A visual demonstration of the 'vacuum cleaner effect'

Vacuum cleaner effect

Vacuum cleaner effect

In my reviews, I often write about the 'vacuum cleaner effect'. Updating the review Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm 1: 3.5-5.6G ED SWM VR IF Aspherical, I came up with the idea to record a short video with a clear demonstration of the strength of this effect:


Old-school photographers know that some lenses with some cameras can have such a strong vacuum cleaner effect that it creates discomfort when working with JVI.

The rear lens of the lens once again drives air through the inner compartment of the camera, working like a pumpwhere the mirrors, focusing system, shutter and focusing screen are located, this can sometimes lead to faster contamination of camera parts, including the matrix. Sometimes the effect of a vacuum cleaner is not so terrible, but of course it is better if it were not there at all.

More videos can be viewed at my youtube channel.

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  • Rio

    I thought I’ll see a bunch of dust in the video)

  • Alexander

    it is for airing the eyes.

    • Denis

      I thought that the fungus would not start in the lenses

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