Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6. Review from the reader Radozhiva

Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6 review specifically for Radozhiva, prepared Alexey Ovoshchnikov.

Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6

Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6

Good afternoon, my name is Alexey Ovoshchnikov. Here i am on alii.pub/6alpff" target="_blank" title=". Here i am on Facebook... In this quick review, I will introduce you to this lens and show you its capabilities on an APS-C digital camera. The Minolta AF 70-210 F 4.5-5.6 was introduced in 1993 and is designed for a full frame “A” mount. This lens can be used on any Sony digital camera without any restrictions, and the built-in image stabilizer will work. Also, this device will work on cameras of the Sony NEX series and also on the Sony A7 through appropriate proprietary adapter. In the review, I use this lens in conjunction with the Sony A700 semi-professional camera with an APS-C sensor of 12.2 megapixels. All the time testing and shooting a pair of camera + this lens worked perfectly, without any errors and compatibility problems.

Main characteristics
Lens type ………………….… Telephoto zoom
Focal length………….…. 70 - 210mm on full frame and 105 - 315mm on APS-C
Zoom ratio .............................. 3x
Aperture ………………… .. …… .. F4.5 - F5.6
Minimum aperture …………. F22 (27)
Mount …………… ………… .. Minolta A
Auto Focus ....... there is (through the motor inside the camera)
Viewing angle (in full frame) ... .. 34 deg. (at 70 mm FR and 12 degrees at 210 mm FR)
MDF .............. …………………… 1.1 m
Maximum increase: …………. 1: 3.85 (0.26 ×)
Lens hood ……………………………… original with snap fastener
Number of elements / groups of elements ... .. 10/10 (optical pattern)
The number of aperture blades …………… 7
Thread diameter for the filter ...................... 49 mm
The lens does not have special protection against dust and moisture.
Dimensions (D x L) …………………… .69 x 93 mm
Weight ……………………………. …… .350 g

Everything is clear here, Minolta AF 70-210 F 4.5-5.6 is a simple compact and initially affordable full-frame telephoto lens. The body is made of lightweight plastic, but the bayonet is metal. The lens is made in Japan. It has been produced since 1993 and was replaced by an updated (optically identical) version in 1999. For a more visual demonstration of the size in the photo next to the lens, the battery SONY NP-FM500H.

Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6

Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6

Ease of use and autofocus

The zoom ring is comfortable, has a sufficient width, rotates smoothly without jerking, has a rubber pad. The focus ring rotates very smoothly and also has a comfortable rubber pad. During zooming, the front lens of the lens rotates. When focusing, the front lens rotates and moves back and forth. This makes it difficult to use polarizing filters. There is a lens housing special button to cancel one-touch autofocus. This adds convenience in challenging shooting conditions where refocusing takes a few seconds. For example, this is useful when focusing against light. It is very good that the lens has a convenient focusing distance scale. Distance values ​​are indicated in feet and meters. In general, the lens is assembled well, there are no backlashes, although the lens is quite old. Over time, several specks of dust appeared inside.

Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6

Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6

Purpose and scope

This is a fairly universal full-frame lens; on the APS-C format matrix, the equivalent of the focal length will be 105-315 mm. This is not so convenient due to the loss of a relatively wide angle. The lens is primarily interesting as a budget portrait, can be used as a landscape painter and, of course, as a reportable telephoto with a stabilizer.

At one time, a huge number of these lenses were released and is now sold almost for nothing. The general availability of this device in the secondary market and the good quality of both the picture and the manufacture, as well as the ease of use make this lens quite interesting for amateur photographers. Professionals do not remove such lenses.

Image Quality

Overall, everything is pretty mediocre. The main problem can be called the nature of the picture at an open aperture, the old man noticeably chromatite and colors the picture in blue and violet. The lens is not very sharp. The sharpness is satisfactory. For good sharpness, you need to cover the aperture a little. The lens lathers in the open. On the cropped matrix, there is no vignetting and no sharp drop in sharpness is felt in the corners and edges of the frame. This, of course, is the plus of the full-frame lens on the APS-C matrix. Distortion is normal at all focal lengths and is completely unobtrusive. In the examples, almost everything is shot with the hood installed. Color rendition on Sony A700 cameras is a reason for a long discussion, so see the photo examples, please yourself and write comments to the review. Shot in on-camera JPEG of the highest quality using standard profiles of the Sony A700 camera itself.

