The day the Sony a9 came out

19.04.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX the camera was released Sony a9 (she Sony ILCE-9, and with a more beautiful name Sony a9).

Sony a9 (ILCE-9, α9)

Sony a9 (ILCE-9, α9)

Key Features and Camera Presentation here.




Body Prices here. Kit Prices here. List of all Sony FE lenses with auto focus support here.

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P.S. is a breakthrough mirrorless?

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  • Peter Sh.

    So, Sony herself writes that through an adapter, the performance of third-party lenses drops in all respects. Sony has no sensible and accessible ones at all. So, it definitely does not suit me.
    It turns out this camera for fans, where is the competition?

  • Peter Sh.

    And one more thing.
    Sony writes that at 20 fps electronic shutter picture quality will be worse. And 7 fps with a mechanical shutter is not yet possible with every native lens.
    So, 20 fps are generally useless, hehe.

    - Avram, Moishe told me sho he won a hundred rubles at cards yesterday. It's true?
    - Sarochka, it's still true. Only did not win, but lost. And not in cards, but in billiards. And not for me, but for Rabinovich ...

  • Evgen

    Really bombs from the fact that the a9 came out more serious than the same Nikon D5, but cheaper? envy is a typical feature for a Belarusian!

    • Peter Sh.

      Already chewed in the comments.

      "Chukchi is not a reader, Chukchi is a writer ..."

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