Swivel 3D platform for shooting goods

I have been asked to post information about this product. Unfortunately, the guys did not obey me and prepared the presentation of the material very poorly. Ask them all questions in the comments or at the specified contacts. And, of course, a spoiler: I have nothing from advertising this 'product', I just agreed to post information on Radozhiv.



  • Motorized tables for panoramic, circular, 3D and subject photo / video shooting, as well as for 3D scanning.
  • Constant speed and step modes, the ability to program the angle of rotation, number of frames, time exposure, pauses between frames, etc.
  • Automatically control the focus and shutter of the camera through the remote control cable.
  • Fully automatic all-round shooting with a given step and interval.
  • The ability to use for interactive advertising.

  • Disc diameter 410 mm
  • Payload 0.1-50 kg.
  • Japanese bearings FBJ
  • Bright, informative display with intuitive menus.
  • Invented and made in Ukraine!
+38 (093) 633-70-51, +38 (097) 162-18- 49, Andrey, details here.
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Comments: 13, on the topic: Swivel 3D platform for shooting goods

  • Alex

    “Invented” is cool.

    There is the same collective farm, from improvised means. Cheaper, and IMHO, more reliable.

    • Denis

      Yes, it looks reliable. I didn’t make out, but in my opinion the case is manually made of textolite

      • Andrei

        Laser cut plywood case

    • Andrei

      About the expression "collective farm" Alex, I ask you to refrain and not litter the air without specific comments, you can call, write and say that you are not so welcome, I did something cooler, so show your "collective farm" and say that my device is a millionaire. I will not, and this is just my hobby, it does not bring me much, as they say for the soul.
      PS: Let's be loyal to each other. Do not like looking further, I do not force you to buy it, and as the Bible says: Live yourself, and do not bother others!

  • Michael

    Can you just make a twist with a variable speed? Within small limits. Diameter 20-25 cm. How much will it cost?

    • Andrei

      here for $ 15 the Chinese can be helped out)

      • Andrei

        This is without changing the speed but it will be much cheaper)

      • Denis

        so it is without a drive. and with a drive, you can take a Soviet toy "Behind the wheel"

  • anonym

    What a good site it was. Why advertise shit here?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      In this case, I promised to post - you need to post, the rest is in the spoiler above.

    • Denis

      this is a site for fans, the development is also amateur. people do something, not just buy-sell. I used to do electronics too, I understand how difficult it is to make and sell my product, albeit simple

  • Artyom

    It seems to me that for such products and their possible implementation, you need to create a separate commercial branch. Well, or something like that ... Yes, put “Lushnikov's Dandelion” and other constructions and devices that may be useful to some of the readers. At least there will be less negative comments IMHO. As for this product, it can be made on any laser or milling machine “hobby” level in an hour. Another thing is that not everyone has access to it. By the way, I would make the case from acrylic (plexiglass). I don't think it is much more expensive than plywood))).

  • Dmitriy

    I found an artificial Christmas tree with fiber optic in the trash (the needles were flying around from it). I disassembled it, threw it away. The engine remains, spinning a multi-colored disc and a halogen illumination lamp from below. I removed the disc and cut round discs from plexiglass, milk plastic (waste from advertising structures) along its diameter (and larger diameter). You can easily cut various discs of paper to give the background the desired texture and color. You can print on a regular printer. The manufacturers of the "Platform" may wish to make a backlight, but for a regulator a simple relay is enough, and here is a whole remote control.
    It is not difficult to buy a gear for a small electric motor and assemble it yourself.

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