Personal experience

I don’t often take pictures with Sony cameras and this lens rarely serves me. This does not mean that he is a bad, just boring dark TV set, yet useful and worthy of several hours of time for writing a short review. Share your impressions in the comments on this lens!

Attention! An important point. I now have a lot of lenses and cameras, different brands and different years on hand. I would like to do some reviews and have prepared a bunch of material for this. But I don’t know, however, where to start. I propose voting in the comments. Here link with a list of lenses. If you have a desire to read a review for a lens that is not on my list, write the model anyway! Suddenly he will interest me!

You will find more reviews from readers of Radozhiva here.

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Comments: 35, on the topic: Minolta AF ZOOM 70-210mm 1: 4.5 (22) -5.6. Review from the reader Radozhiva

  • anonym

    Thanks for the review.
    Radozhiva slipped into a review of old lenses, infa is very subjective and not relevant. No fresh cameras / lenses. It is also very infuriating that for the author of the resource Nikon lenses are almost a standard, but the same Carl Zeiss and Leica are “just excellent lenses”.
    As for me, the resource is no longer relevant.
    However, I am grateful to him for having bought Takumar after reading your review.
    Thanks for all.
    Delete from bookmarks.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Well, Nikon lenses, for me personally, is not a standard, it is most likely your subjective opinion. Otherwise, it is possible that way, but Radozhiva has been prophesying death for about 5 years :)

    • Boris

      No need to explain anything to Comrade Anonymous. I must say thank you for deleting it from the bookmarks, and will no longer write here. Personally, I already do not perceive this resource as a blog, but as an encyclopedia of useful data on optics, cameras, and working methods. And encyclopedias do not age.

    • DmitryK

      Very grateful to Arkady for his site, because I learned a lot for myself.
      I don’t understand Anonymous’s claims - Radozhiv rarely had reviews of really expensive modern photographic equipment.
      This is a site about photography technique that helps develop a sense of beauty.
      This is really an encyclopedia, especially for all (or almost all) Nikon post-film cameras up to 2011-2012 inclusive, as well as for many “screwdriver” lenses.
      In RuNet, there are really very few honest and incorruptible sites impartially covering the news
      photographic equipment. So that without fanaticism. But this is not Arkady’s problem. And Arkady did not position his site as a site covering photonews.
      This is his personal photo blog.
      Another special thanks to Arkady that thanks to his site, newcomers to photography can feel calm in communication. Here they will prompt and advise and will not troll.

    • Н

      The raincoat, as Mr. Arkady calls it, is good because you can see Industar here for 50 rubles on the CANON for 50.000 rubles. Yes, and newcomers also come here Yongi 40 2.8

      • Rodion

        For 150000 r then - and how much is 5Dsr there)

      • Andrei

        It is worse when, on the contrary, interesting lenses are not put on God knows what. There are quite a few manuals that actually make no sense to shoot with low-budget crop cameras; the representativeness of such images is close to zero.

    • Alexander

      I agree with you ... While digital photographic equipment was improving, there was something to review and it was interesting, now, as they say, everything is invented and the new cameras released do not carry anything new, except for the name ... And I think it will continue this way, because nothing new you can't imagine ... The only direction in digital cameras that can and should be improved is the picture quality at high ISO, and even then, this is relative, because it is already normal ... There is no point in reviewing a mirrorless camera, because this is an ordinary soap dish with a large matrix and nothing else ... Besides, they cost so much now that there is no point in them for a wide audience ... And in general, after December 2014, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras and lenses have jumped so much in price that now buying a camera is more of a luxury. than a necessity ... In 2014 I bought a D7100 carcass for 25000 and then, then it was a little expensive ... Now, the current analogue, D7500, costs under one hundred thousand, and salaries remained almost in place ... Although Arkady is sure, or simply does not show that everything is fine with the reviews, in fact, nothing is normal and nobody needs such old glass as this glass ... That is, there is nothing to review about photography there is nothing special to say, everything has been said and told a long time ago ... It makes sense to write about some old lenses that can really be used, but there are not many of them and everything has already been written about them ... , he knows what he wants to get from them ... So, Radozhiv is no longer interesting for a long time, although before, I regularly read reviews here with pleasure ... And now all kinds of crap are being reviewed ... What's the point in it ...? Nothing ... Let's say I'm interested in watching a video about subject shooting, how to shoot certain objects in different lighting conditions, at different angles and in different styles ... What to watch now about photography equipment ...? How was Wi-Fi added to the new camera ...? All manufacturers, as one, with the release of a new camera, describe what excellent quality it has, how quickly it shoots and that I will not miss with it that moment that I could have missed with the previous one ... In fact, this banal market-scam is already in the liver sits and there is nothing new in the new cell, except for the name, producers just need to sell it all in order to get money, and there the grass does not grow ... And this scam will be endless as long as these producers exist ...

