What's next?

Another note about phones and cameras.

Old school

Old school, well, at least the head does not need to be fixed in a special vice, so as not to twitch, as it was 20 years ago

For 2018, I was asked several times to make photo books from photos taken on mobile phones / tablets. There were several cases when I made photobooks from photographs taken on vacation in parallel on inexpensive CZKs and unpretentious modern smartphones. I mixed photos in photo books. In the printed version of photobooks of the format 20 * 30 (several photos per page) to distinguish where the phone and where the camera was almost impossible.

UPDATE 1: in 2019, I could not at all distinguish some pictures on the phone from pictures on Nikon D3300 (24 MP, APS-C) and kit lens Nikon 18-55mm 1: 3.5-5.6GII VR II AF-S DX Nikkor... In a photobook of 30 * 30 format, full-page photos from the phone looked very, very good.

UPDATE 2: in 2020 I worked hard with the phone Redmire Xiaomi Note Pro 8 (main sensor Samsung ISOCELL Plus 64 MP). The detail and dynamic range in some of the shots amazed me a lot!

UPDATE 3: in 2020, I had an interesting conversation with the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone (108 MP main sensor), which simultaneously shoots with excellent Canon EOS 7D MARK II (20 MP, APS-C, 2015) and pretty Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 17-55mm 1: 2.8 IS USM... The owner complained for a long time and showed examples of the same scenes, shot at the same time, in which it is clearly visible that the photographs from the phone were superior to those from the camera.

UPDATE 4: small came out note about smartphone apps.

UPDATE 5: see this record.

UPDATE 5: great entertaining video about the current situation here

UPDATE 6: Sales of cameras and lenses for 15 years.

UPDATE 7: End of an era. Long live the Strong AI that generates cats.

UPDATE 8: Why shoot anything at all if you can generate cats?

If before buying some budget Canon EOS 550D / Nikon D3100 and in addition a budget fifty dollar with F / 1.8, you could immediately 'elevate' your photographic work due to perspective and bokeh, now modern gadgets do the same tricks. Previously, the photographer could easily stand out from the crowd of ordinary 'onlookers' by photographic equipment alone... It was something like this - whoever has a longer lens is a more 'professional photographer'.

What now and what next? Now the abundance of high-quality cameras in portable devices forces photographers to promote their services with more interesting subjects, ideas, photographic techniques, more perverse artistic processing. In general, it stimulates professional growth of the photographer, its capabilities and ways of providing services.

I also observe in the market of some photo services a certain satiety. In general, this throws many photographers out of the market. Over the past few months I have received many letters and phone calls from my colleagues with a question where is the money lebowski what's going on with customers, Arkady? I also feel the pressure of the market. If in 2011 I shot about 70 weddings, then in 2018 these numbers have become much smaller. One can rejoice that at last the number of built factories for burning photographers has reached effective indicators, but one can also be a little saddened for those who with great enthusiasm wanted to get into the world of photography, but remained overboard.

Conventionally, it can be argued that many people have 'millions' of more or less bearable photos from phones / tablets, a sea of ​​'creative' photos with colorful filters in 'these our' instagram and they simply don't need anything else. They were 'satiated' with photographs.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments: 210, on the topic: What's next?

  • Vladislav

    The topic is really interesting both for photography itself and for photographers. I distinguish 3 categories of photography:
    1). Mass photo (pressed the camera shutter button - got a picture).
    2). Photos to order, that is, the work of special correspondents for the media, weddings, and other celebrations, etc.
    3). Individual artistic masterful work (including rare successful photographs of different individuals).
    So decide for yourself what niche or niches you can occupy. This is me for you - professionals and others who have fallen ill with photography and photography, who fell in love with the whole endless world of photographic equipment.
    There will always be weddings and celebrations, and photographers will always be in demand for this service. Everything will be determined by the almighty MARKET, the best photographers, not only by the technique of execution, but also by the idea of ​​order execution - will always be in demand. It's like the best doctors, lawyers, masters of other professions. We are always looking for the best master for ourselves. That is, I want to say - highly qualified masters of any profession are always in short supply, they are always in short supply. Am I right?
    So photography is eternal.
    Arkady is right - it’s not a technique, not a camera, but a photographer with his brains. Therefore, a real, beautiful photograph can be taken with any camera, and expensive already computerized photographic equipment is only a means of achieving a quick, convenient result, but not getting a SHED E IN R A. Masterpieces are done by MASTERS.
    And MASTERS will always be in demand.

