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Thoughts that I often follow, phrases that I often use (often - comic):

  1. Favorite camera - the one in the hands.
  2. A favorite picture is a picture of a loved one.
  3. The photographer quickly and accurately determines the movement of the entire shooting.
  4. The photographer assumes all responsibility for his actions and decisions.
  5. Contrast kills color.
  6. Nikon or Canon? It doesn’t matter when there is money.
  7. Nikon or Canon? The correct answer is 'go to photography school'.
  8. Nikon or Canon? Photoshop always wins!
  9. The photographer is rated on the basis of the five worst shots (the Lynx taught me this).
  10. Cold? Learn to take off with gloves.
  11. Cold? Shoot in the studio.
  12. You take pictures of the bride in winter, in the cold, and everyone is frozen - you are a loser!
  13. You are filming a pregnant bride in the winter and only the registry office - congratulations, you're done!
  14. My best photo was taken with 'not what', but 'with whom!' (Look for someone to shoot!)
  15. My best photos were taken 'not by what', but 'where and when!'. (Look for the location and time of the shoot!)
  16. In most cases, you take pictures of what is inside of you and how is inside of you.
  17. Yes, I photograph flowers and birds - I have flowers and birds inside.
  18. The client is always right. It's a service industry baby! If the client says that he does not have a double chin - remove the double chin! In photos from DSC_1987.JРG to DSC_9000.JРG inclusive!
  19. Why take one photo if you can take two? (this is my favorite saying).
  20. Pleiner in summer, studio in winter.
  21. A wedding photography at the beginning of the journey is a beautiful illusion.
  22. Only an idiot can dream of becoming a wedding photographer in Ukraine. One needs to dream about becoming a very good wedding photographer. I dream most often about how to add another review.
  23. I am an applied mathematician by education and I know what percentage to give for a client.
  24. Sharp for the client! Sharp customer!
  25. Noises - to print!
  26. Photoshop to the priests, if you have the usual TN.
  27. It's disgusting to look at your pictures processed on a bad monitor. Bought a cool camera? Buy a cool monitor!
  28. 100 weddings - and you're a cynic!
  29. As a surgeon, I cut people in batches.
  30. It seems to me that an experienced surgeon is most like an experienced photographer. Both are aware of the insides of people.
  31. My operator Kolya always says - there is sun and no sun - diaphragm five and six!
  32. My cameraman knows photography better than all these photo gurus. He says - take pictures of people? Be a psychologist!
  33. For two years I could not see how the light falls on some photographs, I was always surprised that other pros immediately see and recognize complex or interesting light in the photo. Those who take up photography are blind, they have to learn to see.
  34. I can go to ordinary films and watch them in 3D. Damn brain guesses about light sources.
  35. Models look at facial expressions, members of the forum look at the background or sharpness, bombiles look at the budget, and pros know the behavior of the first three types.
  36. I do not like 'soap', 'hole', 'carcass'. I use other words.
  37. The first mistake many novice photographers in our countries make is the hellish lightroom presets.
  38. World! Work! Fix!
  39. I am ashamed of 99% of my shots.
  40. I delete more photos per day than some take in my whole life.
  41. The idea that many homebrew photographers can design a lens with crystal lenses with zero aberrations does not go out of my head, but ask them to show at least one picture - they dissolve like fog.
  42. One of my favorite photos - Pale Blue Dot and her description by Carl Sagan.

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  • Vyacheslav

    Yes, item 13 - afytar burned with napalm!

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