Who produces sensors (matrices) for Nikon cameras?

Image Sensor Matrix (Nikon D600)

Image Sensor (Sensor) Nikon D600 (photo via kenrockwell.com)

It's no secret that many sensors for Nikon cameras Designed and manufactured by Sony. Nikon simply buys ready-made sensor chips from Sony.

Nikon is also involved in creating sensors for its cameras, but mostly the company is only designing its own sensors, and it’s hard to say exactly where they are produced. Most likely, the companies themselves were engaged in the manufacture / refinement of the sensors. Renesas (presumably all sensors that start with 'NC'), Sony, Matsushita (actually the same Panasonic) and towerjazz.

Several cameras are made on production sensors Toshiba. After Sony has absorbed Toshiba, Toshiba is indicated, and Sony is shown in brackets.

It should also be mentioned that the development of the unusual JFET-LBCAST sensor for cameras Nikon D2HThe D2Hs is wholly owned by Nikon. Therefore, it is not necessary to unequivocally state that Nikon does nothing herself :).

The table below indicates who developed / manufactured the sensor.

Attention: the data in the label may not correspond to reality, since it is very difficult to find the version of the sensor that is used in a particular camera. I tried to make the most correct / true table, if I made a mistake somewhere, please write this in the comments and be sure to offer a confirmation link.

sensor Camera Models
Nikon NC81338L (CMOS) D3, D700 (the sensors themselves from Matsushita?)
Nikon NC81361A (CMOS) D3s (the sensor itself from Matsushita?)
Nikon NC81362A (CMOS) D3100
Nikon NC81369R (CMOS) D3200
Nikon NC81366W (CMOS) D4, D4s, Df
Sony IMX-007-AQ (CMOS) D2x, D2xs
Sony IMX-071 (CMOS) D7000, D5100
Sony IMX-094-AQP (CMOS) D800,D800E, D810,D810a
Sony IMX-021-BQR (CMOS) D300
Sony IMX-038-BQL (CMOS) D90, D5000, D300s (?)
Sony IMX-128- (L) -AQP (CMOS) D600, D610, D750
Sony IMX-028 (CMOS) D3x
Sony ICX-453-AQ (CCD) D40, D50, D70, D70s
Sony ICX-493-AQA (CCD) D40x, D60, D80, D3000
Sony ICX-483-AQA (CCD) D200
Sony ICX-413-AQ (CCD) D100
Sony IMX-193-AQK (CMOS) D7200 (?), D5300, D5500, D5600, D3300, D3400, D3500
Sony (model name unknown) (CCD) D1, D1h
Sony (model name unknown) (special 'rectangular' CCD) D1x
Toshiba HEZ1 TOS-5105 (CMOS) D5200, D7100
Toshiba (Sony) T4K54 (CMOS) D5, D6 (?)
Sony IMX-321 (CMOS) D500, D7500
Sony IMX-309-AQJ (backside illumination CMOS) D850 (sensor itself from Towerjazz?)
Sony IMX-309-BQJ (backside illumination CMOS) Nikon Z7, Z7 II (similar to IMX-309-AQJ)
Sony Nikon Z6, Z6 II, Z5 (similar to IMX-128)
Sony? (stacked backside-illuminated CMOS)
Nikon z9
Sony? (similar to IMX-321)
Nikon z50, Zfc

I want to note that the sensor itself is the basis for a high-quality image, but at the hardware level there are many more important parts, such as the ADC width, processor capabilities and much more, that form the final image.

My experience

Personally, I absolutely do not care what is in the camera, as long as it works well and performs the necessary tasks. I absolutely do not care who or where these or those sensors are made. The plate I made was created more for the sake of interest. Of course, I would like Nikon to make its own sensors, since this is the heart of a modern camera, and Nikon knows the point in quality things. And what will happen if Sony stops supplying / selling its sensors for Nikon?

I also want to note that Sony manufactures / sells its sensors not only for Nikon, but also manufactures cameras based on its sensors, and many Pentax cameras (and with it Samsung) also use Sony sensors.

Leave your thoughts on the sensitive topic of sensors in the comments.

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Comments: 194, on the topic: Who produces sensors (matrices) for Nikon cameras?

  • Valery

    On the http://astrocn.org/thread-3189-1-1.html The photo shows the Nikon D5600 sensor module, which uses the IMX193AQJ sensor, not the IMX193AQK as indicated in the table. Interestingly, the Nikon D850 sensor has the same AQJ design.

    • Annatoly

      The D5600 does not have an IMX-193-AQK sensor

      • Arkady Shapoval

        If there are real proofs, I will change.