    • Vitalij

      Povnіstyu useful with your skin word.

  • Vladimir

    To make good bokeh in video shooting using software, I think it will cost many times more expensive than buying the best video camera with the best lens. And if it will be, then very soon.
    In the photo - yes, it seems, it's only a matter of time (a couple of years). And smartphones can easily master telephotography, because the dimensions (length) of modern smartphones - be healthy, allow you to make a dark zoom and place it along the body. Etc. etc.

  • Alexander

    A very relevant article ...
    “” ”In general, this stimulates the professional growth of the photographer” ”” - finally there will be
    real “photographers” who were in the days of film ...
    “” ”In general, this throws many photographers out of the market” ”” - it happened - Nutcrackers
    slowly disappear from the photosphere ...
    “” ”If in 2011 I shot about 70 weddings, then in 2018 these numbers became much smaller” ”” - finally
    people began to realize that a friend - an amateur photographer who has a DSLR - would take
    their celebration is better than any nutcracker for money ...
    - In the good old days, my parents in the seventh grade bought me a "Viliya-auto", to him
    a simple photographic enlarger "Tavria", a tank and trays, and as a result, now there are more than one hundred
    old, priceless shots of yourself, parents, friends, and everything that could be then
    take off…
    - At that time, nobody thought about technodrochestvo, and no one knew about such crap ...
    - Now all this is returning, only in a more convenient form ...
    - I bought a good smartphone, with a good camera, a simple laptop and again I don't need any
    Nutcrackers ... And again thousands of pictures ...
    - And more ... My daughter had a photographer at her wedding for money ... And I shot in parallel ...
    ten and everyone looks at the pictures that I took ... But those that the photographer for the money and lie on
    disk ...
    - It's interesting to watch what was filmed with your own hands, but what was filmed for money is not interesting ...
    - Looking through the photos of the "mercenaries", I have already caught myself on such a thought more than once ...

  • Vitalij

    Television may be Google. Photo cameras are also available. Now photo cameras are equipped with technical brontosaurus in their own plan with their own mirrored systems and cameras. it’s not wonderful, I won’t write any stinks with 10 years of experience.

    • Trueash

      But as a matter of fact, I don’t send a TV-set like rocket 15, on Google’s photo menu?

      • Michael

        Well, not in order to watch on TV) It's more a question of using software for the camera and "enhancers" in the camera. Phones have imaging features that system cameras do not

        • Vitalij

          I understand Google, nowadays you can take photos of the Internet and the Internet, including mobile and all smartphone functions.

          • Koto

            Especially there is less wi-fi in the cameras for quick transmission of material, and far away the hard screen and more pressure on the smartphone, not even thinking about the wasps, as it is less on any outbuildings and will not be in cameras.
            Sony already saw the possibility of installing additional software in the camera and saw it. On the view of TV shows, professional photographic equipment of higher education institutions, for example, as well as musical instruments, in which one does not think of giving google and instagram.

    • Oleksandr

      Garna dumka: put AI at the camera to help
      more in the distance on the window shutter and the shutter. And synchronization with a gloomy treasure and GPS is due to be available immediately without dancing with a tambourine.
      What did you give: adding tags to other objects of the rent: for example, take the Golden Gate near Kiev - in the photo you will also see the tag 'Kyiv, Golden Gate'. correction of the line of the yobian horizon under the zomka - all my photo curves are 1.5 ° for example :/

  • Bresler

    Interesting article about computational photography https://3dnews.ru/989337/

  • D_Averk

    There is nothing to discuss here. The dominance of photos from smartphones, a certain "arcade" and computational capabilities, unemployed photographers - this is only an extremely small share in the overall picture of the "revolt of the machines". In which there will hardly be a place for terminators, but in any case there will be very little room for living people. De facto, digitalization and neural networks are calling into question even creative professions.

    The thesis flashed above that, they say, the Nutcrackers will leave, there will remain photographers with a large F - computational abilities will soon reach the ability to create reality in its video-audio form. For example, the same simple object is already easier to render than to take pictures. But while it still requires the efforts of 3d modelers. A few more years of development of cloud computing and neural networks, even complex objects will be calculated, modeled and rendered without the participation of living people.

