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Sony a7II (body)

The Sony A7II was introduced on November 20, 2014 and is a sequel / replacement for the Sony A7. In short, the Sony A7II is a redesigned and redesigned Sony A7. In this post I want to describe the differences between the Sony A7 and Sony A7II, as well as share my impressions of working with this camera.

Differences between Sony A7II and Sony A7

  • Sony A7II was released 13 months later, after the announcement of the Sony A7.
  • The main difference between cameras is the built-in image stabilizer. The built-in stabilizer of the Sony A7 II works very well, the whole Internet has been rattling about the “5-axis” stabilization in Sony mirrorless cameras for a long time. The principle of operation of the stabilizer is clearly shown in official video.
  • Sony A7II has a different body. First of all, the Sony A7 II has a larger grip for a comfortable grip. Sony A7II has gotten thicker, the shutter button has moved to a different, more convenient place. On top of the Sony A7II, an additional 'C2' programmable button has been added. Thus, the Sony A7 II has one more button. The Sony A7II's flash hot shoe is black. The body itself has become stronger, in particular, the bayonet mount has become stronger. Unlike Sony A7, the new model the whole body is made of magnesium alloy. Sony A7 also had a plastic front panel.
  • The Sony A7II uses a 1.228.800 dots display (640 X 480 X 4 RGBW subpixels) versus 921.600 (640 X 480 X 3 RGB sub pixels) dots on the Sony A7. The Sony A7 II display, in addition to RGB pixels, also has W pixels (white). The maximum tilt angles have also changed, the Sony A7II display may deviate a little further. In practice, the difference between displays is very small.
  • Sony A7II can now record video using a video codec XAVC S., while a bitrate of 50Mbps. It’s unfortunate that there is no 7K video in the Sony A4 II.
  • Sony A7II can use gamma curve S-LOG2 (selectable in PP7) which expands the dynamic range. Video users should appreciate S-LOG2 and PP (Picture Profiles). PP profiles can be flexibly configured in the camera menu. PP descriptions can be found here.
  • Sony A7II became heavier by 125 grams.
  • It is stated that the Sony A7 II now focuses 30% faster than the Sony A7. The focus sensor sensitivity range has increased from 0 - 20 EV to -1 - 20 EV. In practice, I didn't notice much difference in focusing speed and accuracy. The Sony A7 II and Sony A7 use the same hybrid focusing system with 117 phase focusing sensors. With lens Sony SEL2470Z the camera sometimes lost its subject and was generally far less focused than many simple phase-detection DSLRs. I think that the Sony A7II has only software improvements to the focusing system and it still has not grown even to the level of amateur SLR cameras, while I am already silent about 'serious DSLRs' with powerful phase focusing systems. On the Internet I come across a lot of not entirely truthful information, which praises the autofocus of the Sony a7 / Sony a7 II, but the creators of such praises probably never filmed any more or less serious reportage where the focusing of the Sony A7 II can float a lot (in comparison with the SLR cameras).
  • Sony A7II has improved metering system exposure, the sensitivity of which is now -1 - 20 EV, versus 0 - 20 EV for the Sony A7.
  • Sony A7II has less lag when turned on.
  • Sony A7II can now use the VG-C2EM battery grip, which holds 2 batteries for longer battery life.
  • Sony A7II has a choice RAW compression mode ('.ARW) files. With the Sony A7II, you can get uncompressed RAW files that weigh 49-50 MB. The Sony A7 did not have such a feature and many complained that its 'shaken' RAW could not convey the full potential of the sensor. Frame buffer when shooting in uncompressed RAW format is about 10 frames.
  • There are also other small differences, such as: a slightly different maximum number of frames per battery charge, the Sony A7II has a flash power lock function, etc.

JPEG source files can be downloaded at this link (28 files, 300 MB).

More examples of photos taken on the Sony a7II in different conditions can be found in the review. Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar FE 4 / 24-70 ZA OSS T * (Sony SEL2470Z FE 4 / 24-70 Optical Steady Shot) and in review Canon Lens FD 50mm 1: 1.8.

Sony A7II and Sony A7 use the same matrix and create 99% identical photos (unless the potential of PP and uncompressed RAW is used on Sony A7 II), you will find a lot of examples of photos on Sony A7 in my her review.

