Samsung 1: 2 30mm. Review from the reader Radozhiva

Samsung 1: 2 30mm Lens Overview specifically for Radozhiva, prepared Alexey Ovoshchnikov.

The Samsung NX 30 mm F1: 2 lens and a little about the Samsung NX system.

The Samsung NX 30 mm F1: 2 lens and a little about the Samsung NX system.

Samsung NX 30 mm F1: 2 according to the specifications of the company EX-S30NB was introduced together with the very first model of the camera system NX in 2010. Together with him were presented

This is my short review and review of a very popular lens on the system. Samsung NX. The model is relatively new and relevant. Since the system itself is obviously inferior in popularity to such flagships as Nikon, Canon, Sony, let's say that the lens is popular in certain circles.

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

A little about the system itself... These are cameras without a mirror or, as they are also called, hybrids. I don't know if they are often called that way in the CIS countries, but somehow it stuck and it is immediately clear what type of camera we are talking about. As befits a hobbyist mirrorless camera, the NX is lightweight and compact. Usually with good AMOLED displays. The displays on most models in the NX line are rotatable and very convenient. The older models even have a good quality electronic viewfinder. The convenience of the menus in NX cameras is above average and this is a separate topic. I was pleasantly surprised by this in the first days of use. Maybe this is the standard of an amateur mirrorless camera. Perhaps the collaboration with Pentax benefited this new system, and they took the best from there by adding their own. The camera is really convenient to use. Perhaps I will write a review of the NX system camera and will gladly tell you more, but today the main thing is the lens.

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

The lens has a 30mm focal length and this makes it a so-called normal lens. It does not get too close or too far away from objects in the field of view. That is, it conveys the world approximately as we see it. In general, this is a fairly versatile high-aperture prime lens. The Samsung NX 30 F1: 2 really has everything you'd expect from it. The optics are top notch, and it's true. On a 14 megapixel aps-c sensor (camera Samsung NX10) I see pixel sharpness already in the center of the frame open. On a 20 MP sensor (NX1000, NX 300) I do not notice a lack of sharpness on F2.0. And this at a 100% increase on the computer monitor.

Basic technical specifications.
Lens type ...................... normal fixed focal length lens
Focal length ………… 30 mm on APS-C (equivalent 45 mm on full frame)
Zoom ratio ……………… 1x
Aperture …………………… F2
Minimum aperture …… F22
Fastening ……………………. NX
Autofocus …………………… yes (motor is built into the lens)
MDF .............. …………………… 0.25 m
The number of elements / groups of elements ... 5/5
The number of aperture blades …………… 7
Thread diameter for the filter ...................... 43 mm
Optical design available by reference
Length……………………. 21.5 mm
Weight…………………………. 85 g

The lens has distortion, but there are no gaps in the corners and a sharp sharp darkening in the corners. If you correct the distortion using the camera profile in the graphics editor, the frame will be cropped a bit and almost the entire field will be sharply displayed. Of course there is a drop in sharpness to the edges, but less than in the popular fast-moving fifty dollars. Yes, it’s exactly fifty dollars in full frame that this lens is most similar in focal length and aperture. However, the lens does not at all look like the popular fifty dollars in drawing. The same Nikkor 50 f1.8D and is limping on open and there is friging and on infinity it does not focus sharply to f2,8. Then Samsung wins confidently. It would be more correct to compare it according to the figure with good fixes of 28 mm. However, here he wins in aperture ratio against the standard 28 mm f2,8. I personally do not have a video of a good and at the same time affordable 28 mm 1: 2,0 fix. It is quite appropriate to compare the Samsung NX 30 F1: 2 with the very popular amateur lens Nikon DX 35 mm F1,8. They have a pretty similar picture, but Samsung on the open will definitely be sharper and without software. Autofocus is about the same level.

Price Samsung 1: 2 30mm in the store is about 300 dollars.

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

Autofocus is fast and relatively quiet. Autofocus accuracy is very good. Even in the open, he doesn’t miss, but sometimes scours in low light in the room. There is no internal focusing system in the lens and the front lens travels forward when focusing on closely located objects. When focusing on infinity, the lens becomes flush with the body. The front lens does not rotate and does not interfere with the use of a polarizing filter if necessary.

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

Samsung 1: 2 30mm on MDF

Samsung 1: 2 30mm

Samsung 1: 2 30mm with focus on infinity

The manual focus ring is present and wide enough, however, it seemed to me a little taut. Maybe it has become so over time? I can’t answer this question exactly, the lens I bought was not new. This disk has no direct mechanical connection with the focusing mechanism and everything is controlled by electronics. On the lens removed from the camera, you cannot manually change the focus distance.

