X-1 system and Godox V850II flashes. Review from the reader Radozhiva

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Godox V850II/X-1

X-1N Transceiver on Nikon D700 Camera

Godox released a transceiver (transmitter) in 2015 Godox x-1t for Nikon, Canon and Sony systems, transceivers have recently been released for Fuji and Olimpus, so Godox has covered almost the entire consumer market (I did not find information regarding the release of this transmitter for Pentax and Samsung). The version for Nikon is called X-1N, and consider it.


  • Dimensions, weight 72 x 75 x 52 mm, weight 100 g (data from the manual)
  • working distance up to 100 m
  • can control 5 groups of flashes on 32 channels
  • compatible flash units can be controlled remotely - a very convenient function if the flash units are far away or in an inaccessible place (for example, in an umbrella softbox)
  • supports TTL
  • supports FP / HSS with shutter speed up to 1/8000 s (more about this below)
  • there is a laser AF function
  • powered by 2 AA cells - it’s convenient that you don’t need to have spare batteries of another format with you
  • may arouse flashes.
  • it is stated that the transceiver can operate according to the protocol Nikon CLSHowever, how this is implemented, I did not understand


Godox V850II/X-1

X-1N Transceiver on Nikon D700 Camera

The transceiver is made of black matte plastic, made of high quality. Controls: buttons for selecting a channel, group, operating mode (manual / TTL / off), a control wheel, on the right side of the transmitter power-on and autofocus lamp backlight levers, on the left Micro-USB connectors for updating the firmware, PC-port for synchronization. The camera is fixed in the shoe with a clamping wheel - we could have made a convenient latch, like SB-700 or Yongnuo YN660.

Attention: Autofocus backlight is initially turned off, it is turned on in the advanced menu (see instructions)
The closest analogue is the TTL synchronizer from Yongnuo YN-622-TX second generation, you can also set the power on the transmitter itself, there is a laser autofocus backlight at about the same cost, compatibility with manual flash units of the 560th series is claimed.

If you already have a third-party TTL flash (e.g. Nikon SB-910), then Godox has released a receiver-receiver for you X-1R. The receiver looks very similar to the transmitter, also powered by 2 AA elements. The flash with this receiver is fully included in the work, it can work in TTL, FP / HSS modes, its power can be controlled from the transceiver X-1T. Only you need to choose a receiver for your system, otherwise TTL will not work. However, the transmitter can be put into manual mode in the settings, and the main functions will work normally on other systems, while only the central contact of the transmitter will be active.

Also, the combination of a transceiver-receiver can control studio light sources (not tested), carry out remote start of the camera (works). In the advanced settings of the transceiver, you can enable the strobe mode for the slave flash.

Together with the transceiver acquired a manual flash V850II.

The main features of the flash are the presence of a built-in radio synchronizer and power from a removable lithium-ion battery.

Godox V850II/X-1

V850Ii flash with VB18 battery


  • The flash is quite large and heavy, dimensions 64x76x190 mm, weight with battery 530 g, without - 420 g.
  • In the kit, in addition to the flash and the battery, there is a soft case, a support foot with a metal thread for a tripod, a charger with a cable for it, instructions. The quality of the case is the same as that of the Yonguo flashes, they even look the same, without a belt loop.
  • declared guide number of 60 m (as in the case of Yongnuo flashes, I believe that the figure is very high, but still, the flash is powerful)
  • There is a built-in retractable reflector card and a diffuser plate.
  • 22 steps for selecting the pulse power from 1/128 to 1/1 in increments of 1/3 stop.
  • Stated that a lithium-ion battery Godox vb18 will make it possible to make at least 650 flashes at full power, recharge time of about 1.5 s is very good performance. At lower power, the number of puffs increases, and the recharge time is significantly reduced.
  • The head can be rotated 360 degrees on the horizontal axis, vertically - from -7 to 90 degrees.
  • Full compatibility with the X-1 system.
  • The flash can work in the following modes: manual, strobe mode, synchronization S1, S2 (included in the advanced menu, OS item - Optic Slave Mode), synchronization according to the first and second shutter curtains.
  • The presence of laser autofocus illumination is a useful function in difficult shooting conditions, it turns on after pressing the button, it shines for 10 seconds from the moment the shutter was last released, that is, the backlight will work if you shoot continuously and will turn off after 10 seconds of inactivity. The time can be customized.
    • Supports FP / HSS at shutter speeds up to 1/8000 s
  • There is a sound notification of readiness - off by default.
  • It can act as a commander, control six groups of guided flashes (one of them is the commanding flash master)
  • there is protection against overheating - the flash will not work until it cools.
  • After 10 minutes of inactivity, the flash goes into sleep mode, the time can also be adjusted. The instructions indicate that you can wake it up by pressing the TEST button on the transmitter, the camera shutter button, or by pressing any button on the flash. Note: I only worked the third option, releasing the shutter and pressing the TEST button on the transmitter had no effect.
  • manual zoom 20-200 mm
  • The price is about $ 150 - quite expensive - the price is for the battery.
Godox V850II/X-1

Godox V850II/X-1


The flash is made qualitatively, does not play, does not creak, the angle of the head lift changes freely. Short and long button presses have two different functions - this is the choice of the operating mode and synchronization, zoom and advanced settings, autofocus highlighting and the inclusion of the FP / HSS mode, the choice of group and channel. Test button with light readiness indicator, control wheel and selection button.

