SMC Pentax-DA 1: 3.5-5.6 18-135mm ED AL [IF] DC WR. Review from the reader Radozhiva

SMC Pentax-DA 1 Lens Overview: 3.5-5.6 18-135mm ED AL [IF] DC WR. specially for Radozhiva, prepared Alexey Ovoshchnikov.

SMC Pentax-DA 1: 3.5-5.6 18-135mm ED AL [IF] DC WR

SMC Pentax-DA 1: 3.5-5.6 18-135mm ED AL [IF] DC WR

Good day, amateur photographer! My name is Alexey Ovoshchnikov. Here i am on Here i am on Facebook. Today I will talk about the SMC Pentax-DA 18-135 mm f / 3.5-5.6 ED AL DC WR lens. This is a pretty universal 7.5x zoom lens for Pentax crop cameras with K mount. The lens is relatively new and is sometimes sold bundled with the Pentax K50 / K70 / K3 / KS 2 and other Pentax cameras.

SMC Pentax-DA 18-135 mm f / 3.5-5.6 ED AL DC WR is a good universal lens with 7,5 X zoom for Pentax cameras with K mount. The lens is relatively new and sold separately at a price of about $ 400 and sold complete with the Pentax K50 / K70 / K3 / KS 2 and other cameras

• Optical design: 13 elements in 11 groups
• Focal lengths: 18mm - 135mm (27.5-207mm) for APS-C. (equivalent to 28-200 mm full-frame lens)
• The minimum aperture value f / 22-38
• Field of view angle: 76 ° - 11.9 °
• Number of aperture blades: 7
• Minimum focusing distance: 40 cm
• Maximum magnification: 0,24
• Autofocus drive: ultrasonic motor
• Thread diameter under the filter: 62 mm
• Weight: 405 grams
• PH-RBC hood included (not in review)
• Started production year: 2012

Constructive and ergonomic

The lens has dust and moisture protection and is equipped with a rubber o-ring (red) on the bayonet side.

The lens has been manufactured since 2012 and has all the modern advantages in its design.

The lens is relatively light and compact, weighs only 405 grams. The lens has a metal mount. The assembly is excellent, everything is just at the highest level. The zoom ring rotates evenly and fairly easily. The lens is made of quality materials. Erasers are very pleasant to the touch, quite soft, but do not stretch, tenacious material, fingers do not slip. For a couple of years of use with gum nothing happened. They do not hang out and are not completely deformed. You will not find creaking flimsy plastic in this lens. I would like to note that at maximum zoom, nevertheless, there is a backlash of + - 1 mm of the extendable part of the lens.

SMC Pentax-DA 1: 3.5-5.6 18-135mm ED AL [IF] DC WR

SMC Pentax-DA 1: 3.5-5.6 18-135mm ED AL [IF] DC WR

Auto focus

The internal focus method is used. The front lens remains motionless - this is a plus. You can use any filters, without any difficulties. The lens has a built-in focus motor. For Pentax, this is already good, because until recently, most lenses were screwdrivers. Focusing is fast (much faster than Pentax screwdriver kit lenses), quiet (again, compared to Pentax screwdriver auto focus lenses, it is just super quiet! But it is louder than any Kenon ultrasonics), the focus is pretty accurate. I used a lens on the camera Pentax K30 (This is the best whale lens for this camera as an all-in-one). Focusing on Pentax K7 works so well, but Pentax K7 is an unpleasant feature.

I want to note that not all Pentax digital cameras are capable of working with an SDM lens (which has a built-in focusing motor), but this only applies to the oldest Pentax cameras. Also in the Pentax model range there are lenses that can work both as screwdrivers and from the built-in SDM motor. In practice, this means that you need to check compatibility before buying a lens. I can’t say anything more about this.

The manual focus method with this lens may give you some inconvenience. There are no marks on the lens body regarding the focusing distance in meters and feet. That is, we will do everything by eye. I did not like the fact that the lens has a very strong flight for infinity. You cannot set infinity blindly in one movement .... The lens supports manual focus control with autofocus on the camera. I did not notice conflicts in the work of electronics. If you rotate the focus ring manually, then the automation does not stop you from focusing as you want.


As you know, in modern Pentax central control centers, starting with the K10 K100 models, there is a stabilizer. This stabilizer works great! With all the lenses, and with that 18-135 too

Image quality

As for the image quality, not everything is as good as we would like for this price and for the quality of the lens manufacturing ... but the lens shows good results for amateur photography.

I will give photographs of a different plan with and without processing. The lens found a new owner, so I most likely will not be able to supplement the review.
Vignetting - darkening at the edges of the frame (especially at the corners)

There are open aperture values ​​over the entire range of focal lengths, but it can be corrected by applying the appropriate lens profile in the Camera RAW converter. In the photographs given for example, it is very clearly visible how vignetting decreases or completely disappears on the processed version of the photograph.

