Huawei P30 Pro VS Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

This record is more entertaining and informational in nature and is not aimed at inciting animosity between owners of telephones and SLR cameras.

Huawei P30 Pro VS Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Huawei P30 Pro VS Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, screen from the official presentation of the phone

March 26, 2019 the official announcement of the smartphone Huawei P30 Pro. Full presentation can be viewed here (watch cameras from 36 minutes).

The presentation can greatly surprise a non-savvy viewer. Personally, I remember some characteristics of the camera, especially comparing the maximum ISO sensitivity threshold Huawei P30 Pro с Canon EOS 5D Mark IVas well as some photos from the presentation.

Some properties:

  1. Maximum ISO 409.600
  2. 40 MP main camera
  3. Main camera aperture F/1.6, EGF 27 mm
  4. Using the RYYB Bayer pattern instead of the classic RGGB, it is stated that this significantly improves photosensitivity
  5. 1 / 1.7-inch sensor size, larger than many digital compact cameras, crop factor 4.55
  6. Some other other features, such as optical stabilization, depth of field sensor, one camera is designed as a periscope, etc.

The digital compact market is suffering a lot due to the introduction of the best and best cameras in mobile phones, as well as technologies related to image enhancement.

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  • Past Crocodile 2

    And completing my insanity, I would like to note one more thing - as they filmed it on the film, they will be up to the 0th mark or until they start again ??? Digital cameras will not go anywhere either - warm tube 8-10 megushechki will work until they reach their end of life. Mirror for mirrorless, crop for allful, etc., etc. But the process of mobile telephony is the main thing now. Everything will happen there. Everything new and revolutionary is happening in the gadget market. Samsung realized this in time, taking in fact a share of the world market and putting a bolt on the photo. Good luck to all.

  • anonym

    We need more pepper! Something didn’t go very hostile. Listlessly.

  • Rustam Zagromov

    Imagine the sound quality of this phone. By the power of sound, it will drown out the reproducers in stadiums, and the quality is such a level that people will no longer go to the opera and philharmonic.))

  • Nicholas

    Manufacturers of large black cameras do not understand anything.

  • delobol

  • Sergio

    Hello Arkady (or the person of the Arcadia team processing messages). Here an interesting thing happened: in January we went to St. Petersburg and on the first evening went for a walk on the Neva embankment. I did not take the camera with me, I thought it would not be useful. We found a couple of places where you can take a picture of your daughter. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. There was total darkness in the sky and the light fell only from the illumination of the bridge. We took a picture on the bridge, went down under the bridge, there was very little light there. Photos turned out very worthy for difficult conditions. The most interesting thing is that where my crop Nikon D7000 gave ISO about 1600 (minimum) with 50mm 1,8, the phone issued ISO-250 !!! Of course, with a detailed study, you can see the work of frantic noise suppressors, but still the result in the quality of the picture came out very decent!

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If you print 10 * 15, then even with a detailed study, nothing will be visible


    the appearance of super smartphones greatly puzzled me and my friends / in photography for more than half a century / pictures from the 48 megapixel camera Honor 20 pro // 100% crop // viewed on a 4k monitor. everything was shot on automatic settings during the day. were not only surprised, but and upset. The quality of the pictures is amazing in terms of noise and detail, although so far in the wide-angle range. Night shots are certainly noisy, but it's easier to do something at night in the city on a machine without a tripod and get, in our opinion, a high-quality print 18x24 \ more than a screen smartphone, as an example /. this, my dears, is a new revolution. microzums are about to be created, and there are already periscope ones. half-inch matrices have already been announced ... noise reduction algorithms are honing .. pixel shifts will be built in or already .. multi-frame noise reduction is definitely used on the electronic shutter in addition ... and the global shutter will be inserted. people are hooked on smartphones unambiguously .. compete, it seems to me. will be with smartphones only prof. full frame and middle frame for specials. goals. the middle –apsc / m4 / 3 and the inch will collapse. However, the inch will be shoved into smartphones — it makes sense. The bridal man will not disappear — he will stick a sign on his chest that he has the coolest smartphone from Adidas — and the people will reach for it.

    • Seladir

      Matrices in 1 ″ have already been announced. And current smartphones have come close to this inch. And this is combined with a fast prime lens and advanced stacking algorithms.
      But personally, I see no reason to abandon my old APS-C, since the range of focal lengths, control over the shooting parameters and, in general, the consistency still decides.

      • Victor

        In addition, the inch matrix has already appeared not in the latest Panasonic cm1.

  • Marat

    I don't know how Nicon shoots, but when shooting the embankment in Pitsunda at night on Honor v20, I got a “super noisy” shot. Canon 800D with 50 / 1,8 lens did much better shooting.

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