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  1. Denis

    Good day.
    I use canon 500D, a year ago I got myself this new lens.
    A year has passed - the diaphragm has stopped changing. At some point I photographed it completely open, and so it remained on it. Can someone tell me how best to proceed? take it to the workshop or try to disassemble it yourself. What could be connected with? jammed?
    As for the lens itself, questions as a photo did not arise. Colors are good. Sharpness was always enough. Photos are mainly from the category of food photos, for leisurely shooting. Although sometimes a child photographed a running man. There were no questions on the focus, and on the whole, everything was fine.


    • Alexander

      Most likely, oil has gotten on the aperture blades. The lens is easy to disassemble, at least MKI videos on Youtube. The diaphragm on the latches, I washed the petals with technical alcohol, completely changed the lubricant. There should be very little lubrication.


      • US6IBD

        When I bought a second-hand Helios-81N, its petals were in oil, but the diaphragm worked, albeit much later than the shutter. If it is open all the time, then the problem is probably not in the oil. Although you can try and figure it out yourself.


  2. Arkady Shapoval

    It just so happens that I have used almost all Yongnuo lenses. Added YouTube videos for all Yongnuo lenses (generations, lineups, etc.)


  3. Oleg

    I'll tell you about my “experience” with this lens model.
    A few days ago I tried to buy this lens, I wanted a simple and inexpensive full-frame camera.
    The first one I found on the olkh in a new and inexpensive state, the lens arrived at the NP department for olkh delivery. I came with my carcass, I liked the lens in terms of sharpness on the open, surprisingly not so noisy, and in general it is quite suitable for such money.

    But ... if you focus on an object closer than 0.7m on the distance scale, then the focusing does not go back towards infinity, and the lens does not emit any sounds, such as the operation of the motor. At the same time, focusing is activated in the direction of decreasing the distance to the subject. It is worth switching to manual focusing mode and moving the ring further 0.7m and switching back to AF mode - it starts spinning towards infinity. Obviously, the lens did not take away.

    I decided to buy a new one, he arrived and it turned out that he had the same problem. All this despite the fact that there are no problems with Canon's own fifty-kopeck piece (and with other lenses as well). The store offered a replacement, but considering 2 unsuccessful attempts in a row, decided to abstain, the store returned the money, for which special thanks.
    These are the pies.


    • Alexey

      Xs. There were mainly sigma and tamron. Native glass was recently taken. The camera and the glass seemed to have found each other ... In all respects. Even because the camera sees what kind of glass is worn on it ... It's a trifle, but nice ...


  4. Alexey

    Correct afto-focus and on occasions. In one paragraph.


  5. Yura

    Hello, where can I get the firmware?


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