on a weak computer, the program will refuse to process? Everything rests only on time-convenience.

  • 1ds_mk3

    Cool shaitan machine or d850 / z7 is no longer a cake)
    But seriously, there will be buyers.
    Sony is making progress and has released a competitor EOS R with a higher resolution (also wrote that there will be about 60MP), which should be released by the end of this year, at the beginning of the next.

  • Paul

    The model itself is certainly interesting. But let's talk about the taste of oysters after we eat them!

  • Alexander

    Meanwhile, 99% of all viewed photos in the world are posted on the Internet in places such as facebook and instagram and are viewed with a low resolution of up to 4 megapixel max in jpeg format with a 35% level of quality in the SRGB color space.

    • Paul

      The crop matrix with a resolution of 24 megapixels (6000x4000) is capable of producing A3 format prints (40x30 cm) with a resolution of 350 dpi (print point size is 0,07 mm, the human eye cannot physically distinguish it).
      This data is from my workhorse Canon EOS M6, a budget mirrorless crop.
      In order not to be unfounded, I will give a couple of full sizes taken with this camera: the first picture (a man's portrait) helped me to take a modern Tamron SP AF 90mm 1: 2.8 Di MACRO (it was tested here, on Radozhiv), the second (a “portrait” of a pigeon) made on the rare "bokenator" Pentacon 135 / 2,8 Preset (also known on this site).

      It is unlikely that pictures of this resolution and exhibition format A3 need even 10% of modern amateur photographers!
      One cupcake that sold me a chic new Sigma AF 105 / 2.8 EX DG Macro 1: 1 a couple of years ago, bluntly stated that it now only shoots on an iPhone, this is, you see, a trend, and it MUST be in trend. In short, I was lucky: I bought a new lens at half price)).

      What is it for me?
      Moreover, the characteristics of modern budget crop are already redundant for the vast majority of photo lovers.
      Besides, the discussed camera, having such high (so far - only on paper) characteristics, is a direct competitor to the medium format.

      And I completely agree with the previous speaker, with the exception of one: I definitely do not want to be among those 99% of the cupcakes that take photos on iPhones and post these photos on Instagram to be in trend)).

      • Oleg

        Goodnight! When I studied “Fundamentals of color television” in one wonderful university in Minsk, “the control shot (Question) of the teacher sounded like this:“ What is the principle of color and black-and-white television based on? ” The correct answer was: "The principle of color and black and white television is based on the deficiencies of human vision!" So the battle for pixels is based on a different principle. Money is familiar not only to "selfish dudes", but also to the marketing specialists of "Got a shot from the photo business" !!! How to sell pixels at a higher price, you in bulk or by the piece! I agree with you completely! Regards, Oleg.

  • Andrei

    I would also like to know which lenses will be able to “resolve” such a matrix, otherwise, in addition to a computer, new lenses will also have to go broke

    • Vitaly N

      But do not need to be allowed. Megapixels are needed for processing, not printing. To eliminate the same distortion or perspective, horizon. With a small resolution of the image, these operations greatly spoil the image.

      • ARIES

        Dynamic range is “spoiled”, not pixels

        • Vitaly N

          What are you talking about? Small pixel DD or editor processing?

    • Paul

      I agree about “no need to allow”.
      But in general, Sony can try and release something new like a tank with a monster-like weight and cost like an aircraft carrier))

  • 1ds_mk3

    In his interviews, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki said more than once that almost all full-frame lenses of the Art line were designed for cameras with a resolution of 50 megapixels slightly larger / smaller. All that came out after the release of 5DSR were designed to work with cameras above 50MP.

    • Vitaly N

      Well, after all, megapixels are not so scary as they are painted. Crop 24 megapixels has the same pixel size for about 7 years, and nothing, the lenses completely allow it.

      • Joe

        Not a pixel, but a sensor, and not the same, but smaller.

        • Vitaly N

          And is it much less? 24 megapixels vs 26?

          • Arkady Shapoval

            In a crop of Canon 24 MP turn into just 61 MP in full frame. 24 * 1.6 * 1.6 = 61

            And 20 MP Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 or Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II can easily be converted to 80 megapixels at full frame. It is only a matter of time and desire and greed.

            But this is not the limit, 48 MP from phones based on the Sony IMX586 sensor (all kinds of Vivo X27), easily inflate to 978 MP (one Therapixel). Because new items and pixel density will never end.

            • Vitaly N

              So I am about the same. Density 7 years ago, but again horror stories about lenses ...

          • anonym

            I got 1.34 terapixels.
            Sony IMX586 size 6.4 x 4.8 mm.
            The size of the matrix matrix is ​​23.9 x 35.9 mm.
            This is not clear. When is the diffraction limit? Not in theory, but in practice.

            • Vitaly N

              Do you think smartphones haven't stepped on yet? This we look raw RAW, there has long been processing everything.

  • Paul

    It's also about optics. A lens with a resolution of 150 megapixels will be created - and a matrix for it will be created.
    The point is not fast and not cheap (lens), but doable.

    • Boris

      Indeed, the point is in optics. On smartphones, lenses are much sharper than on cameras, if you measure the resolution in lines per mm. If the phone has pixels with a size of 1,5 μm, then the lens should allow about 300 lines / mm, and with 0,8 μm pixels (on a 48MP phone) 600 lines / mm are needed. If they can make such lenses for smarts, then why not for larger matrices ?? And if they do, then hundreds of megapixels on ff is quite real.


    good help for forensics

  • Paul

    In general, 61 megapixels and not SF, but a relatively wearable FF will perfectly fit for technical needs - photo drawings, plans, diagrams that cannot be put on a scanner, books, and everything where permission is needed. The architecture is the same. In general, everyone is good, now we are waiting for 100 Mp from Kenon, they were promised

    • Paul

      Pay attention to the new Sigma fp in the next branch. 113x70x45 mm, 370 g, full frame.
      For reference: my Canon EOS M6 (crop 1,6) 112x68x45 mm, 343 g.

  • Vladimir

    what else is left for firms? You need to sell something. The increase in MP is a logical development, no more. I'm sure everyone who read the specifications was looking for the resolution in the first place).

    • Vitaly N

      Past. I was more interested in focusing. In this regard, the FF DSLR is a dead end, so it has been updated from crop to crop. Further, I will either stay on the DSLR crop, or go over the FF BZK but of a normal size.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Considering that this is the 'R' line, the number of MPs is important here.
      The 'S' line has only 12 megapixels and is on sale :)

  • Someone

    Even more megapixels, even more hand movement. IMHO, now more than 36 does not make sense. Matrices still have not grown in spite of all the statements of marketers

    • 1Ds_mk3

      There the stabilizer is on all 7s starting from the second A7 series. And here is an improved stub.

    • anonym

      The question is not the number of pixels, but the size.
      Recalculate 20mp on crop 2 on ff - how much did it turn out?
      To a small pixel is attached in normal cameras cam stab for 5.5 stops.
      So do not look for a problem where it does not exist.

  • UstasFritZZZ

    I don’t even have the first A7 .. Eh, where is my millionth inheritance well, or at least a little luck

  • Stas

    APS-C crop mode at 26.2 MP_ I didn’t understand the crop camera or full frame?

    • Rodion

      Full frame in crop mode, what's not clear?

      • Stas

        You don't have to be intolerant.

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