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Canva Editor

Canva Editor

In this article I would like to present a review on a fairly simple and convenient graphical editor Canva... In addition to the main focus of the service - the creation of design projects, such as the development of a Youtube channel design, a cover for a book, a post for a social network, the designer has decent tools for processing photos. The functionality of the service includes cropping an image, applying various filters, changing parameters such as contrast, brightness, saturation, blur, adding elements and captions to the photo.

Unlike many professional editors like PhotoShop, working in the service does not require user preparation, the interface is intuitive, the functions are simple, the result is applied to the image without delay. And although the service does not have tools for pixel processing, like the aforementioned PhotoShop, the editor can easily cope with the task of “cosmetic” photo processing.

Benefits of Canva Photo Processing

1. The main advantage, of course, is worth noting simplicity and usability designer tools. Just upload the image to the editor, select it and you will have access to all the functionality for working with the illustration on the top panel of the window. Filters impose a set of predefined parameters on the image, and if you want to work out a more detailed picture, you should look in the “Customize” section. In it you can change the effect of blurring the picture, adjust the cross-process and brightness, adjust the hue and saturation of the color gamut. In addition, the editor allows you to add text labels and elements in which the font, color, blur can be changed as desired.

Canva Editor

Canva Editor

2. Availability of the editor anywhere and anytime - this is another positive point for many users. Through the mobile app, you can edit while inspired from your device. The functionality of the mobile version practically does not differ from the capabilities of the browser analog. Canva is available for download on GooglePlay and AppleStore platforms.

3. Many amateur photographers will appreciate the automatic save editing history existing in the constructor. Thanks to it, there is no need to worry about the loss of the Internet connection or other reasons for the "crash" of the program. All you need is to register in the service and work for your own pleasure, because all the developments and history are saved in your account.

4. An additional feature of the designer is team editing feature, which allows you to make changes to the project to multiple users simultaneously. You can invite friends and work in sharing mode. This feature is more entertaining in nature, but it can be a nice plus for socially active users.

5. On the issue of social activity - since its inception in 2012, the service has gained significant popularity, becoming a kind of platform for like-minded people, because the service developers have provided the opportunity to share your work in almost any social network and within the editor community.

The designer has enough positive points to try it in his work. The quality of images is not lost when loading, the modern interface adds to its attractiveness and distinguishes it from similar analogues.

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Comments: 10, on the topic: Editor Canva. Article from the reader of Radozhiva

  • Alexander

    Sorry, but this is not serious at all. Slightly poorer settings can be made by the camera itself, much richer - by the manufacturer's free software. There are now subscriptions like Adobe Cloud, powerful free and paid software for smartphones, free RawTherapee, and "shareware" Lightroom, Photoshop, Captur One, etc. Everyone is capable of learning at least the basics of any of this software, it's just a matter of laziness, now there are a lot of educational articles and video materials, for example, on the “photo-monster”. Canva is nothing more than a toy to try.

    • zengarden

      So this is an online editor, and not a separate software.

    • BB

      Yes, but for a smartphone there is, for example, Photoshop light, with good functionality

    • Jeanne

      Why is the quality of the photo lost after uploading to Instagram? What needs to be done so that the quality remains in hd? Thank you in advance for your response

      • anonym

        Because social networks pinch your photos to save free space on their servers.
        Try uploading photos in a different format - not in jpg, but in png or dng.
        VK, for example png allows you to download, but does not compress since jpg.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the review! Although the usefulness of such an editor is minimal. Some ACDSee or native program offers no less opportunities and they are also simple. Only a browser form with an account is of interest, for someone it will be convenient

  • forumrecon

    faststone image viewer from free software with more advanced functionality (for some reason few people know and use about it)

    • Valentine

      Many people know, it's just that in any case, the viwers category. That is, viewers with expanded functionality (curves, light-shadows-contrast-saturation, sharpness, angle, etc.). Accordingly, they are suitable for selection, batch resizing and renaming, evaluating a histogram, uploading to other programs, but you should not use them for editing. It is better to immediately learn to work with the right tool, otherwise a lot of time will be spent reinventing the bicycle. Disadvantages of such solutions: 1) there is no possibility of simultaneous work with different instruments (only sequential); 2) there is no history of changes and the ability to roll back; 3) a toolkit of a rather crude action (as a result, a knowledgeable person will spend more time on editing, and a non-knowledgeable person will make a hard edit); 4) there are no masks, no layers or their imitation (formally not in ACR, but in fact they are embedded in tools). It's even easier: try to bring the exposure back to normal, adjust the balance, adjust the contrast, and also remove a couple of pimples - it will be clear how much easier and more accurate this can be done in a graphics editor than in a viewer.

      • Jeanne

        Why is the quality of the photo lost after uploading to Instagram? What needs to be done so that the quality remains in hd? Thank you in advance for your response

    • Alexey

      Great thing, I've been using it for about 5 years to view raw from memory cards. Saves when you need to correct a photo in 5 seconds)

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