My experience

I absolutely love the Sony A7II and its stabilization system. The stabilizer works even with lenses from third-party manufacturers, including manual lenses without microprocessor contacts. To make everything work as expected in the 'SteaaxdyS Settings.' -> 'Fock. dist. SteadyS. ' you need to specify the real focal length of the lens. For example, for a manual lens Canon Lens FD 50mm 1: 1.8 I have specified the value '50 mm '. The focal length can be selected from 8 to 1000 mm. If for Canon Lens FD 50mm 1: 1.8 try to increase the work of the stabilizer and instead of '50 mm 'choose the value' 1000 mm ', then the effect will be the opposite - in EVI the picture will shake much more strongly, even in comparison with the disabled stabilizer.

When working with lenses that already have an integrated image stabilizer, the camera stabilizer works in conjunction with the lens stabilizer. In this case, the camera stabilizer performs only part of the compensation for camera / lens shake, the rest is taken up by the lens. The stabilizer can only be turned on simultaneously on the camera and on the lens, or simultaneously turned off on the camera and on the lens (for Sony FE lenses). You will find more information on the joint work of stabilizers in this section.

The base model Sony A7 was originally marketed as a compact camera, its mirrorless nature allowed it to be reasonably thin, light and small, but it ended up with a controversial control with an awkward grip. But the Sony A7II already has a much larger body and resembles SLR cameras in size and appearance. It was not possible to make a compact camera with a full-frame sensor. And the compactness of a mirrorless system with a full-frame matrix is ​​more of a myth, since the lenses themselves, which are necessary to cover the 36 * 24 matrix, are quite large.

In general, the Sony A7II is a real find for lovers of manual optics, as well as an excellent thing for amateurs and professionals who are engaged in video shooting.

Sony ILCE-7M2 (Sony a7II)

Sony ILCE-7M2 (Sony a7II) with a manual lens fifty dollars Canon Lens FD 50mm 1: 1.8

Real prices for Sony a7 II in popular online stores can look at this link, or in the price block below:
All prices on Sony A7 II body

In comments Can I ask you a question on the topic and you will answer, and you can also express your opinion or describe your experience. Many little things for a photo can be found on AliExpress.


The Sony A7II is a redesigned and refined version of the Sony A7. Sony A7II received excellent built-in stabilization system, uncompressed RAW, slightly improved focus and metering systems exposure, updated design and materials of the case, added advanced features for video shooting. If you take the stabilizer with the Sony A7II (turn off), then this camera repeats the Sony A90 7%.

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Comments: 143, on the topic: Impression of Sony A7II

  • Alex

    I had a Sony a7. Parted due to the loud noise of the shutter sound. He annoyed me and everyone I shot. The new camera with a stub shutter sound is the quietest and most pleasant! Maybe I'll take it again.
    You won't find a real cam.jipeg like that from Sony anywhere. I saw a real skin tone only at Sony! If you are shooting a landscape, then another FF will suit you. But if you shoot children and groups of people - this camera will perfectly reproduce colors. I have seen such natural colors only on Nikon D200 and Fuji S5 PRO CCDs. Otherwise Sony a * lags far behind other cameras in AF and ergonomics. But for the sake of color and low noise at ISO 6400, it is worth looking at this camera.

    • NE

      In confirmation of your words ... Looking through a large number of photos in one of the groups on flickr, which is related not to technology, but to genre, I noticed the following regularity (IMHO): as soon as the colors pleased and there was a desire to look at which camera this photo was taken, it turned out usually it was sony

  • Vlad

    Hello Arkady. I am standing at a crossroads between nikon df and sony a7m2.I like portrait genres, street photography (evening) I don’t take pictures of sports. How else do you like the zeiss 24-70 f / 4 lens? thanks

    • Eugene o

      I’m not Arkady, but let me comment.
      Df you will not find with fire during the day - discontinued, I suppose. I myself look towards Sony, but the A7R II attracts more, minus the insanely high price tag. If you have an F-mount - E-mount adapter from Commlite, which allows you to work with Nikkor lenses as if you were a native, and even without FF / BF problems, this will significantly save on optics, at least at the first stage.
      Although personally, I expect from 2017 - the year of the centenary of Nikon - some kind of superproduct, like a full-frame Pro mirrorless camera. Therefore, while in thought and expectation.

