New life for manual optics

Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter

Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter (LM-EA7)

Manual optics for amateur photographers has revived many times:

  1. with the advent of digital cameras. It became possible to shoot more frames and get more successful shots with precise focus on the output.
  2. with the advent of live view and EVI. Shooting with manual optics has become much more convenient, and manual focusing could be arbitrarily accurate.
  3. with the advent of video mode in digital cameras. Manual optics for cameras attracted videographers.
  4. with the advent of focus-picking technology and other 'helpers'... Working with manual optics has never been easier.

It is worth noting that some manual lenses could be very easily and simply turned into lenses with automatic focus and using the legendary tele-converter Nikon TC-16AAF.

Now it's time to upgrade manual optics to the level of autofocus. For mirrorless cameras with E mount, the Techart PRO Leica M adapter was created - the Sony E Autofocus Adapter allows turn almost any manual focus lens into an auto focus lens.

Adapter supports additional adaptersallowing you to use lenses with popular mounts.

Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter

Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter LM-EA7. Photo taken from here.

I really liked it such a new product, now it will be much easier for photographers to work with their beloved Leica Summilux-M 1: 1.4 / 28 (or not easier?). In addition to the fact that such an adapter allows automatic focusing with manual lenses, lenses on Sony cameras with a 5-axis stabilization system will also receive a very high-quality stabilizer.

True, even such a solution has its limitations and nuances:

  • Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter is not cheap, at its cost you can buy a pretty autofocus lens
  • adapters are only for popular mounts (about 20 items), with some JUPITER-8 under the bayonet mount Contax-Kiev RF it will not be just the same
  • the adapter 'specific mount - Leica M mount' needs to be purchased separately and costs a lot of money
  • with the Techart PRO Leica M Adapter - Sony E Autofocus Adapter You'll only have to enjoy autofocus with mirrorless sony
  • Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter may not work with some Sony cameras with E mount. Reliably confirmed only with cameras Sony A9, Sony A7, Sony A7II, Sony A7R, Sony A7R II, Sony A6300 и Sony A6500
  • supported lens weight up to 700 grams
  • a Nikon CRC-type floating focus system will not work, due to which image quality will still deteriorate during focusing with the Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter for short focus distances
  • best Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter is suitable for lenses that focus by moving the entire lens unit. Lenses with internal focusing or another type of focus are likely to degrade image quality when focusing at different distances
  • limited focusing distance depending on the type of lens, for example, a 135 mm fix can only focus from 4 meters to infinity. Moreover, this limitation is easily dispensed with by additional rotation of the focus ring.
Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter LM-EA7

Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter LM-EA7 with camera Sony A7II

Official Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter: You can buy on Aliexpress here.

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Comments: 29, on the topic: New life for manual optics

  • Paul

    There is one, I tried it, I really liked it. There are many other manufacturers of adapters for LM. Sometimes it freezes, reboots after turning in the bayonet, "took out and inserted". Very good in combination with Leikov lenses. On heavy lenses, the body simply moves on a monopod, it is quite convenient in combination with manual focus to shoot even figure skating on a sony 6500.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If not difficult, drop a link to other similar ones, thanks.

      • Paul

        Now there is also megadap :) , there is more noise, but it works even in video mode and the principle of operation looks more reliable in a constructive way. At techarta, the bayonet is intermixed on two pins-sleds, while at megadap it rotates through a helicoid reducer. Techart also announced an adapter for Nikon and also with a helicoid, but according to rumors on the network, it works worse.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thanks, I thought there were autofocus adapters similar to this one.

  • Paul

    No, it is unique in its kind, as far as I know :) With a medium-sized lens, type 135 DC) I noticed that there is little mobility, elastic in the joint (it moves a little). Apparently, just to hang on the camera - it's heavy, it works, but you have to support it with your hands and there is a risk that the matrix plane will tilt towards the lens axis.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thanks for the information.


    Explain to me, the fool, what is unique about it? The hand comes out and tightens the focus ring on the lens, or what?

    • Jury

      moves the whole lens

    • Arkady Shapoval

      The adapter lengthens by pushing (focusing) the lens. Since the working distance on mirrorless mirrors is very small, you can use this trick.

  • zengarden

    Cool :) although not cheap. It’s a pity that only for Sonya.