Lithium ion battery

Battery VB18 It will allow you to carry out about 650 flashes at full power - this is a lot, in theory, one such one will replace you with 3-4 sets of AA batteries. In practice, this means less headache about changing batteries, storing them, charging them, significantly reducing the flash recharge time - watch the video.

The battery level shows the real picture, much like on a phone, unlike nickel-metal hydride batteries, when they sit down you can only roughly guess. It is a pity that the charge is not displayed in percent, it would be generally great.

There is also protection against short circuits, overcharging - explode like Samsung Galaxy S7 should not. Charging time is 2.5 hours (think how long it will take you to charge 16 AA batteries).

In general, lithium-ion batteries have a number of peculiarities: batteries are afraid of "hunger", in order to increase their service life, it is better to recharge them periodically. It's nice to know that the flash time will be enough for any photo session, or even several in a row. It is possible and even necessary to recharge the battery periodically without remorse (NiMH batteries, on the contrary, need to be charged after a full discharge). There are also disadvantages - over time they "fizzle out" - gradually degrade, even if you do not use them. And one more feature: they cannot be charged in the cold.

VB18 sold separately for the price about $ 40.

Godox V850II/X-1

Autofocus backlight helps out in low light

FP / HSS High Speed ​​Sync

FP / HSS high-speed sync mode allows you to take pictures on shutter speed up to 1/8000 s, along with simple photo equipment, you can take pictures in bright sunlight.

This feature is commonly found in expensive TTL flash units. The fact that Godox introduced FP / HSS in manual flashes compares it favorably with other manufacturers. Actually, for the sake of this small feature, I bought it, the function turned out to be very popular in the summer.

Attention: the function works only outside the camera in conjunction with the X-1T synchronizer or under the control of a command flash.

The mode is activated when you press the button with the image of lightning, or automatically when used with a synchronizer, if you choose a shutter speed shorter than 1/250.

A set of synchronizer and relatively inexpensive TT600 flash will cost you about $ 115 - is it expensive?

Possible alternatives:  

  • manual kit YN-560-TX  и YN560-III for $ 99. However, firstly, you will not have the useful FP / HSS function. Secondly, there will be no laser autofocus illumination. I’m used to using both of these functions, at least I can’t do without FP / HSS for sure. Thirdly, when you decide to buy a TTL flash by type YN-685, then keep in mind that you can get confused with compatibility within the Yongnuo brand (to synchronize TTL flashes, you will need a separate transmitter YN-622-TX).
  • TTL synchronizer YN622-TX second generation combined with YN-560-III for about the same price when it is impossible to use FP / HSS (Information about their compatibility is taken from the network, I have not verified, as I understand it, the first generation of the transmitter is not compatible with the 560 series system at all, correct if I'm mistaken) with the subsequent purchase of any compatible TTL outbreaks

Godox brand completely bribed me with its versatility - having bought one synchronizer, you can gradually increase your arsenal using all possible functions and without troubles about equipment compatibility.

Godox V850II/X-1

Godox V850II/X-1


I really enjoyed using the flash V850II and synchronizer X-1TNtransition from system Yongnuo RF-603N and flashes YN560-III turned out to be painless (by the way, they can be used together by wearing RF-603 on shoe X1-T)

Among the flaws of the system, I can note the high price, the inability to remotely wake up the flash (it is possible that this is specifically a jamb of my equipment) and the presence of a clamping wheel for mounting on a shoe. Also, the flash may not be very convenient for use on the camera due to the large mass, but it captivates the ability to shoot long series. For reporting, I would recommend a TTL analog from the same series - V860II (available for Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Fuji)

The most interesting thing is that in the Godox X-1 system there are a whole host of flashes for every occasion. TTL flash TT350 with a full set of functions it has tiny dimensions and is powered by 2 AA elements, TT600 - a relatively cheap flash, the characteristics are similar to those described V850IIbut without Li-Ion battery, TTL flash TT685 and mentioned V850II - the latter comes with a lithium-ion battery, in fact - a TTL-analogue of the considered flash. And there are also much more powerful battery flashes. AD200, AD360 IIStudio Flash AD400, AD600 etc. And all this can work if there is only one synchronizer X1-T.