    • Demyanov

      Nikon definitely. Sony is a craft, play around. I have Nikon and Sony. Nikon is like a Bentley, a premium, Sony is an ordinary Ford Focus - and the quality of the images is cardboard and uncomfortable itself. The only plus is that you can put almost any optics, the flange allows. Only because of this I use sony, but without pleasure. And the creepy electronic peephole versus the excellent optical viewfinder is another story altogether.

      • Max kramer

        You can immediately see a typical layman. Does quality give cardboard? You are either a troll or not at all in the subject. Such as a rule, they talk about technology, and they themselves remove seals and flowers + weddings and any banal household.
        It is Sony that makes matrices for everyone. You will also talk about “cardboardness” after that.
        An electronic viewfinder is one of the best things that has happened in photography. Allows you to immediately see the photo as it will be. And there is no need to tell stories about “this is a matter of experience”. Professionals also note the extreme convenience of electronic. Moreover, it is natural in general, in principle. I'll see how you shoot in the dark, not to mention night shots. All normally developed people have forgotten the optical sight as a bad dream.
        And note: Sonya previously had the BEST, and now one of the best viewfinders. The finest display quality in it. Bear this in mind, Mr. Dilentant. And the terminology "peephole" you just hints at your level of collective farm.
        For only a photo-layman, who is not a boom-boom in the photo-sphere and in trends, could say such nonsense about "craft, play around". And this is at Sony, which are some of the most innovative on the market.
        PPC. They are simply amazing ...

        • Michael

          Immediately visible fanatical sonovoda

        • Oleg

          Agree to 100%

        • Serg

          In general, the Fujifilm X-T3 viewfinder says the best among mirrorless :))

        • Demyanov

          Some marketer writes. “Professionals note the convenience of electronic”, and I and many others note the inconvenience of it hurting their eyes - the same screen in the tunnel. Naturally? Well, for someone, sex with a rubber woman is natural. The viewfinder there is unimportant and this is a fact. Here, Fuji is more interesting - there is a hybrid, rather they have the best mirrorless on the market. Sony makes matrices, but does not know how to make smart cameras and smartphones. It is enough to open the Sony a7 menu to make sure that it was done by an engineer who is a little “under the closet”. Shoot what you think is necessary, I don’t like Sony with the ideology of control - a bunch of buttons, functions, but everything is somehow raw, unfinished - not for a person. In addition to a matrix with high ISO and the ability to put any optics there, there is really nothing sensible. Manual focusing is so-so, focus peaking is not accurate, there is no balance with large lenses from Sony itself. Especially with the first A7. Even video makers, to whom it’s a sin to complain about Sony, are sometimes not very happy and look in the direction of Panasonic - they don’t like Sony’s usability. Yes, I forgot to say about the shutter, it would seem that there is no mirror, it should be quiet, and the A7 literally rumbles even with a quiet shutter. I thought for a long time how to produce such a raw product, and then I realized that this is Sony's ideology - the ideology of a corporate cog, not a reasonable person, but a robotic person and the camera, raping the photographer's brain, is trying to make it so. While the same antediluvian film Zenith, on the contrary, seeks to develop you and instead of 100500 functions that an ordinary amateur photographer does not need at all, give only what you need - manual settings, aim and shoot. Therefore, when shooting on a Sony, you do not feel pleasure. The picture is also inferior by default from the camera to a full-frame DSLR, often there is not enough volume - you need to stretch it out by processing. Sony is more for videographers, and not about photos, there is S-log there.

      • AB

        Exactly the same story, only with Boot 5D m1 and Sony a7. Sonya is like a toy, it pleases only DD and a short working segment. In everything else, it's just rubbish. I do not think that the second or even the third seven will become as reliable companions as Nikon or Canon of the corresponding level. I took a7 for the FL-FD optics which I use when shooting on film (the Canon A1 camera for a minute with the motoblock of 80 is still alive!) The Fifth Boot is like a native, despite the fact that it’s the same ancient Pervyatak, which actually in color and noise in its modest range, Chuyki is much nicer. But the most important thing that freezes the most is that Sonya from the first minute of use simply decomposes, like a piece of meat in the hot sun, gum, a screen covering all this in a terrible state in just a couple of years.)))

  • Oleg

    Well, completely confused))) I was going to leave from seven hundred. Or on Fuji xt1 or sony a7II. With the replacement of the optics park - the price is almost the same. After reading both reviews, I concluded that both are complete crap))). What do I trust you - probably I've been reading for a long time))) but the photo in the fujika review is juicier, more decorative. And on the seven there is a beloved 180 and the difference that this FF did not really see. It became sad. Probably all the same I will take Fuji with the hope that 56 / 1,2 and 35/2 will be fast. And for a long time I will type samyangs manual)))

    • Sergos

      increasing juiciness and decorativeness -fuji marketing technique \ puppet colors hitting the brain \, but if you like it, click in the editor

      • Pokemon

        Well, what kind of puppet colors?
        If hand-held blind photographers sitting on TN monitors twist contrast and saturation all the way to the right, where does Fuji have to do with it ?! Have you ever held one of their cameras not in pictures, but in your hands? It's full of camera profiles. Proviya, Velvia, Astia, Fujichrom - any set and shoot.

        • Sergos

          I already wrote that with a delay of a year and a half, I kept almost everything I wanted and earned with photography when you were not in the project .. profiles are such a pokemon for you, you twist them. white, you won’t need to twist and lightroom, just Sony’s jpeg will be enough. By the way, I’ve been on a 4k monitor for a long time, not 5k ... after all, where did you get such a painful aplomb, is it bad with finances? I already complained to Arkady about the incomprehensible fanatical rudeness in the comments and his right to remove such arrogant, painful, offensive comments

          • Dmitry Kostin

            sergos, if I offended you then, I apologize for being rude.
            However, admit that your comment of February 20.02 is also such a fanboy.
            On different Fuji people take pictures and also get good shots. Much depends on their ability to take pictures, on observation, on taste, and, oddly enough, on the monitor. For with a TN-monitor, you can correct the photo in such a way that it can be a shame later, but there are no RAWs anymore ... It’s okay with finances, contact me if anything.

  • Alexey

    And at low ISO, and if you do not sprinkle or greatly increase the size of the image when viewing, you will not see it.

  • Novel

    But after a while and having saved some money, I decided to buy a mirrorless mirror (I sat all the time on canon'e 50d).
    Nowhere can I find an intelligible review / comparison of the A7m2 and a7r. What's better?
    I shoot both architecture and landscapes as well as portraits and close-ups, and I got tired after compiling a raw video in fifty dollars through magic latern, but I would like to try it here too, it would be much better if the time of laps and so on and so on.
    The question is what to take?
    Thanks everyone! =)

    • Demyanov

      If you need a gigantic resolution, you need to take r, otherwise I did not notice any special advantages in the first r. The first Sonya is uncomfortable in the grip, too light, without a stub. And you still can't put it in your pocket.

      • Denis

        Well, why .. even how it fits in a jacket pocket! It all depends on the lens, I often go with samyang 35 2.8, it is very compact

    • Sergos

      so sony does not sleep too

  • Andrei

    I read the comments and just amazed, are you crazy then? If you want to hang huge fixes on the camera - take D810, why pervert with a miniature mirrorless? These cameras are, first of all, the ability to have full-frame quality practically in your pocket, for example, with the sony 24-240 you will have a full-frame travel zoom weighing less than 1.5kg. These are not reportage cameras, why compare them with those?

  • anonym

    A stabilization system of a similar type was used in the Pentax K10 - Samsung GX10. Sony releases obscene cameras, pick up the same Pentax (for comparison)



    Sony Ukraine has 1 single certified or official EPC service center for brand Vovka 18a in Kiev. The rest of their service only deal with single-lens soap dishes.

    I phoned the EPC repairman (he is only one there for 13 years) and agreed that I was going to Kiev, I would bring a camera, so that while I was in Kiev he would do everything. I took the camera because of the autofocus adjustment of the minolta 85 1.4 d + LA4 had front focus. On the phone, the repairman said the business was in 5 minutes. I brought a camera - when it was received by absolutely wooden personnel, the camera lay with a matrix on top for 30 minutes (a lot of dust was poured), but not the point. So the conclusion of the repairman - the adjustment could not be done because the YUSB port is not connected, for this reason he disassembled the camera to find out the reason, it turned out that there was just such a glitch in the camera. I offered to replace the entire fee, I agreed, but I had to wait 2 weeks, and at that time I had a wedding filming in 4 days, and Arkady with Sony a7p)). I had to refuse and just pick up the camera. Of course, I had to pay for everything, but when I took the camera away, it turned out that the plugs fell out where the YUSB was. I called the master in response and said that it was on all cameras of the 7 series, I argued with him for a long time that this was not possible, etc. In total, he went to disassemble the camera again and came out with the words, "and the truth is, it turns out that you can tighten these plugs on these cameras," he turned the camera around and left. Of course I was shocked ... But this is all bullshit. When we went to take pictures at night on the same day, the aperture wheel turned out to be inoperative. On the trail. the day didn’t get to come to the service, as it was a constitution day holiday, and the train was sent. I waited until the working day, and sent them a camera to fix this problem. I was terribly crap on the phone by a repairman, supposedly I came up with it all. But that's all) I get a camera on the 18th of this month, with the broken down, but with a crack on the case, where the bolts were spinning, and of course there are scratches. And a piece of paper)) that when the camera was received, a crack was already found on the case)) The crack was just under the bolts. I was not that shocked ... I am told that this may be the fault of the Thurman Express service (theirs full delivery officer) to whom they asked them to send the camera, but the service absolutely does not take responsibility for what is in the box. I wrote, called the support service, in Sony - they don't care for the service.
    And the SERVICE is not responsible, as they are supervised by the Sony company.
    It has been 1 month since my last visit to Kiev, and there are still disputes with Sony's company, which does not want to do anything.
    they don’t have a direct number to call
    EPC service says - we can't do anything without Sony Ukraine
    and Sony says, well, the crack was made before visiting the serv, that's all)) ...
    Of course I'm trying to convey to them that the crack is exactly where the yusb and the bolts were spinning.
    There is such a place that it is simply impossible to break it
    so I brought the camera to Kiev)) just for tuning)))

    • anonym

      it resembles films where the protagonist, because of his gouging, constantly plows into all sorts of troubles. give the camera to the service in order to align the connection with the lens from another system ??? why the heck ???

    • Demyanov

      It's not about Sony, but about your naive attitude to the CIS service. It's better not to trust them. If something does not suit the technique, sell and buy another copy. No need to repair. I will responsibly declare, at least Sony, at least Nikon, at least private repairmen - in 70% you will definitely get hemorrhoids with them. Canon seems to be nothing, for a long time my soap box was normally repaired.

      • BB

        A familiar repairman, on the contrary, described that the Canon central heating plant was designed only for large-site repairs (for example, an eccentric crumbled, and only the whole mirror lifting unit could be replaced), and Nikon was more maintainable and designed to replace local units.

        • Demyanov

          It's like luck. See who to contact. I once gave Nikon a DSLR for repair, autofocus walked in a strange way - obviously not just problems with mirror alignment - they didn’t really do anything. At Canon 5d, the mirror flies off - they stick it back and it's normal. See what's broken. Now there are more repairmen, in the capital you can find someone sensible, but in the early 10s everything was bad with this.

    • Demyanov

      Repairmen terribly do not like to fix their jambs, so they gouged my computer in the end, when at first they broke the backlight bulb, and then they broke the plugs while fixing it. It is possible that he deliberately turned off the diaphragm when the plugs were forced to tighten, and then pounded the camera to the crack. Unfortunately, in foreign services (I didn’t give equipment to Western ones, I won’t judge) there are a lot of flawed, embittered people who hate the client and their work, often also sit on the deal, so they don’t like to waste time fixing their jambs for free.

  • Felix

    The main problem with “mirrorless cameras” is open access for dust and dirt that settles on the matrix after the first change of optics! it is difficult to call it grain! Autofocus, especially in the priority of tracking the face in the frame, is generally lost with a slight rotation of the object in three quarters! Batteries - they sit down quickly and it is desirable to have a reserve of 7-800x, this should be enough for 1000 hour of video shooting! By the way, for positioning this model as the professional one lacks a second slot for another memory card with the possibility of "mirror" recording or sequential recording, especially in 3K mode !!! The body of the camera itself is small and not ergonomic, so it is advisable to purchase a booster for better holding the camera in your hand and you will not need to be distracted often to change batteries! All the technical information displayed on the screen covers the image itself, especially if you need to control the process! Therefore, it is necessary, even before the shooting itself, to set all the settings in the menu! The screen itself could already be a touchscreen like that of Canon 4DMark1 and a larger size, especially for such a price the "carcass" itself !!!

  • Raccoon ~ Rocket

    Are there any adapters to the old Nikkory AF-D?
    The idea is: buy an adapter and 50 / 1.4d, 35 / 2d and possibly 28 / 2.8d. Is there an adapter with a motor for Nikkory’s old non-motorized screwdriver AF?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      There are autofocus adapters, but only for lenses with a built-in focus motor
      For AF lenses, you can use this pribluda with the appropriate selection for Nikon F -

      • Raccoon ~ Rocket

        Hmm .. It turns out in terms of convenience, lenses from Canon on Sony are more interesting, but also more expensive.

        • Valentine

          In fact, autofocus converters from third-party manufacturers for third lenses often work with very big complaints. Despite the fact that the costs are not small. More reliable camera lens to take one brand. You are right that autofocus converters are more common among canon owners, but there are a lot of complaints about the bottom. The lenses you mentioned on Sony are also unlikely to surprise anyone, for them the Nikon D700 is more than enough.

          • Raccoon ~ Rocket

            Not for commerce, these lenses are also good.

  • anonym

    I don’t understand why in every review you can’t upload photos in raw format. In some jpeg review, in some raw. Infuriates. For example, I do not shoot on jpeg even on a smartphone. Nafig it is not needed, this jpeg. Especially with SONY, since they always had lame image processing algorithms.

    • Valery A.

      And in which viewer (editor) do you watch RAVY Nikon?

      • Vic

        With Sonya since 2010.
        Under normal lighting conditions, my sleepyheads practically do not need post-processing and they go to the furnace after disassembling the footage. Exception - in the spring I suffered from a3500 - overexposure from excess ultraviolet radiation
        Now I'm working on 6000 more with manual settings - more night shots, and then I mostly get around with minimal adjustments to brightness-sharpness and dynamic range ...

    • Oleg

      Don’t write nonsense. Sony has the best camera jeep. Of course, if you shoot in M ​​mode.

      • 1Ds_Mk3

        No. To Fuji. Both on s5pro, and on current type x100f or x-t3. Extreme Fuji has an almost perfect camjegg. For the lazy. And he is very good without fools.

      • Sergos

        totally agree

        • Sergos

          I completely agree about sony-I hold 4 sony app.Nikon d2x sold, canon 1d mark 2n-good tenacious focusing-is outdated \ still 8 megapixels is not enough, scaling is not enough ... only Sony has no difference visually on the monitor between on-camera jpg and raw . a little have to squirm in lightrooms and photoshop. although, apparently, Fuji also raises the bar and algorithms, as well as the latest wonderful smartphones ... Nikon and Canon unreasonably raises the prices of carcasses - here they are in front of me \ I can take for the evening from friends \ and I I see no reason to buy them. experience of the photographer 67 years


    all Sony A7s are unfinished !!! low burst speed ... a stub with manual three-axis optics ... it can only be turned on or off if turned on - it works constantly and eats an already dead battery ... Sony programmers generally think that their camera is powered by a nuclear power plant ... budget optics with built-in adapters (FROM MIRRORS) from here and its dimensions ... and this is for top cameras ??? because of the wild vigning on all high-aperture optics both on the native and on the old manual ...


    I think with the release of full mirrorless mirrors from leading manufacturers they will forget about SOMY as a nightmare !!!

    • Pokemon

      Canon EOS R and Nikon z6 / z7 are already on sale.
      Nikon's sales would probably have gone better if there had been a normal adapter for motorless screwdriver lenses. But he is not.

      • Oleg

        And Nikon generally somehow strangely entered this segment, it seems that the cameras turned out to be more interesting than the Canon ones, but some meager line of optics has two not very fast zoom lenses plus 24-70 f4. Kenon seems to be a camera without a stub, but already quite successful 50 / 1.2 and original in its class 28-70 / 2.0, as if hinting at all the trump cards from the sleeve we have not yet pulled out. But in any case, due to the ability to use their native mirror optics, of which there are a huge number, they chop off a solid piece of the market from Sony. I read that Sony has already lost 30% of the full-frame bzk market

        • anonym

          Sonya's plus now is that the cool optics on the A button accordion on the secondary merge at very nice prices. The top 24-70f2.8ZA, 85f1.4ZA and 135f1.8ZA are sometimes sold for 40 thousand each. And there is also an extremely successful Sony 24f2.0ZA and Sigma 35f1.4Art with prices of 30-35 thousand.