    Maybe there will be a mega-narrow layer of living pros for those with a lot of money, but the rest.

    In fact, in the next 10 years, RIP is not one hundred professions, or a sharp decline in the number of people employed in it.
    Moreover, a number of people will die indirectly due to the funnel of the reduction in the demand for payments. And there will be no demand because, in fact, a huge number of people who remain unemployed will live on social services from the state (if there is no social crisis and explosion at all).

    Against this background, the extinction of photography as a separate art profession will not even surprise anyone.

    • B. R. P.

      What a gloomy picture you have painted)

      • D_Averk

        Himself not happy. But alas, this is not a fantasy. I myself thought 5 years ago that only the dumbest professions were under attack, but it seems not.

  • Azake

    I am very sad that such times have come, but in any case, of course, you need to be glad that everyone has a means of fixing photos and videos. before, everyone prayed for photographers to get at least some kind of photo. Before, if I photographed people for people, today I photograph nature, animals, and only for myself. people are no longer so interested in looking at other people's unprofessional photos and therefore I myself am no longer so interested in showing my photos. my prediction is that all photographic equipment, except for portable ones in smartphones or as part of watches or glasses, will soon die as an obsolete phenomenon. it will remain possible analog photographic equipment based on film. there will also be highly specialized equipment. for example, which can shoot the flight of a bullet or shoot in the dark, and so on.

  • Andrian

    Sometime at the beginning of the last century, artists faced a similar problem. Natural landscapes became uninteresting, since photography did the same thing much more accurately and more naturally. The artists had to move into the fantasy world.
    Now photographers don't know where to apply their abilities - with mobile phones, anyone can take pictures, sometimes even simply excellent in quality and design. Of course, mobile phones are unlikely to replace studio work, and they will not supply micro and macro lenses either. But it seems to me that professional photographers will have to go into the world of fantasy after the artists. With modern software, you can do whatever you want. And at the same time, ordinary users, most likely, will not poke their nose into this area - this requires dedication, brushes, paints and canvases by themselves have not yet made anyone an artist. Just like mobile phones.

    • Igor

      All doubts are justified, and it will be more and more difficult to earn money. Absolutely right are those who draw an analogy with PAINTING. The process is actually very simple. The gap between technical photography and photographic art is widening. But, at the same time, this process contributes to the realization of what is the subject of art, and what is the subject of technical fixation. That is, education, talent and the ability to think creatively come to the fore...

      • B. R. P.

        Vsio understood, except for “assumptions”)

  • Somebody

    belching from my camera phone Heroway
    I bought Nikon D70s with two lenses, regular and 450mm cropped. fuck for the 23rd century

    • Dmitry Kostin

      Thanks, the comment lifted my spirits.
      I am of your opinion.
      Here to each his own. Many people do not have a computer or a laptop at home, or there is such a thing that it will turn on with a creak to start poker and they are unlikely to look at the pictures from it.

  • Yaroslav

    I compared a smartphone with a dxmark rating of 136. As a result, disappointment. Apparently dhmark bought)
    Some better, some worse. The resolution is low, there are no declared 12.5mps.
    What I liked: in the child's room it is better to take pictures, clearer and the colors are normal.
    What did not like:
    aggressive noise canceling. soap. HA. Noise cancellation spoils clouds, sun, etc.
    The Zcamera produces a more controlled result.
    The smartphone also saved against the sun. But you need to edit the photo less.
    After a large DSLR, I sat RAW and developed it, but here it’s not necessary. That's the whole secret.
    Printing did not compare, the difference is immediately noticeable on the monitor.
    I'll try to print A4, maybe there is no difference.

    And here is another minus of the smartphone.
    I screwed a telephoto on the Zcamera and take pictures of portraits.
    But you can’t do this on a smartphone, the background is bad, the bokeh is bad, the face is distorted, you have to look for profiles for editing optics.
    There are few places where they put good optics in smartphones.

  • Sergei

    I still take pictures on a canon powershot g2 with 4 megapixels and I don’t know grief on board.

    • Sergei

      Photo does not want to attach. Trouble.

      • B. R. P.

        Photos up to 1 Mb.

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