Nikon and HAL 9000

HAL 9000

HAL 9000

Iconic All-Seeing Computer Eye HAL 9000 from the movie 'Space Odyssey 2001'taken Stanley Kubrick in 1968, was made on the basis of the lens Nippon kogaku japan Fish-eye-NIKKOR 1: 8 f = 8mm (more often appears under a more modern name Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor 8mm f / 8).

HAL 9000 is one of the most famous super villains in movies, especially among evil computers and other such artificial intelligences.

Fish-eye-NIKKOR 1: 8 f = 8mm

Fish-eye-NIKKOR 1: 8 f = 8mm. Photo taken here.

Rephrased the classic: "Go to the Nikon / Evil side, we have HAL 9000 and cookies."

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Comments: 15, on the topic: Nikon and HAL 9000

  • Alexey

    And the photos from him?

  • zengarden

    Luminous pupils of robots always amused. Why do they emit light, although it should be the other way around? but it looks ominous (probably).

    • Jury

      really ominous, again, it is easy to show with the help of a luminous pupil how “life” leaves the robot under pressure :)

    • anonym

      Or maybe they work with infrared light? They emit in a wide range of the infrared spectrum (therefore partially glow in red) and process the reflected light. So you can see in complete darkness.

      • anonym

        And they don’t realize that we see this spectrum and how their eyes glow.

  • Denis

    the eyes of the Chinese would probably be blue

  • Sergei

    It is worth mentioning another lens, Zeiss 50mm f0.7, used by S. Kubrick when shooting scenes by candlelight in my favorite 1975 film by Barry Lyndon.

    • Oleg

      Some of the most unusual lenses

      • Oleg

        With this planar, they shot the back of the moon

    • Alexey

      Zeiss made an interesting lens in 1967. And what kind of mount does he have?

  • Oleg

    Nikon also has a 6mm fisheye and a viewing angle of 220 degrees. Who cares can be made to order, the price is 35000 dollars

  • Gene jb

    it's all nonsense. what for illuminate the inside of the face in a spacesuit of the latest films? he doesn’t see nichrome there

    • Alexey

      It's elementary to see the face of the protagonist.

  • sasa13e

    "HAL9000 does not want to harm human beings"

  • Charles

    Anthony Hopkins once said in an interview that he sculpted the image of Hannibal Lecter with HAL9000 :)

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