Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO

According provided by Carl Zeiss Jena II lens F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO many thanks to Alexander Shinkaruk.

Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO

Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO

It is a no review Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO, but just a small note. It is authentically known that this lens was not manufactured by Carl Zeiss.

Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO is an interesting, compact wide-angle prime for film cameras. Produced for a wide variety of mounts. Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO from the review has a Pentax K mount.

The name of the lens' Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO Ø49 'is written near the front lens of the objective, there is a long inscription under the focusing ring'Lens made in Japan under license from VEB Carl Zeiss Jena', there is an inscription' PK-A / R97113035 'on the aperture ring. There is a 'MACRO' pointer on the focus ring, and the maximum magnification ratio is 1: 5 which is very good for a wide angle lens.

The focus ring has a rubberized insert that rotates approximately 180 degrees. The ride is very pleasant. During focusing, the front retractable body does not rotate. Focusing occurs by moving the entire lens block. Aperture control is available on the respective Pentax cameras.

Unfortunately, the diaphragm consists of only five petals. The f / 4 aperture has small notches. The aperture ring has values ​​of F / 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22. Intermediate values ​​cannot be set using the aperture ring.


Sample Photos

I used this lens on the camera Sony Alpha NEX-3N using an adapter FOTGA DIGITAL ADAPTER PK-NEX. Convert source RAW files with the original Sony Imaging Edge Viewer utility without further adjustments. Part of the photo was taken using a SKYLIGHT (1A) 49mm KOREA filter.

Original RAW ('.ARW') photos can be download from this link (29 files, 400 MB).

My experience

Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO is very convenient to use, small and with good image quality, especially considering its age. The possibility of close focusing distances is also very useful. On cropped cameras, this lens can be used as a universal fix.

Important: if someone has reliable information where exactly and who exactly produced this lens - share it in the comments. As far as I know, the lens uses a 5/5 scheme and it is not a Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8 / 28 or a SIGMA MINI-WIDE II 1: 2.8 f = 28mm MACRO. There is an assumption that under the Carl Zeiss Jena II F = 28mm 1: 2.8 MC MACRO is hidden COSINA 28MM 1: 2.8 MC MACRO.

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  • Denis

    yes, Sonya adds contrast

  • Reader

    Average shirik. Nothing special, like all the "Germans", a la vector.

    • Vyacheslav

      hello and don’t tell me the mayoral shirk of the best quality, 24-28 under the video, with minimal distortion

      • Rodion

        Samyang 24 / 1.8? Canon 24 / 2.8 stm (for boots)?

  • Reader

    At the beginning of my acquaintance with the photo business, after reading the Zeiss fans, I bought a Tessarov fifty-kopeck piece - I took it off one day and threw it away. I didn't even sell.

    • B. R. P.

      It was necessary to buy the capitalist Zeiss, not the socialist)

    • spitzer

      You either haven't tasted it or compared it with modern top-end optics

  • Radmir

    Reader, you just live in someone’s invented world) Therefore, this is what happens)

    • anonym

      Oh yes, everyone lives in a fantasy world. The only question is whether you like this world or not.

      • Anonymous 2

        Not all: someone lives in a self-made one.

    • Reader

      Not all geniuses who become gurus in the matter have barely begun !!! You also pierced while you became a good photographer.

  • Sergei

    Too simplified optical design - 5 lenses in 5 components.
    Even the GDR Pentacon 29mm / 2,8 had 7 lenses in 7 components, and did not stand out. The Meyer Lydith 30mm / 3,5 had 5 lenses in 5 components, but a smaller angle and aperture.
    Therefore, we have before us a simplified product of the 80s for the mass consumer at a low price.
    As a universal fix on the crop, it will not work because of the aperture ratio (preferably 1,7 - 2) and the high probability of soap at the edges of the frame when open.

  • Then

    Produced by Cosina.
    No universal fix…. only a cropped 24mm

    • B. R. P.

      What is "fix"? I know only "prime lens".

  • Vyacheslav

    there is the same cpc phase 2 28/2.8 macro 1:5

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