Impressions of the Canon EOS 300D

The Canon EOS 300D was marketed under two other names, Canon Digital Rebel and Canon Kiss Digital. This is the first digital Rebel / Kiss Digital camera. The entire series of subsequent cameras in this lineup have been successful or highly successful.

Canon EOS 300D

Canon EOS 300D

The Canon 300D camera was introduced on August 20, 2003. Featured Nikon Amateur Cameras - Nikon D50 и Nikon D40 were presented much later.

Canon 300D is the ancestor of the new Canon EF-S mount which lenses fit EF и Ef-s. This is a new mount for cropped Canon cameras with APS-C sensor and Kf = 1.6x. Original Canon EF-S Lenses (i.e. lenses for cropped cameras) cannot be mounted on cameras with EF mount due to mechanical incompatibility. But here are most of the lenses for Canon cameras с APS-C sensor from third-party manufacturers have a bayonet mount EF and can be installed on any cameras of the Canon EOS family.

More information about compatibility can be found in the section about Canon EOS.

The main thing to pay attention to:

  1. Canon 300D is the sixth full-fledged digital SLR camera in the camera family Canon EOS. Prior to Canon 300D, only more advanced cameras were released Canon EOS D30, Canon EOS-1D DigitalCanon EOS D60 DigitalCanon EOS-1 Ds Digital и Canon EOS 10D Digital.
  2. The Canon 300D uses a 6MP CMOS sensor. The maximum image size is 3072 X 2048, which is quite enough for a very wide range of tasks even in our time. This sensor was also used in Canon EOS 10Dthen migrated to the Canon 300D.
  3. Maximum burst speed is only 2.5 frames per second, making the Canon 300D one of most low-performance cameras in history. At the same time, this speed is quite enough for a very wide range of photo tasks. The only less productive camera is the Canon D30 (not to be confused with the 30D).
  4. Minimum excerpt classic and is 1/4000 s.
  5. The ISO range is from 100 to 1600 units without the possibility of expansion, changes occur only in full stops (i.e. only ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 can be set). There is no automatic ISO control in the camera. You can use third-party firmware and overclock ISO to 3200 units.
  6. Small 1.8-inch display with 115.000 dots.
  7. A monochrome display that sits on top of the main display. Unfortunately, the additional display is uninformative.
  8. Focusing system with only 7 points. For the first timefocus sensor appeared in camera Canon EOS 10D and later used in models 350Dand 1000D... The center point is a regular cross-type, works with lenses no darker than F / 5.6. This is one of the weakest focusing modules.
  9. For measuring exposure used TTL SPC sensor with 35 zones. This sensor first appeared in Canon EOS 10D and was used even in models Canon EOS 50D и Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
  10. The Canon 300D uses CF cards up to 4 GB. If you install a larger memory card and format it, only 4 GB of memory will be available anyway. I used 2 GB and 16 GB memory cards (formatted for 4 GB) without problems. Also, an outdated USB 1.1 interface is used to control the camera and transfer data.

Examples of photos in the gallery below were obtained using a lens Yongnuo Lens EF 35mm 1: 2 (YN35mm F2).

You can download the original 'jpeg' photos at this link (74 files, 170 MB). You can see examples of photos with a little processing in my gallery at 500px.

My experience

The Canon 300D was primarily aimed at amateurs. The number of menu functions is very small.. In this case, the camera cannot directly select such important settings as the measurement method exposure (spot, weighted average, etc.) or focus method (One shot, Single, AF Servo, etc.).

It’s always interesting for me to shoot and work with old equipment. Despite the fact that the camera has been around for many years, the quality of images at ISO 100 may surprise many. I sent pictures from the Canon 300D to several of my acquaintances, everyone was very surprised that the Canon 300D could give such a picture. First of all, the Canon 300D pleases with its color. Auto white balance works well, which for such an old camera may seem odd.

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The Canon EOS 300D is a functionally very limited old SLR camera. During his presentation, it cost about $ 900, which for 2003 was not so much for the Central Control Commission. Canon EOS 300D has become a new era among Canon's CZK, this camera has attracted many amateur photographers in the world of digital SLR cameras.

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  • Roma

    good phot, has a nice color reproduction, like Nikon d40, but the color is different.

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      credit banter.

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        SLR is ok, love the colors

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