Shot on Samsung NX10 and NX1000. There are photos without processing and HDR frames.


Since the subject of the review is really worthwhile and I personally liked working with it, I would like to fix an article on Radozhiv with my shots taken on this useful lens. I recommend this lens as the first fix on the NX system, with it you will definitely shoot a lot of beautiful frames of a completely different plan. Shooting videos from a tripod with this lens will also be very convenient.

Write comments here without registering or follow me on the link. Review prepared Alexey Ovoshchnikov.

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  • Vladimir

    Hello, I have a whale for a nx system, and a pancake 20 / 2.8
    Also nx 10 carcass, like the author's. Before that, there was nx1000. What I want to say ... The Nx 1000 and the rest of the mirrorless cameras that have touchscreen controls I really didn’t like. I'm used to DSLRs, so that each function has its own organ. This is the first thing. Secondly. Menu navigation on the nx1000 was so slow that it looked like a slideshow, and this is not a metaphor. Terribly annoying ... And thirdly. Opening times left us expecting better. And when the carcass refused to shoot the time-lapse, which is in the menu, on a manual object through an adapter, I screamed that I would not buy more Samsung in my life. They say that the camera shoots subject programs like time-lapses and others only with native lenses. By the way, the adapter was expensive, with a chip. I could have continued my hate message for a long time ... But a couple of years have passed. I came across an advertisement on a flea market carcass nx 10, and nx 11, 100 ye each. And a set of lenses pancake 20 / 2.8 and a whale for 75ue ..
    Took in general nx 10. And what ... On the organs as my canon 600d. Hands themselves lie down on the necessary buttons. 2 batteries that were included in the kit, you can add figs for 2 years. Menu! Oooo damn it! Menu! The menu does not slow down! As on normal DSLRs! Oh, it can't be! The viewfinder is cool. I am stunned how strong the difference can be. Honestly, there would be extra money would take the second nx11, purely for stock. Not like just for the video they are not very much. And for the photo they are quite excellent. If you find it cheap, take it.

    • Alexei (review author)

      In general, the NX1000 is not the most successful and rather crude model at the time of release. My wireless connection worked very poorly. Almost did not work and constantly threw out of the application. The NX1000 stuffed the latest matrix, and forgot to finish the rest. The NX300 is the brought to mind NX 1000.

  • zengarden

    An excellent “pancake” :) it is a pity that the Samsungs stopped releasing their BZKs, they were very good. But now in the secondary market you can buy both carcasses and lenses at a perfectly reasonable price.

  • Outcast

    It’s not bad that our French friend goes into circulation and signs it.
    According to the presentation, it is adjusted according to the content no.
    1. The system is dead - where?
    2. Awful workmanship and fragility of products, already prescribed by everyone and everywhere - where?
    3. Price for a new lens - are you laughing?
    4. The system is inferior to the blah blah blah boot - point one. Let's compare Konica AR with Minolta AF by the year 86)))
    5. 6. 7. And so on
    Advice - read what you wrote before publishing, digest and organize.

    • 1Ds_mk3

      Did Samsung not stop pr-in cameras after Samsung NX1?
      NX1 was probably an interesting camera for its time with an uninteresting price.

    • Alexei (review author)

      A review on the lens and on the system itself may later be a separate review. The lens is not new, but the 2019 model is indicated at the beginning of the review. This model specifically did not break with me, and I did not find any explicit complaints about this model on the Internet. However, I add that the decorative plastic ring is gone and this is not an isolated case. This is probably the scourge of this model. Well, the price for a new one on e-bay = 300 bucks. Then what are my complaints? I can only add that the BU cameras and NX lenses are 3-5 times cheaper. I bought this lens + NX 10 camera in 2017 for 50 euros.

    • Alexey

      He is a Spanish comrade.

      • B. R. P.

        Parizh is a Spanish city.

  • L

    There are no details on the photo, just soap with places of light harshness. But thanks for the review)

    • Vladimir

      Soap? Not! I think the aggressive Sammungovsky noise, which does not turn off anywhere. Like Sony Alpha. Only Samsung is even tougher

      • Alexei (review author)

        Learn to see the sharpness area on an open aperture if you want to learn how to see a photograph.

  • ñ

    Where is rodya ?!

    • Rodion

      I'll be back when the season is over. There isn't much to photograph yet. And so - a lot of things have accumulated for the review.

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