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In short

GODOX WITSTRO AD200 is a mini monoblock flash with interchangeable heads powered by a lithium-ion battery. Godox AD200 does not have a hot shoe and cannot be mounted on the camera, the AD200 should be mounted on a stand / tripod / other desired device.

GODOX WITSTRO AD200 is a very good, interesting and functional solution for small portable photo studios or on-site shooting. At the time of writing this review, there are practically no such alternative solutions.

With Godox AD200 everything is very simple: if you need something like that - just buy and shoot.



All at once

  1. the main thing: The flash supports TTL mode with both heads. For TTL mode on the camera, use the Godox X1 system transmitter (X1T-N, X1T-C, X1T-S etc. depending on the system: Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.), or system transmitters GODOX X PRO
  2. There is support for high-speed synchronization. Can be shot even at shutter speeds of 1/8000 s
  3. power 200 watts, guide number 52/60 (depending on the head)
  4. there is protection against overheating (approximately 40 flashes with a conventional head and 60 flashes with a head with an open lamp at full power)
  5. the main thing: The flash has a modular design. It consists of the main monoblock and interchangeable heads
  6. The flash comes in a stylish fabric case. The case has a handle and a harness for the belt. The cover of the case conveniently swings open to gain access to the scope of delivery. On the inside, the lid has an additional mesh compartment, which closes with a regular zipper
  7. at the first opening of the case there is a terrible smell of burning rubber. After a couple of days, the smell disappears. Most likely this is due to the very cheap material from which I make a case and / or shipping seals for parts from the delivery
  8. the package includes the main candy bar, a battery with a white dummy plate for contacts, a charger, a power cord for the charger, an umbrella / flash holder (also known as rack mounts), an ordinary head, a bayonet head for lamps and an open lamp itself
  9. monoblock weighty. The weight of the unit with a head and battery is almost 900 grams. All parts from the delivery are well assembled.
  10. a battery for 2900 milliamps of hours and 14.4 volts, designed for 500 full pulses. Recharge is short-lived. The charger has a diode indicator of the charge level of 20-50-80-100%. It’s important that the flash display shows the battery level. Sorry, flash can not work from the network.
  11. at 1/1, the flash recharges a little over two seconds. Of course there is a sound alert about reloading. The sound level can be adjusted in the menu. You can configure automatic shutdown after 30, 60 or 90 minutes
  12. control is carried out using a small contrast display and several buttons. You can deal with the settings and functions of the buttons quickly enough without delving into the jungle of instructions
  13. the usual head has an additional diode backlight
  14. the open lamp head has a bayonet mount compatible with peripherals for Godox Witstro AD360
  15. monoblock has two standard tripod sockets for vertical or horizontal installation. The head with an open lamp has another same socket
  16. on the all-in-one there is a jack 2.5 connector for wire synchronization, Micro USB for firmware upgrade, and another port for the radio Godox FTR-16
  17. the flash heads are shifted to the side, and not extended to themselves. Head fixation is reliable
  18. the head with a lamp has an additional fixture for nozzles, such as soft boxes, etc.
  19. main head without zoom adjustment with 35 mm zoom

The AD200 is a fairly popular solution, and many photographers have been using this system for a long time. Anyone who has an interesting experience with this flash - please, unsubscribe in the comments.

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Comments: 21, on the topic: Review GODOX WITSTRO AD200

  • anonym

    One of the most successful products from this company (on a par with the AD600BM), is pleased with the versatility of the flash, the ability to combine two pieces into one more powerful one (thus buying only two AD200s we get as two sources of 200j or one for 400j thanks to a special adapter).
    There are a huge number of accessories for this flash, but I think the company will not develop it anymore, but it will deal with pump out money by releasing its PRO series, which becomes unavailable for a budget photographer

  • Novel

    I’m thinking about a couple of such puffs.

    http://flashhavoc.com/flashpoint-evolv-200-ad200-round-head-announced/ - additional "round" head with a set of accessories
    http://flashhavoc.com/flashpoint-evolv-200-ad200-round-head-announced/ - the set of accessories itself
    http://flashhavoc.com/flashpoint-godox-s-r1-round-head-accessory-adapter-announced/ - an adapter for using it with other flashes (I think, including those with a bulb-head).
    Plus an optional cable that allows you to separate the head and body of the flash. Very comfortably.

    In terms of outbreaks, Godox really squeezed the yonga by going the right way, developing a unified set of radio transmitters and their own accessories. Just one set of folding softboxes and an adapter on Bowens is worth it.

  • Alexey de Paris

    Interesting stuff! Something new.

  • anonym

    is this a review? in my opinion this is advertising ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Well no. Why do you think so?

  • Novel

    And not so much can be added. I was interested in this outbreak at the time, now I went through the reviews once again and, in general, everything is in the resume. The same can be stated with more water.

    What else is worth mentioning. 200 joules is like three full-size large flash units like the SB800 or 600EX-RT. You can compete with the sun. There is a special attachment for two of these Bowens mount flash units. Flashes with their head removed are inserted into the nozzle, two lamps are inserted there, and a brick with a power of 400J is obtained. Enough to fill a large octobox and shoot a full-length portrait on a sunny day. And all this is on batteries.

    This flash is a smaller 360 joule version of the AD360, for which there is an even more terrifying four-flash solution. Lots of light.

    There are (currently) four interchangeable heads for the AD200. Two are included - a regular one with a cylindrical lamp and a rectangular reflector (there is a set of nozzles for it) and a bare lamp (actually not bare, the outer surface is ordinary glass, the lamp is inside). The second head is better suited for softboxes and octoboxes. It can also be used for umbrellas, but with a reflector so that there is no splash of light. The third replaceable head is round, with frosted glass in front. For her there is just a luxurious set of attachments - snut, grid, curtains, conversion filters, gobos. And a fourth head for constant light with 24 LEDs. It will be very convenient to use for video recording. The first three heads have several LEDs for modeling light (!!!), however, about BULB it is necessary to clarify. The light is not very bright, but in the dark it is enough for focusing and for determining the cut-off pattern. What other on-camera flash can boast of this? Well, and a nozzle for combining two flashes into one, which I mentioned above.

  • Novel

    What else ... There is a special “extension cord” for the head - a rather thick cord of almost two meters in length, which allows you to spread the main unit and the flash head - with a shoe (you need to check - hot or cold) and a rotation function. As a result, the compact head can be hung on the camera, and the body can be kept, for example, in a pocket - you get an on-camera flash. Well, or find a number of other uses.

    The battery is removable, it charges in three hours. There are rumors about a special adapter that would allow this flash to work from the network. If not Godox, then someone else will definitely think of it.

    In one of the reviews complained about the connectors under the tripod, the flash, wound on the thread, can walk due to not very good performance. Therefore, it is much more reliable to place it in a standard Godox-Bowens adapter for on-camera flashes, it fits in it (though, back to back).

    The solution is very interesting, one such brick can always be carried with you in a photo bag as a universal flash, with two and a set of attachments you can solve a huge variety of photo problems. There is enough power, there is a radio, TTL is accurate. The price, of course, bites, but given the modularity and power - a purchase for a year. There are spare lamps, spare batteries, the investment is justified.

  • Koba

    An expensive flash, but very good, China with an additional battery costs $ 300, but according to my personal observation, at least domestically, that is, China is very popular, I often saw it on the street, during various events, although for me personally it is even a gift not needed, a regular flash with a guide number of about 55-60 with high-speed sync can replace it. But looking at the Internet, you can make sure that this flash is definitely praised in the reviews. On the other hand, for this one flash you can buy 3 top flashes of the same company or other Chinese analogs, with a synchronizer included ...

    • Novel

      Power. In the afternoon, the power of the three top flashes together may not be enough. Or, where this one puffs without a break for 1/8, the top one will recharge for a few seconds by 1/1. Well, modularity.

      Honestly, I already regret a little that I got a pair of YN600EX-RT at the time. It was necessary to take Godox. The yongs are moving toward the lenses; they have sintered in the flash market.

    • lech

      By the way, I also noticed the Chinese love for this kind of puff, even if they do not live in China. They plant Gary Fong diffusers, put on a synchronizer and bomb.

  • anonym

    And where is the review?

  • Paul

    IMHO does not make sense, at a price almost the same as AD600BM and if you do not need TTL, then it is better to take it with a normal Bowens mount, and not this mini constructor. This is an overspeedlight - a non-monoblock.

    • Novel

      Well, the price is not the same, but almost doubled. And two and a half times by weight. And from the two I will assemble a candy bar with Bowens, and two light sources are always better than one.

      Monoblock - what is it, first of all? This is the power for big modifiers in the studio. Well, or on the road, if you have a staff of assistants. Because a monoblock needs a large stand, even if there is only one reflector from the equipment. And if I'm alone and I just need a powerful light source for daytime shooting and a small softbox - 60x60 there or 60x90 maximum - is it enough for a full-length portrait? I'll take off my head and put the heavy block on the ground - no longer needed

      For example, I like it even more than the AD360 in terms of the set of parameters. And judging by the number of approving reviews, I'm not the only one. Yes, a special tool solves the problem better, and a universal one - more, which is what an amateur needs. Here I bought my wife a ring light for her video and took one that has a connector for batteries from Sony cameras. In the implementation for a penny manufacturer, but I have an excellent light source with a dimer, which I can also make mobile.

  • Novel

    In general, it’s sad, of course, that extra-class specialists, who distinguish photos from CCD and CMOS matrices for taste and smell, pay little attention to such applied nonsense as photo light. : D

  • anonym

    bought on ebey 17 thousand paid .... happy without measure, nowhere without it, gorgeous thing

    • Eugene

      to the question of the need for such a flash, I think that there is no need to return, this is already clear, the thing is simply amazing, I have this question ... how to remove this unnecessary modeling light, as soon as you turn on the puff with a flat head, it turns on automatically, I saw on some site how they removed it, or rather turned it off, but ... ... I don't remember where this site is, that's actually all

  • anonym

    Either I'm lucky or China is China. After several months of use, the head began to misfire under the open lamp. Then it stopped working altogether. I put it on the shelf and forgot it for several months. Recently I tried it, it works again ... But I think it's not for long. Hike a factory marriage.

  • Andrey

    You can buy godox ad200 in Ukraine here

  • Alexander

    At the end of 2019, the YN-200 appeared

  • Alexey

    And why do they write that it fits Sony, Kenon, Nikon, but what doesn’t fit Panasonic mirrorless?

    • Viktre

      You “etc.” did not bother?

      Suitable for Panasonic, with the appropriate transmitter.

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