Review I-90U 4/75

Small review of small medium format lens for medium format magnifiers.

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

In short

И-90U 4/75 (Иndustar) - a lens for Soviet photographic enlargers. The lens does not have a focusing ring, which makes it difficult to use it as a photo lens. I-90U 4/75 can be easily turned into a macro lens, which, in fact, is interesting. The resolution of the instance from this review on digital SLR cameras with a small number of megapixels was rather weak.

Important: I-90U 4/75 does not have a focusing ring. It is impossible to focus with this lens in the usual sense of the word. The lens is always focused at a certain distance, for the Nikon / Canon flange focal length and is set with a conventional adapter the lens is 'focused to infinity'. The flange is about 60 mm. It is very convenient to use the I-90U 4/75 s macro rings.

With focusing helicoid this lens can be made to work in the usual mode (with the focus ring), including the ability to focus at infinity and control the focus in the usual way.

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Main technical characteristics of I-90U 4/75:

Review Instance Name I-90U 4/75 810902 with the LZOS logo
Basic properties
  • У - lens for photoУmagnifiers.
  • M39 - widespread landing thread 'M39'
  • aperture control ring
  • enlightened optics
  • metal case
  • lack of a focus ring and a thread for filters
  • compact size, light weight
  • very low cost
Front Filter Diameter the lens cannot use classic filters that are screwed into the thread near the front lens
Focal length 75 mm
Zoom ratio 1 x
Designed by For photo enlargers with a frame size of 60 cm X 60 cm
Number of aperture blades 10 petals, matte petals, poorly blackened. Form a fairly regular 10-coal hole
Tags only a scale with aperture values ​​of F / 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16.

for convenient operation, the aperture scale on the lens body is duplicated three times

Diaphragm from f / 4 to f / 16. The iris control ring rotates with clicks in the indicated values.
MDF no exact data
The weight 70 g (approximately)
Optical design 4 elements in 3 groups, 'Industar / Tessar' type scheme

The lens does not use special optical elements in its optical design. The same optical scheme is used by many other lenses.

Lens hood The lens does not use a lens hood
Manufacturer country USSR, LZOS - Lytkarino optical glass plant, Lytkarino
Instructions Not found
Period With 1978 year
Price About 5 cu for used option.

You can see the prices of modern macro lenses here.

I bought this lens for less than $ 5. It is very easy to use as a macro lens with any modern digital cameras with interchangeable lenses.

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Sample Photos

On camera Canon Digital Rebel XTi (aka Canon EOS 400D Digital, aka Canon EOS Kiss Digital X) I used a lens with two adapters: M42-Canon EOS + M39-M42. Photos were taken using manual macro rings 'M42' different thickness.

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

On camera Nikon D80 I used a lens with two adapters: M42-Nikon F + M39-M42. Photos were taken using manual macro rings 'M42' different thickness.

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

I-90U 4/75

A lot of information on working with manual lenses with any modern Nikon cameras will find here, any Canon EOS cameras will find here.

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Other lenses from photo enlargers (U)


  1. INDUSTRAR 22U-1 1: 3,5 F = 50mm П | LZOS | 8 petals
  2. I-22U 1: 3,5 F = 50mm П | KOMZ | 10 petals
  3. I23U 4,5 / 110 | LZOS | medium format | 6 petals
  4. I-26m-U 2,8 / 52 | FED | 10 petals
  5. I50U-3,5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  6. I50U 3,5 / 50 | LZOS | 6 petals
  7. I50U 3,5 / 50 | NGO 'Optics' | 6 petals
  8. I50U-1 3,5 / 50 | LZOS | 6 petals
  9. И50У-1 1:3,5 F=50мм П | LZOS | 8 petals
  10. INDUSTRAR-55U 140 / 4.5 | MMZ | medium format | 9 petals | reader review
  11. INDUSTRAR-58 3,5 / 75 | MMZ | medium format | 9 petals | reader review
  12. I-90U 4/75 | LZOS | medium format | 10 petals
  13. I96U-3.5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  14. I96U 3,5 / 50 H-22 | NGO 'Optics' | 6 petals
  15. I96U-H-22-3,5/50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  16. I96U-1 3,5 / 50 | FOZ | 6 petals
  17. I-100U 4/110 | LZOS | medium format | 10 petals | reader note


  1. VEGA-11U 2.8/50 | AOMZ | zebra | 12 petals
  2. VEGA-11U 2,8/50 | LZOS | black | 12 petals
  3. VEGA-11U 3/54 | MMZ | black | 12 petals
  4. VEGA-5U 4/105 | AOMZ | medium format | 6 petals
  5. VEGA-5U 4/105 | MMZ | medium format | 6 petals
  6. VEGA-22CA 5,6/103 | MMZ | medium format | 6 petals | reader's review