Attention: the only caveat is that you can find the first generation V850, V860, AD360 flash units on sale, they do not have X-1 compatibility, check this before buying.

You will find more reviews from readers of Radozhiva here.

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Comments: 38, on the topic: X-1 System and V850II flashes from Godox. Review from the reader Radozhiva

  • Andrei

    Thank you for the review, it has long been interesting to get a relatively inexpensive solution for wireless synchronization + HSS bundles Nikon D800 camera + Nikon SB800 flash. I looked at Ali - the receiver + transceiver set will cost $ 82. Relatively acceptable.

  • NE

    Thanks a lot, Aldar! It's great that the number of available radio synchronization systems is increasing.
    A few comments and questions:
    1. “it is stated that the transceiver can work under the Nikon CLS protocol, but I don’t understand how it is implemented” - maybe we are talking about putting a CLS flash turned on in the master mode into the transmitter shoe? But why is it ...? Driving some via CLS and others via radio at the same time? Although anything can be ..

    2. The AF backlight turns on after pressing the button, shines for 10 seconds from the moment the shutter was last released - creepy, I wonder why they did this? (Rhetorical question)

    Here's more information on the Godox X1 family from flashes to all-in-ones http://strobius.com.ua/reviews-cat/godox-x1.html . I am glad that you can simultaneously control both flashes and studio light using a single transmitter.

    3. Did I understand correctly that the automatic flash mode is similar to the one that Godox does not have in SB-910?

    4. The flash wake-up mode when pressing the test button is something, of course ... On the other hand, you can take it for such a price tag.

    Thanks again.

    • Aldar

      Thank you for the comment)
      1. Most likely
      2. I suppose that this was done due to the manual nature of the flash, it does not exchange information with the camera, and accordingly it is not up to date when focusing is performed. Better so than not at all)
      For strobies, the strobius site is a treasure trove of information)
      3. If you mean TTL by the automatic flash mode, then it is implemented in the puffs of V860II, TT350, etc.
      4. I’ll ask a friend, he also has a Godox

      • NE

        No, by automatic flash modes I mean automatic mode with aperture priority and automatic mode without TTL :) Here Arkady told everything in the most detailed way https://radojuva.com/2013/01/non-ttl-auto-aperture-modes-nikon-speedlight/
        I myself am not indifferent to the topic of radio synchronization. In the spring, I took the Nissin Air kit. The ideology is the same ("cross-platform" when using the appropriate receivers and transmitter, etc.), but with generators and monoblocks it works only through the sync contact of the receiver, and in my opinion Nissin does not have its own generators and monoblocks. The shorter range is 30 meters (I don't know why more at all), the AF illumination is a spot, not a grid. You can remotely control the zoom, exposure compensation for TTL mode, or power in manual mode. The backlight does not work on all focusing points, although in native flash units - on all. There is no shoe for installing the flash, but I don't need it. So everything suits me except that in the aperture-priority mode, the aperture value is not transmitted to the flash. So I wonder how Godox is doing.

      • NE

        In general, do not boot. There is documentation, I read. This is so, offhand the question was

  • Alexey

    The review is good. If possible, it is better to shoot video with a locked exposure and at 50/60 fps. I spoiled youtube and that's it))

  • anonym

    and sb-300 will work.?

    • Aldar

      I don’t know, most likely yes, just do not forget to buy a set of receiver-transceiver

  • stabbing

    and sb-300 will work with this little thing?

  • Pokekmon

    Aldar, and what kind of glass is on the 700-ke, in the first photo to the review? :)

  • Michael

    Aldar, what about the battery on this model? I heard about v860 that their battery runs out much faster than it should and in general there are problems with it. On the second generation, this is corrected? Thanks for the interesting review!

    • Andrei

      I have a Godox 860 II, after shooting a wedding, a full day, the battery discharges a maximum of a quarter

      • Michael

        thanks for the info

  • lynx

    1. Samsung has turned off the production of cameras, and, as it were, everything.
    2. pentax mirrorless cameras are curled up, full-frame ones are still in an incomprehensible state.
    So it’s quite clear what they didn’t do.

    • York

      On the pentax, only the pentax will do something.
      The office was once good, but with such an attitude to business - in figs not needed by anyone, except for a bunch of thrusts.
      And ketayprom makes sense only for mass production ...

  • Alexander

    Great review. I use YN622-TX + 2 YN62 + meike 950 and meike 910 myself. I'm terribly tired of synchronizers and AA batteries. I’m not doing reporting. Only staged photos. I think to switch to the x-1 system. The question is: do I need TTl for my purposes ??? At 622 I adjust the power of the flashes from the transmitter, while the flashes in TTl mode. The X-1 and V850II will have flashes in the manual and can I also remotely control them? otherwise I’m completely confused.