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Yes, the new cameras are just good.
        As for readers, readers grow up and always want more :)

      • Alexey de Paris

        Instead of pouring water, you can vote for one of the lenses from my list. And the review will not be for you on the old one)) although the new one will not roll you either. Are you probably a philosopher? ))))

        • Arkady Shapoval

          We don’t get personal, please.

      • First Substation

        "And now such old things as this glass are not needed by anyone ..."

        everything is relative. If this lens costs four thousand four rubles, users of old Sonyes, newcomers to photography, for whom it will become the first television set, will come for it. Happy in many respects is made for such people? They will be grateful for the review and the glass will be interesting to them.
        PS I have a Tamron 18-250 and this "old useless glass" is in great demand for me, it's a pity that focusing in live on d5100

      • Sergos

        how can you imagine anything new? and the upcoming concave matrices? they are already patented

    • Andrei

      "You can see a fool from afar -
      I saw something new and immediately - grab it!
      It is known from time immemorial:
      New items are bread for fools. "

      And by the way, Anonymous, have you updated the toothbrush firmware? Did you find toilet paper with nanocrystals?

  • Alexey de Paris

    Radozhiva is not a commercial information portal such as Yandex Market. Radozhiva is a live site where everyone can take an active part and contribute to the review of photographic equipment. Be it a new 50 megapixel camera or an old lens from a film camera. I did not find a review in Russian on this Minolta lens, as hundreds if not thousands of people had not found it before me. And now there is such a review, and will be slowly supplemented by photographs. For me, the issue of material preparation is also important. When you shoot for a review you yourself raise the bar for quality, but it is worth a lot. Try it and you!

  • B. R. P.

    Anonymous and Radozhiva. Pug and elephant. What barks - he himself does not know.

  • Michael

    Color reproduction is interesting, similar to Konica film

    • B. R. P.

      About Konica - to the point!

  • Alexey

    Thanks for the review!

  • NE

    Alexey, correct pls “by means of a motor inside the camera” to “by means of a motor inside the camera”. Thanks for your review.

    • Arkady Shapoval


  • Volodimir

    I vote for Samyang 650-1300 mm f / 8.0-16.0 IF MC)))

    • Alexey de Paris

      Thank you, this review is the first such comment, which is a little frustrating. The review will definitely be. The lens is waiting in the wings, or rather the day. Have a sunny day in nature! And only a full frame in addition) What will we shoot? On Canon, Nikon, or Sony)) ??

      • Michael

        It was interesting to look at Lake, but you do not have it in the list (

      • Basil

        nikon or sony

  • Adon

    Thanks for the review.
    Personally, I’m very interested in reviews on the heritage of Minolta A mount A. It was on them that I counted on, taking Sonya A-58 to comprehend the basics of photography.

  • decorblindsandshades

    Thank you :)

  • Adon

    I vote for the Spiratone Tc 200 mm f / 4.5
    Interesting beast!

    • Alexey de Paris

      Yes, there will also be a review, by the way I have a slightly different version of this lens. It differs from the one on the site. Such as I did not find there.

  • Max

    Once such a booze has gone ... I certainly understand that the site is mainly devoted to "photographic" lenses, but there are reviews here and all sorts of macro-shmakro-projection. Can you somehow observe the microscopic lenses? Because say, will you open up a new niche in content?

  • Alexey de Paris

    fully support! Nikon has special lenses. Not just macro lenses, but special ones. There are few reviews on them.

  • Victor

    I am a beginner amateur photographer, a senior citizen, and this site helps me understand the wisdom of photography. Thanks to the author of the site!

  • Bogdan

    I'll look around and see in the eye, sharp sadness.
    If anything is similar, then I recommend better to put respect on
    Minolta AF 70-210 mm f/ 3.5-4.5, still lightweight and compact, and costly at the same time is simply ridiculous.

  • valeria

    Hola, soy nueva en esto de la fotografia y demás, me han ofrecido este modelo de lente por un bajo precio pero no logro darme cuenta si es compatible con la nikon d3300 o si es conveniente comprar este tipo de lente

    • B. R. P.

      No, no compatible.

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