  1. Mikar / s 4,5 / 55 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 5 petals
  2. Emitar / s 4,5 / 80 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 5 petals
  3. Amar 4,5 / 105 | PZO WARSZAWA | Made in Poland | 6 petals


  1. LZOS - Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant, Lytkarino
  2. KOMZ - Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant, Kazan
  3. MMZ - Minsk Mechanical Plant named after S.I. Vavilova
  4. FOZ - Theodosia Optical Plant
  5. AOMZ - Azov Optical and Mechanical Plant, Azov
  6. NPO Optika - Optics Research and Production Association, Moscow
  7. FED - Kharkov Engineering Plant 'FED' (F. E. Dzerzhinsky)

The names of the lenses are clearly indicated according to the marks on the case.

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

Industar 90U 75 mm F4

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Industar 90U 75 mm F4

I-90U 4/75 lens on the camera Canon Digital Rebel XTi in silver with one macro ring 'M42' 14 mm thick and two adapters: adapter ring M39-M42 + adapter ring M42-Canon EOS

Material prepared Arkady Shapoval. Please, if this material was useful to you, help my project. And don't forget that everyone can write your review for one or another photographic equipment.

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Comments: 18, on the topic: Overview of I-90U 4/75

  • Lynx

    Weak. Both for printing and for macro.

  • SVRD

    Thanks for the interesting review.

  • Alexey de Paris

    The lens is very good optically for its price.

  • Michael

    D80 in color and the lens pattern is unique.

  • anonym

    I have such wishes for the I-61 case with infinity. The contrast is not very, attached a hood to death. Sharpness at infinity, even on covered apertures, is not very. And for a good play.

    • anonym

      Wishes - attached. Auto parts on the phone.

    • Rodion

      I tried to attach Industar-58U to the camera - an excellent lens, I really liked it at one time. There are no problems with the sharpness, the picture is very pleasant, especially at short distances.

  • Sergey Moscow

    The Tessar scheme is somewhat limited for universal use, therefore these lenses for magnifiers are calculated for a 1: 5 scale.
    And then, they give the optimum quality at aperture 8.
    If you want a higher quality for the same money, I advise you to pay attention to the Vega scheme (5 lenses). Vega-5U, Vega-11U and, especially, Vega-30U.
    The latter was developed later taking into account the increased requirements. But it is mandatory to use a hood and side beam limiters in the back of the lens when shooting on crop.

    • Rodion

      It was Vega-11, for the sake of interest I compared it with Vega-3, similar in characteristics to the main ones. As a result, it turned out that the ancient treshka is much sharper than the 80s of the Vegas-11U.
      I tried Vegu-5, really good. There is little information about Vega-30, one lance club - and even then the card is almost empty, one and a half photos in the reviews.

  • Victor

    In the era of classical photography, I had this lens. Used for its intended purpose - printed photographs from negatives 60 x 60 mm. I don’t presume to talk about its characteristics, tk. there was nothing to compare with at that time (foreign optics were rare). As for the diaphragm during operation, I also cannot argue, tk. I have always printed with TIS, where diaphragm is not necessary in principle.

  • zengarden

    Thanks for the review! Yes, a budget FU lens or, as they say now, a “gag”.

    PS. Before the table, the heading "Basic technical characteristics of I96U-3.5 / 50" instead of I-90U 4/75

  • Yuri Molchanov

    Great photos and a very interesting review! I will adopt this approach. Previously, I would not have paid attention to such a lens and threw it away.
    Thank you so much to Arkady!

  • Alexey

    You, Arkady well done. Manage to make decent photos and for every r, albeit with a sign of quality.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thank you

  • dima krutov

    that is, it cannot be used as a photographic lens - there is no focusing (focusing ring), but how to use the helicoid that is inside the lens for focusing - х З

  • Sergei

    Every time when something old from photographic equipment falls into my hands, I probably know that I will find all the necessary information from you. Thank you for your tremendous work. )

  • York

    The review is excellent, and in general a very good resource is obtained on any alternative glass.
    Arkady - many thanks!

    ... And the lens really is UG ... No drawing, no resolution, no reshast ...

  • SK

    An excellent photo lens for the price. And by the way, he quite calmly covers the 6 × 7 frame. And it turns out very conveniently, you do not need to lift the magnifier too much for high magnifications.

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