Overview of the film projection lens LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2

According provided by LOMO RO 500-1 lens F = 90 1: 2 many thanks to Konstantin Puchkov.

LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2

Sample photo on the LOMO RO500-1 lens F = 90 1: 2. The lens itself is so scary that its appearance did not fit the title photo of the review :)

In short

LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2 - the old Soviet film projection lens. Like most such lenses, it lacks a focusing mechanism and device aperture. LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2 is one bare lens unit.

LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2 has a good sharpness and suffers from strong chromatic aberrations, it is afraid of flare. Moreover, he has his own characteristic pattern. Good for portraiture.

Owner of three lenses ОКП-6-70-1 F=70 1:1,8LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2 and LOMO RO501-1 F = 100 1: 2 believes that the latter is the most interesting of the three.

For practical use as a photo lens, LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2 should be upgraded. The owner of the lens independently made a focusing cup made of a medium format macro ring and adapter KP6 / Nand macro ring M42. Specify details in comments.

Sample photos

Pictures in the gallery were obtained using Nikon D90. The photos in the gallery below are shown without processing, the conversion of the source RAW files by the original Nikon ViewNX-i utility without making additional adjustments.

You can download RAW source files at this link (33 files in the '.NEF' format, 290 MB).

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The names of the lenses correspond to their exact spelling on the body.

Catalog modern brand lenses 'Zenitar' и 'Helios' can look at this link.

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Comments: 18, on the topic: Overview of the film projection lens LOMO RO500-1 F = 90 1: 2

  • Alexey

    but good pictures.

  • Rodion

    This juicy lens, I like it.

  • Alexey

    Very good
    After the release of reviews, the price is likely to jump
    Moreover, there is a detailed drawing of a helicoid for this entire set on the Internet
    Thanks to all the crazy amateur photographers

  • MSVCP140

    :-) OK!

  • zengarden

    Liked :)

  • Dmitry (St. Petersburg)

    An interesting lens! Color rendering and blur at a height. Thanks for the review!

  • Noa

    For a full-frame SLR is not suitable?

    • Alexey

      very suitable only very carefully you need to use such glass it is heavy in itself
      and a lot of debris can bring into your full frame))) dust, dirt and everything that gets into the moment of shooting since it does not have its own protected helicoid

      • Arkady Shapoval

        You can insert everything that does not violate the harmony of Radozhiva :)

  • Nikolai (sn797)

    Yeah, really, the photos are very pleasant to read. Such an ugly duckling. Sparrows are super! Thanks for another interesting review.

  • Maksim

    Nice portraiture with excellent sharpness and proper soft bokeh.

    • Rodion

      Apparently, you also have to do this. Painfully good portrait draws.

  • Maksim

    Toy for ridiculous money.

  • Andrei

    Good afternoon Arkady.
    I have a unique lens P0503-1 focal length 120 mm, aperture 2. Experienced (as I understand it is an experimental model?). I'd love to remake it under the Nikon mount, and preferably Samsung NX. I can send it to you for review (with return :))

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