    • Kirill

      Not only for Sony
      on request adapter Techart - manufacturer's website

  • Denis

    Helios-81n tried on the D5100, the green dot that confirmed the focus was enough for me

  • max

    I can’t understand how this thing moves the lens / lens block in the MANUAL lens?

    • anonym

      She does not move the lens block separately, she moves the entire lens relative to the camera matrix.

  • Alexander

    This is perhaps an excessive convenience. All the buzz in working with the same Zeiss or Lake in the super smooth focusing ring, in the possibility of picking or sharpness limits, the EVI instantly focused in that place (and not just in the center, without clicking the joystick) where you need!

    • Nikolay Eremeev

      Alexander, you are a storyteller. I tried to shoot on a7 and a7m2 with zeiss peaking and crowns, frames without a magnifying glass fly into milk, peaking only roughly reflects the sharpness. Putting a strong selection fills everything, putting the middle one shows weak. You have to press the magnifying glass all the time, and you can't always find your way around it. To shoot at least something dynamic in motion on a Sony in the manual is just hell. Half or more of the frame is a continuous marriage. Strange as it may seem, but in the same manual on Nikon there are no problems even without any pickings. Thanks to the rangefinder, on my own watering can, too, all the way. But shooting in a manual on a Sony without autofocus - just forget. )

      • anonym

        it depends on the lens, on the focal length (with the widths, say, most frames can be safely shot at infinity, which they start a little further than the front lens), on the subject.

        I shoot on sony nex-6 mainly with olympus pen-f lenses. beauty. with those 38 / 1.8 and 40 / 1.4, focusing is easy and enjoyable. yes, harder with dynamic scenes like kids.
        Yes, with 100 / 3.5 it is not so simple, there you have to aim at even distant objects, often with a magnifying glass. long-focus manual lenses and dynamic scenes are generally poorly compatible, not only on Sony. and statics or parastatics - yes it is not.

        I also dream of pen-f 25 / 2.8 and 60 / 1.5, but the first is just expensive, and the second is fabulously expensive, like 70/2. and okay, the price itself will be, but also the customs will have to dump half the price.

  • Paul

    Pentax also did something similar, but in the form of a 1.7 teleconverter. It couldn't have been otherwise at the time of the film. It was called “SMC Pentax-F 1.7x AF Adapter”. It appeared together with the “F” -generation optics (the first autofocus generation of Pentax optics). The 1987 catalogs have already been mentioned. The price, as well as on Techart, is not small now.

  • Paul

    Forgot to say from the bad:
    Eats a battery
    This happens even when the camera is turned off.
    This is noticeable in the instructions for updating the firmware, it is done from the phone via bluetooth when the camera is in the off state.
    And in life, if it is on the camera for two, three days, the battery runs down to zero.

    • Alexander Hedgehog

      Pavel, tell me how he behaves in the video mode, does the focus tracking work?

      A very interesting thing despite the price tag.

      • Paul

        Focus does not work with video.

  • anonym

    What kind of people in the comments are, to put it mildly - stupid .. "how does he focus the lens" - yes damn it, look at the specification, fuck it ..))

  • Paul

    After a year of active use, it still unexpectedly failed. A small control board, a micromotor with a gear that transmits the force to a toothed ruler connected to a movable part of the body with a bayonet bayonet, which slides along two guide rods. I disconnected the ruler, turned the gearbox, plugged in the camera, like a motor buzzed, plugged the ruler back in - it doesn't want to, it goes crazy and that's it.
    I sinned for the wear of the gearbox, found a suitable one from the robot designer on the "robopats", tried to replace it, but unfortunately it did not work, and replacing the brushes at the engine did not help (there the entire cover changes along with the brushes). Roofing felts the parameters of the reducer do not fit, or in the engine control keys something also burned out when it was wedged for the first time ... Turns without load, does not want to with load.

    • Aperturer


  • Andrei

    Good evening.
    More and more recently I am interested in the adapter, with which I can attach both the Kenon autofocus devices - and the Soviet manuals to the telephone camera ..., have you come across, will you advise anything?

  • Paul

    Well, how are the new items at the moment?

    • No Name

      Monster Adapter LA-KE1 Pentax K to Sony E

  • Tatyana

    Good day! is Techart PRO Leica M - Sony E Autofocus Adapter compatible with Sony A Nex 5t (E mount)? or is there a chance it won't work?

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