  • Paul

    I think Nikon orders matrices from Sony on his own project. Because otherwise I have no explanation why Sony had such bad cameras all this time. This is from the same series as in iPhones memory or processors manufactured by Samsung (the main competitor). Why it is expensive to establish your production, when it is easier to turn in a contract. Surely in these matrices there are chips protected by know-how, patents, etc.

    • Annatoly

      As far as I read, the matrices are all developed by Nikon, but are simply produced at Sony's facilities under the control of Nikon's production (That is, Sony does not develop matrices for Nikon, but Nikon develops matrices for himself, but produces them on Sony's conveyors)

      • Arkady Shapoval

        Not all, some are so, and some are simply bought.

    • Rex

      Samsung is Apple's top supplier!

    • Igor

      Probably in order to prevent the company from being taken over, as with Nikon's 1 ″ happened. 1 ″ compact dormouse are very popular and expensive, so dormouse has blocked Nikon's breath.

  • Annatoly

    Nikon D7200 seems to be like a sensor from Sony IMX-193-AQK

    • Arkady Shapoval

      If there are real proofs, I will change.

  • Alexey

    Thanks for the work you've done. All information is very helpful.

  • Eugene

    Where does the information that the IMX marking directly means the development of Sony? Yes, Sony sensors also bear this mark, yes, Sony may use it to the fullest extent for development and production, but this cannot exclude the possibility that many sensors have this mark only because they are manufactured at the Sony factory.

    • anonym

      No. Development includes patents and rights protection. Therefore, for example, a highway develops a process but another company does it and the chip marking is only for the highway.
      The d850 sensor was developed by order of Nikon, therefore there is a different marking and therefore there was a deficit of 1.5 years.
      On all Nikon cameras except unity, the d850 and df have the most common Sony and Toshiba sensors, with standard marking. Moreover, Sony sets bsi sensors for itself, and Nikon, as a rule, uses older ones without bsi.

      • Eduard Luts

        Nikon D850 cameras have a 45,7-MP-BSI-CMOS-Sensor.

  • Koba

    the sensors for the D3, D3s and D700 were manufactured by Matsushita (ie Panasonic) and they were and are excellent. Recently it became known that for the D850, in fact, the sensor itself is produced by the Japanese company Towrjazz, and Sony only assembles the sensor mechanism, but the board itself, that is, the sensor itself, is produced by Towrjazz. Towerjazz was also founded by Panasonic and has been producing BSI sensors since 2013. He also manufactures BSI sensors for Fujifilm. It turns out that for cameras that previously gave and are now giving top results in terms of sensor performance, the sensors themselves are essentially produced by Panasonic, and not by Sony, which only uses these sensors to assemble the mechanism itself ... Here some write incorrect information, in fact, I copy common in the internet stereotypes or errors of other observers ... But the correct information can also be found there, if you try ...

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Thanks. Added information

    • Rex

      the Nikon D850 uses a Sony IMX309AQJ sensor, not a TowerJazz model. Sony's pure design and production! Learn the materiel and read the source, and do not repeat what they write on the fence!

    • Igor

      What is the mechanism of the sensor? What are you talking about?

      • Alexey

        Well, not the engineer writes, forgive him) I think it's about packaging.

  • Rex

    TowerJazz is not a Japanese company, but an Israeli one. I say, read on the fence!

  • Alex

    About the sensor in D1 / D1h / D1x

  • Ivan

    Arkady, less than 5 years ago, the Americans referred to your resource: https://nikonrumors.com/2015/12/16/list-of-all-nikon-dslr-cameras-and-their-sensor-manufacturerdesigner.aspx/

    • Arkady Shapoval

      well done, they are withlink now

  • Konstantin

    There is nothing wrong with dividing production, it helps to reduce the costs of business for manufacturers

  • Alexander

    Good afternoon!

    Some reviews report that Nikon D810 has a different sensor from D800, but on the website https://camspex.com it is the same.

    Maybe someone knows if there could be any differences in the sensor.

    Thank you

    • Victor

      Do you suppose that the information about the sensor could affect the ability of this camera to get good shots?

    • Arkady Shapoval

      Most likely another body kit

  • Andrei

    There are models of different cameras with the same matrix. As I understand it, depending on the rest of the filling and internal software, their JPEG can be very different.
    Attention, a question for connoisseurs: what about RAW from different cameras, but differs on one matrix?

    • Ivan

      Yes, it is different. RAW is not a direct sensor signal. The primary processing of the received signal is still in progress. The main board contains the main processor and related elements, and there is also a separate board responsible for the image. Therefore, the same matrix on different cameras (and even brands) gives different pictures.

  • