Godox ThinkLite TT685c Flash Review (FP Flashpoint ZOOM R2 C TTL) + Promotion

According provided by Flash Godox ThinkLite TT685c many thanks to the store Bigggsale, where can buy this flash.

Godox ThinkLite TT685c

Godox ThinkLite TT685c

On the review, I already had a similar flash - Godox Ving V860IIc, which is an upgrade of the Godox ThinkLite TT685c version from this review. Therefore, I will not do a separate detailed review on the Godox ThinkLite TT685c, but only indicate the differences that I found between the flashes.

  1. Godox TT685c uses AA batteries / rechargeable batteries. Godox V860IIc can use only the original battery supplied (or any other compatible Godox).
  2. У Godox V860IIc port layout has changed under the rubber plug, the battery cover has changed
  3. Godox TT685c uses a connector for synchronization Jack 3.5, While V860IIc the connector decreased and became jack 2.5
  4. Godox TT685c is connector for additional powerlocated under the red panel Godox V860IIc This connector was removed (apparently, having calculated that the battery power is enough). This would seem a trifle, but for users who are building a small home studio this difference can be extremely significant
  5. Godox TT685c does not have a battery indicator, but in Godox V860IIc, due to the use of the battery, there is quite accurate battery level indicator
  6. flashes come in boxes of different sizes and with different equipment, since the V860IIc still needs a place for a charger, and the instructions for the charger and the charger itself, which consists of a unit and a power cord, appeared in the delivery set
  7. Godox TT685c on 20 grams lighter, rather than Godox V860IIc
  8. Godox TT685c has an additional custom function C.FN 'ID' - wireless control identifier, which can take values ​​from 1 to 99 or 'OFF'. Have Godox V860IIc This function has been removed. This feature is useful when paired with radio synchronizers such as Godox X PRO
  9. The Godox TT685c has an optional C.FN 'Sv LED' custom function that can be set to either 'OFF' or 'ON'. Have Godox V860IIc This function has been removed. The function turns on or off the two red indicator lights that blink in remote control mode and indicate flash activity and readiness
  10. V860IIc worth expensivesince the kit comes with a battery and charger
  11. Godox V860IIc also sold under brand / name Flashpoint ZOOM LI-ON R2 C TTLand Godox ThinkLite TT685c under the brand / name FP Flashpoint ZOOM R2 C TTL
  12. Godox TT685c introduced June 27, 2015. Model V860IIc was presented February 23, 2016 and is more new flash

During practical use, I could not notice any significant differences in the operation of flashes. But still, one thing was felt: reload time Godox TT685c had significantly more than with Godox Ving V860IIc. I used a Godox TT685c with good rechargeable batteries. Panasonic eneloop AA 1900mAhthat were charged using an advanced charger La Crosse BC1000. Battery Advantage Godox Ving V860IIc was on the face.

Godox ThinkLite TT685c

Godox ThinkLite TT685c

In my review, I got a Godox TT685c flash with the latest firmware Ver. 3.3. While creating a review Godox Ving V860IIc I was unable to update the flash software. But, as it turned out, to make it work, Godox G1 Utility need to install in compatibility mode with Window Vista. Before starting the installation program, change the Compatibility setting in the program properties. This shouldn't be a problem for macOS users.

Godox g1

Small manipulations for installing Godox G1 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating systems

Godox g1

Godox G1 correctly understands the connection of the TT685c

Godox g1

Godox G1 Utility Updated Firmware for Godox TT685c Flash

You can download the utility and the latest firmware from the official site at this link.


Godox ThinkLite TT685c can be easily found on AliExpress, for example, here. The cost usually ranges from 100 to 120 dollars, depending on the configuration. The Chinese like to add different trifles to the kit.

Godox ThinkLite TT685c

Godox ThinkLite TT685c


Shop BigggsaleThe person who submitted this outbreak for review is conducting an action where can win Godox ThinkLite TT685C (for Canon EOS) or Godox ThinkLite TT685N (for Nikon). The essence of the action is simple:

  • subscribe to the store page on the social network Facebook. link to the page
  • fill out the form. Link to the questionnaire
  • the promotion runs from 04.12.2018/12.12.2018/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX
  • the winner is randomly selected
  • the winner can choose the flash model - for Nikon or Canon

Details, please specify in the store group.

Godox ThinkLite TT685c

Godox ThinkLite TT685c


Godox Ving V860IIc and Godox ThinkLite TT685c are very similar to each other. Which of these two flashes to choose, by and large, is determined by the choice between using a battery or four batteries. I advise you to definitely look into the review Godox Ving V860IIc.

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Comments: 31, on the topic: Godox ThinkLite TT685c Flash Review (FP Flashpoint ZOOM R2 C TTL) + Promotion

  • Olga Makukha

    Good afternoon! “Godox TT685c had significantly longer recycle times” - is that more or less?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Fixed The flash on the TT685 recharges longer than the V860ii

      • Sergei

        There is a difference of one and a half seconds

  • Lynx

    It is not entirely clear - will the drawing be only for Ukraine or will it be the same for Russia?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Acts worldwide. Delivery will be carried out worldwide at the expense of the store.

  • Nicholas

    Gentlemen, what can I say - https://goo.gl/QEx5Yw The price for puffing on ALiExpress is $ 113. I wonder who will buy it there without a guarantee and it is generally not clear whether it will come or not. What is the use of this product even a review ??

    • Arkady Shapoval

      For example, you can leave a comment under this review. At least already for this

  • koba

    There are so many people in the world who use this company's flashes, they work very well and reliably, and they are cheap, what else is needed? By the way, aliexpress is preparing for the transition to 5-day deliveries of goods to Russia and in general to other countries too. According to some statistics, in China itself, this company sells more than 200 thousand flashes a year, and if they did not work on local online platforms, users would simply yawn the company (and the average price for this product was 4,8, which indicates a very high position from users), everything is open here and without a sales rating, the product simply cannot be sold in more or less normal quantities. Personally, I was also going to buy it, but after I picked up another Chinese flash Pixel n800 Pro, I settled on it, it is made better than this flash, and it has been working for several months almost without a single miss and a single problem. By the way, Godokh produces a whole line of prof. outbreaks, including the AD series, from which even the pros balde ...

    • Sergei

      Maybe pixel X800 pro?

  • zengarden

    For Fuji not being played out? it's a pity…

  • Valentine

    A lot of worthy outbreaks have appeared over the past three years. True, the very cheap material base is not the best, reliability suffers. Higher quality ones are more expensive, but sometimes the price comes to second-hand relatives. Native Nikon, Canon, alternative Nissin and such a plan, while remaining more interesting, thought out in detail (from quick locks, to control and operating modes).

  • Igor

    I have such a flash for nikon. Great machine!
    Chose between the 860th and 650th. The choice was inclined towards universal batteries / accumulators.
    Although the rate of fire of the 860th is still impressive. Sometimes I think of taking the second puff of the 860th for reporting.

  • Eugene

    I have one for Sony. I took it on Ali for 6000 rubles with delivery to the apartment. The a6000 looked pretty funny (the flash is larger than the camera). On a7m2 just right. Flashing cool, with the appropriate settings in almost complete darkness allows you to shoot like in the afternoon. But the batteries are eating fast, I had to order a set of batteries from there.

  • Vera

    I have been using it for a year (more than a hundred commercial shootings), a version for Nikon. Everything is working fine, nothing was loose, it wasn’t erased. It looks like new.

  • Alexander

    Today I bought this flash for Nikon D90. I read the instructions. I think I’ll figure out the settings. I have a Godox ThinkLite TT685N first external flash.

  • Alexander

    With an external flash, what do we choose for white balance? Auto? Flash?

    • Igor

      BB is the same as without a flash. A flash only adds light.
      But you need to look at what surroundings are around. If, for example, there is a lot of yellow around (some school gym), and the flash gives white light, then the faces may have a crimson-cyanotic color.
      To do this, you need to put on a yellow filter in a puff and puff a yellow light, so that everything is in one key.
      Then, fix it in the BB editor and everything will be balanced symmetrically.

  • Alexey

    Please tell me, is the cable for additional power supplied? If not, where can I buy it?

    • Erkin

      No. The cable is supplied only with the external power supply itself.

  • Igor

    What is the color temperature of this flash?

    • Novel

      Yes 5600 like everyone else. Specifications write 5600 + - 200, but the central heating station walks with power usually.

  • Alexander

    I bought a flash for d7000. Does not show "zoom" on the flash in auto zoom mode, also does not show the effective focal length. Although the automatic zoom works. Updated to the latest version. The glitch remained. Who can tell if this is a marriage or not full compatibility with my camera

    • Alexey

      Absolutely the same story. D5600.
      The camera does not see it when installed, to the above - the rear curtain sync is not displayed. Although it works in iTTL without errors.
      We can, incompatible in something?

  • Vadym

    Will she be able to operate from the built-in flash on Nikon?

  • Oleg

    Here's the question, I recently bought a tt680N model, everything is great in exposure mode in slow sync mode, but as soon as I switch to HSS I immediately catch wild overexposures, who knows what could be the reason?

  • Ravil

    I use tt685 for nikon. I work with two puffs and with a synronizer x1t. Recently updated the firmware. Everything is working. Very satisfied. I compare it with sb910, I think it is not a little worse technically, but even better functionally.
    I have only one question. Who knows for sure: where to put the stress in the word godox? Godox or Godox?

  • Oksana

    Tell me if the Godox TT685C Flash will work on Canon EOS 2000D &

    • Novel

      Judging by the fact that the new firmware version 3.4 was released specifically to fix errors on the 2000D / 4000D, yes, it should work, despite the lack of a central contact.

  • Shanik

    Good afternoon. Come on, be weasel. Chi is guilty of sleeping TT685N. Wake up in sleeping with D90. With all the necessary adjustments, instructions, nothing to be seen, sleeping is not done remotely.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, it should. Make sure the group and channel are correct

      • Shanik

        Dyakuyu. 100 times reversal. In the manul mode (s1), the igniter is driven, and in the TTL mode, it is the fuse. So I'll go to the store. Bo all thinking here can be a secret "tick".

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