Chromatic aberration and distortion

HA correct in the camera itself (not completely) if you enable the corresponding function, distortion (geometric distortion) corrects in the same way, it is very good, although it slows down the camera a little. You can also get rid of these shortcomings using popular software.
The photo shows an example of aberrations without correction. The branches in the upper right corner have a purple trim.

There is distortion on almost all focal points (either a barrel or a pillow), at first I took a lot of photographs of the architecture and was going to show distortion, but we will get by with a couple of examples and the fact that the lens profile corrects distortion perfectly. Fortunately, the lens is new and this profile is immediately available in modern software.


Very good for large zoom zoom. Such a lens is not bought for the sake of sharpness, but, nevertheless, you will get it. Of course, the soapy edges of the frame will be present especially at 18 mm, but sharpness can be achieved by covering the aperture or changing the focal length. Already at 24 mm, the sharpness is very good! Even at 135 mm there is no soap, the sharpness is not super, but still pleased.

Back light

Everything is fine here too. I will show some examples and judge for yourself. Immediately I say HDR photo (not on-camera, but folded in a program of three photos taken in RAW format with different exposures)

As they say hares catches, but not much. This didn’t bother me at all when shooting, on the contrary, I intentionally “caught” these hares in this photo. Satisfied with the result.


Strong blurring can be obtained by using a zoom of 80 mm or higher. Aperture this will be F 5,6. The lens is not bad for portraiture, but with a number of limitations. The limitation is that aperture will be 5.6 and the room will not be easy.

Personal experience

In general, a good lens without obvious disadvantages! This is a new generation travel zoom. It has everything that the first travel zoom like the Tamron 28-200, Sigma 28-300, Canon EF 28-135mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS USM lacked, I remembered them because I had experience using these lenses. They are significantly worse in most or in all of the above parameters. If you have this kind of zoom and it suits you with focal but not very good quality, then Pentax 18-135 can be an excellent receiver when changing the system. Compared to the Canon EF-S 18-135 3,5-5,6 IS from Kenon. These are very close quality lenses. Here Pentax is better only in performance. If you compare with the Nikon 16-85 mm F3,5-5,6 VR, then Nikon is ahead in terms of the convenience of focal and sharpness, especially in the wide-angle position.


Link to source photos.

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  • Pokekmon

    Do you really have the author “Angenieux 28-70 mm f / 2.6” in stock?
    Please make a review of this miracle please.
    A curious mythical glass, for which in good condition they want a lot of money ...
    I really want to look at the pictures from him on modern DSLRs.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes there is. We have long agreed that there will be a review of it.

    • Alexey, (author of this review)

      Write to me on soap and I will throw off to you an archiver with photos taken on Angeniuex. Now there is no weather (no sun) and the review on the site will be a little later ...

      • DmitryK

        We are waiting for the promised review of Enjinho 28-70 / 2.6 from you.
        If possible, on any available ff carcass.

    • Victor

      Mr. Pokemon, the lenses of this French company are really not cheap. At one time, she was engaged in the production of optics for professional cinematography. The rest - you can watch, test and evaluate only with the seller. Good luck

  • TSerg (Sergiy)

    It should be noted that the blog’s Dedalis z ”is more than new authors, so write in your own way.
    There was a wish for bi, okremim with redundant boules of overruns and shortcomings about ”Act of video, as the author wrote.
    According to the submissions of the photographs - even the more familiar with strongly closed diaphragms. Ranges
    10-20 and 22-38 are not presented. I wanted more to know more about the minimum range of focus, and even win the whole zoom to get rid of bad feelings - about 40 cm. Tilka is not revealing, but the type of subject roslin (tops).
    Crazy for looking around!

    • Victor

      Dear Serge! The photographs presented by the authors are a piece-by-piece product and, believe me, cannot serve as a CONVINCING criterion when evaluating a particular gadget. Each author is an individual, each has his own characteristics, even the choice of subjects is different. In addition, there is no obligation to use a tripod when shooting.

  • amr

    Photos are not always in focus and somehow a bit too yellow and blue.

    • Michael

      System features, this is typical for Pentax

      • Jurij

        Are you talking about yellowness or about trick? )))

        • Michael

          About the color. Autofocus, however, was also limping around that time, judging by the reviews. But this is no longer a feature of the system.

          • Oleg

            Yes, a peculiar color in the pentax

  • Alexey, (author of this review)

    The review will be added even more descriptions and my impressions. Arkady, thanks for posting!

  • Alexbr

    In the article I would like to read at least a short list of pluses / minuses on the quality of the picture, and not to pump out the originals.

  • Alexbr

    In general, this lens has very different opinions. Either the concept of quality differs so much among people, or it does fly apart as the lenses themselves.

    • Alexei

      I completely agree with you, but the lens most likely turned out to be successful and high-quality. Although I do not like large zoom zooms due to low aperture.

  • Michael

    The typo “MINOLTA MD ROKKOR 50mm lens overview” ...
    Here it seems about Pentax

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