    • Aldar

      I didn’t really make friends with TTL at all, I don’t like the work of automation, so I'm completely for the manual, it's easier to control the light. Moreover, if you only have staged photo shoots, there is no need for TTL. If you really got bored with transmitters and AA batteries, then it probably makes sense to switch to X1, if you feel that there is not enough TTL, buy a V860II or something more serious
      X1 and V850II are perfectly controlled remotely, look at the video in the review from 3:23.

  • Kirill

    confused by the inability to insert AA into the flash (at least as an option), - Li-ion is certainly convenient, but anything can happen ...

    • Aldar

      You can buy a second battery and be ready for anything)
      One of these days I will try to arrange a stress test - I will fully charge and I will puff at full power until the battery runs out)

      • Ilya

        Aldar tell me how the stress test ended? Confuses overheating protection, will it overheat on and off during prolonged use (say in the sun)?
        In general, under what circumstances might an overheat protection work?
        Thanks for the answer:)

    • Andrei

      The flash is pretty heavy with the battery. And if you also shove 4 AA, it will not be camilpho at all. As I wrote above, the battery lasts for a long time. Manufacturers guarantee 650 operations at full power. I have been using it for about a year. There was not a single photo shoot at which the battery would be discharged at least half. When not in working condition, it does not discharge in a couple of weeks, not a division. Itself over time I think will weaken. The issue price of a new battery is about 2.000 rubles (ali, ebay)

  • Aldar

    Recently, Godoxes have generally announced sync for the OMG: D phone.

  • Alexander

    As I understand it, if the camera does not have high-speed synchronization, then the transmitter will not help to create it?

    • Michael


  • anonym

    Can Godox FT-16 Radio Sync Control V850II?

  • Igor

    Does this synchronizer support TTL with d90? I bought Godox Xpro-N + X1R-N, the TTL mode does not work on the D90 with the Sb-700. A terrible overexposure. Without a synchro, when fired by a light trap, everything works fine. I came across infa that the same problem with the D7000 D5200. I checked with a friend on the D610, everything works fine. I think this problem is for all crop cameras. Has anyone encountered such a problem?

    • York

      I tried it on d7200, d7500 and d500 - no problem.

      Rather, it's not about the crop, but about the age of the boxes - the old ones are not supported.

  • Dmitriy

    Is godox x1n compatible with nikon sb-400. Maybe someone knows or is it possible to check? I decide what to buy x1n whether yn622n.

  • Alexander

    Quote: "NiMH batteries, on the contrary, need to be charged after a full discharge."
    This expression is valid for cadmium batteries.
    NiMH batteries do not need to be discharged until fully discharged. Their "memory effect" is very, very weak. Caring for them is the same as for lithium-ion batteries.

    • BB

      Their memory effect is not as pronounced as that of cadmium, but it is present. If they are not discharged for a long time, they lose their capacity. Every six months, approximately, I do a 'workout'. And you need to store them fully charged and warm (lithium for long-term storage - 50% and a refrigerator)

  • BB

    Lithium batteries have many advantages ... But if there were 1-2 18650 batteries (now very popular), there were no more questions.
    But a specialized battery that is suitable only for this flash negates all the advantages.
    One flash broke, went and got / bought / borrowed another, put in NiMh AA and went, but where to put 'this'? Or this battery has died (as usual, on the eve of a megaImportant shooting), but you can buy it only in the other end of the country (and this is still the norm). Or after 5 years, this battery was simply stopped stupidly, since the model is not very popular (now there are no batteries for many phones 5-7 years ago)? Well, the price tag for the Chinese battery! flashes - inhumane, for example - a pair of good 18650s, with an honest capacity of 3300 in China, costs around $ 7-8, but here a smaller capacity, well, yes, + a controller (let $ 1 with a huge margin for wrap), and 40! bucks.

    You mention here that you can get confused in Yongnuo, but they threw these 'flares' just as well 'on sale you can find the first generation V850, V860, AD360 flashes ...' name the model 862 (instead of 860). The same thing infuriates smartphones like the Huawei Y6 pro 2017 - and it's a completely different phone than the '2017' without the numbers

    PS Well, do not forget that 'Godox' is cheap China (on average, cheaper than Yongnuo), with all the consequences ...

  • Natalia

    Good afternoon!
    1. Thank you very much for your articles. Helped a lot to figure out😉

    2. I am completely confused in transceivers and receivers, etc. 😅
    A big request, tell me which is better suited or what specific synchronizers are needed for my system: Nikon D7000 and flash meike sb910
    Thank you in advance)

  • Comfort

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  • B. R. P.

    Georgian will not help promote spam here. Like no other.

  • Daniel


    Thanks for the information but I still cannot figure out how to make the V850ii work in e-TTL mode off camera when using the Godox Xpro trigger. My camera and trigger are set up to e-TTL mode but there is no indication on the V850ii that it is on e-TTL. The only 2 modes (manual M / Multi) are visible.

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