    • Sergos

      so sony does not sleep too

  • Denis

    What then is a full frame to take for a beginner in the price of sony a7ii? Or can she? How is she with autofocus?

    • anonym

      I will join the question. What FF to take having 100k per carcass and the same amount for optics? In which1

      • Pokemon

        If only you don’t consider such a budget, then D750 or D810.

        • anonym

          The D810 is much more expensive, you can already buy A7r2 there, in which the AF seems to have been brought to a normal level.

    • Sergos

      if there is money, only 7p, p2, p3, p4 is the future

  • Dmitry S

    Who can tell you about Sony FF?
    In EVI, the shooting mode settings (af-s, WB, ISO, etc.) are located around the frame perimeter, closing the edges of this frame.
    It does not interfere with the composition of the frame, the construction of the composition?
    Is there anything you can do with this?

    • Anatoly

      Press up on the photo scroll / zoom dial, this is a change in viewfinder / screen modes, or you can adjust what will show in the menu.

  • Alexander

    Guys, can you advise what to take: Sony A7 II or Fuji X-T3?

    • Pokemon

      Goals / objectives are not clear.
      For a photo - a7 mk2 / mk3 would be better (although there are those who will argue with the price of the X-T4 even now).
      If for a video - I will not prompt, I do not shoot.

      • Alexander

        Yes, for a photo. I choose a camera for every day, amateur use.

    • Gregor_S

      good question, it's hard to decide

  • Alexey

    Arkady, please recommend a mirrorless camera with the best color separation of the matrix, and with rich color reproduction (thick filters). From Sonya and Fuji. At least in the approximation as it was on Fuji C5 and other STOs.

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Wouldn't recommend. You need to look at what you like for yourself

    • Pokemon

      This is a difficult question, which is often overgrown with holivars, since color and the concept of color are a very intimate topic.
      Try to borrow from Fujai X-T4 or X-Pro3.
      For fun, compare with the 5D mark4.

      • Victor

        Why with 5dmk4? IMHO, not the best camera in terms of color. μ2 - maybe the first - is almost a standard.

        If you need a bzk, I would look at the old first Olympus, with 12MP matrices.

        From the sleepers, even on the first models, everything was already quite sad.

        Fuji - you have to know how to cook, someone succeeds.

        • Gregor_S

          Probably the best conclusion that has been recently.

  • Viktor

    Hello, I just started to get involved in photography. I want to know. Are the lenses from the Sony alpha A7 and A7 III cameras suitable for the A7II

    • B. R. P.


    • Arkady Shapoval

      Yes, fit

  • Sergos

    this is not fanaticism, but a reasonable attitude to the issue - price and quality, and wasting time on finalizing images in lightrooms and photoshops. Sony gives excellent jpegs, and canons, God forbid, suffered. sony

    • Oleg

      You think everyone around you is an idiot. It is enough to look at the prices on the hotline to understand that you are blatantly lying.

  • Kremlin

    Tell me, what about the Sony a7III with the Zenitar 50mm f / 0.95 manual and this adapter will become autofocus?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      it immediately goes under Sony E, therefore it will not. In general, boycott these lenses.

  • Kremlin

    All Sony Full Frame cameras with E mount - Of course, I'm sorry, but ALISHKA does not match the models you declared.

    • B. R. P.

      Models declared by the manufacturer. By inconsistencies in Ali, I think the question is to Ali.

    • Rodion Eshmakov

      The Chinese can change ads in Ali as they please, it is probably difficult to maintain the relevance of the entire list of links.

  • Sergos

    I already wrote that with a delay of a year and a half, I kept almost everything I wanted and earned with photography when you were not in the project .. profiles are such a pokemon for you, you twist them. white, you won’t need to twist and lightroom, just Sony’s jpeg will be enough. By the way, I’ve been on a 4k monitor for a long time, not 5k ... after all, where did you get such a painful aplomb, is it bad with finances? I already complained to Arkady about the incomprehensible fanatical rudeness in the comments and his right to remove such arrogant, painful, offensive comments

    • Pawel_S

      The expression “I shoot in Jeep” only tells me that the photographer does not really understand how the camera matrix works and what dynamic range is and its influence on the image.

  • Pawel_S

    He eats the battery like a hungry man. The menu is strange but you can get used to it. Otherwise not bad.

    Sony A7M2, 75mm, f/3.2, ISO100

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