Note about Canon EOS 450D

Canon EOS DIGITAL 450D was introduced back in January 2008, in some countries it might have a different name: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi or Canon EOS Kiss X2.

Canon EOS 450D

Canon EOS 450D (I have the inscription Canon EOS Rebel XSi)

Basic about Canon EOS DIGITAL 450D:

  • 9-point focus moduleused in models 20D, 20 Da, 30D, 400D, 500D, 550D, 600D и 100D. Center point is cruciform with a sensor of increased accuracy. Enhanced accuracy sensor works with 'lighter' F / 2.8 lenses, 2.8 lenses
  • JVI on the basis of pentzer mirrorssmall enough in comparison with similar JVI based on pentaprism.
  • 3 inch displayTrue, with a small number of pixels (about 230.000). The Canon 450D was one of the first Canon EOS cameras with a 3-inch display, which greatly affected the usability. Prior to her, only the TOP had such a large display. 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III и 40D.
  • Auto View Live View. The Canon 450D is the first Canon EOS series with automatic support for Live View. The inclusion of the Live View mode can be programmed on the central button of the joystick using the C.FnIV 11/3 function. Unfortunately, Live View only works in A-DEP modes, M, AV, TV, P... Press the '*' button to auto focus in Live View.
  • as well as 1000D, 40D, 50D, 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III the Canon 450D has a Live View but can't shoot video.
  • 35-zone SPC metering sensorwhich was used even by Canon 5D Mark II.
  • maximum burst speed 3.5 frames per second. Frame buffer in RAW format is 6 pictures, in JPEL L format is 9 pictures, in RAW + JPEG format  4 shots. When the noise reduction function is turned on at high ISO, the frame buffer capacity is significantly reduced.
  • 12 MP with a maximum size of the created image 2848 X 4272.
  • DIGIC III processorworking with 14-bit color depth. The same paired processor is used TOP 1D Mark III и 1Ds Mark III. Prior to 450D, only TOP cameras could use 14-bit 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III и 40D.
  • ISO can only be selected in the range 100-1600 units in 1 step increments (i.e. ISO 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600), minimum excerpt equals 1/4000 s., excerpt synchronization 1/200 sec. When Highlight Priority is enabled, the ISO range becomes 200 to 1600. The AUTO-ISO function works in the range of 100-800 units with the ability to use an ISO step equal to 1/3 stop (i.e. the function can automatically set additional values ​​of 125, 160, 250, 320, 500, 640 units).

My experience

Canon 450D is the cheapest DSLR camera with support for full Live View, which is very important for working with manual optics. At one time I bought a used Canon 450D for only $ 80.

I really like that in JPEG L format with reduced quality frame buffer becomes very large, and burst shooting even with a slow memory card can last indefinitely (until the memory card is full or until the battery runs out). This property allows you to shoot as many frames as you like using burst shooting using focus bracketing with manual lenses. The battery capacity is enough for 4000 (!) Frames while shooting with a manual lens in JPEG L. I take as many frames on the Canon 450D as I see fit and never (never!) worry about the wear of the shutter, this makes shooting with complete pleasure.

14-bit RAW files weigh up to 25 MB and they can be pulled out quite a lot. The native Canon DPP utility works quite quickly with 12 MP snapshots even on weak computers. Unfortunately, the noise level at ISO above 400 units wants better, however, in general, at ISO 100-200, the quality of the pictures is decent even for our time.

The pixel density of the Canon 450D is about the same as that of Canon 5D Mark IV and is a balanced solution for a cropped camera.

I recommend the Canon 450D to many amateur photographers who are looking for the cheapest and most functional camera, especially if shooting video is not important.

Shown below gallery on Canon 450D and super budget YONGNUO LENS EF 50mm 1: 1.8:

You can find more examples of photos with source files in the reviews:

  1. CANON LENS EF 50mm 1: 1.8 (MKI)
  2. Auto-Takumar 1: 2 f = 55mm
  3. Super-Takumar 1: 1.4 / 50
  4. Tamron Di II 18-270mm F / 3.5-6.3 VC Piezo Drive B008
  5. Sigma 70-300mm 1:4-5.6
  6. I96U-N-22-3,5 / 50
  7. I50U-1 1: 3,5 F = 50mm P
  8. VEGA-11U 3/54
  9. Sigma DG OS 70-300mm 1: 4-5.6
  10. I50U-3,5 / 50
  11. Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 17-85mm 1: 4-5.6 IS USM
  12. I50U 3,5 / 50
  13. MS RUBINAR 5,6 / 500 MACRO
  14. Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4 / 85 ZE T *
  15. TAMRON 70-210mm 1: 3.8-4 46A
  16. Schneider-Kreuznach Edixa-Tele-Xenar 1: 3.5 / 135
  17. RIKENON P 1: 2 50mm RICOH
  18. Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1: 3.5 / 35
  20. MONTGOMERY WARD 67-583 AUTO 1: 3.5 F = 200mm
  21. Super-Takumar 1: 1.4 / 50
  22. Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4 / 50 ZE T *
  23. Tamron SP 45mm F / 1.8 Di VC USD F013
  24. AUTO SEARS LENS JAPAN 1: 2.0 50mm
  25. KALIMAR MC 50mm K-90 AUTO 1: 1.7 COATED
  26. I96U 3,5 / 50 H-22
  27. Canon Compact-Macro Lens EF 50mm 1: 2.5
  29. Super-Takumar 1: 2 / 55
  30. I96U-3.5 / 50
  31. Canon Lens EF 50mm 1: 1.8 II, 'Canon Lens Made in Japan' version
  32. Super-Takumar 1: 1.8 / 55
  33. HELIOS-44M 2/58
  34. CZJena Tessar 2,8 / 50 (GERMANY)
  35. Tamron USD DI SP 70-200mm F / 2.8 VC Ultrasonic Silent Drive A009
  36. Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR 1: 1.8 / 55
  37. I-26m-U 2,8 / 52
  39. Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4 / 85 T * (Lens made in West Germany, C / Y)
  40. Tamron AF 75-300mm 1: 4-5.6 LD TELE-MACRO (1: 3.9) 672D
  41. SIGMA ZOOM 28-70mm 1: 2.8 EX ASPHERICAL
  42. MC HELIOS-77M-4 50mm 1: 1,8
  43. YONGNUO LENS EF 50mm 1: 1.8

When choosing a Canon camera, you can use my recommendations described here.

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.

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    How to achieve auto ISO 320 and so on? Or does it just work in exif anyway will it be 200 or 400?

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      use auto-iso

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        It turns out this is the only crop from canon with a 12mp matrix

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    Thanks for the information, I got a lot of information for myself about the Canon 450D camera

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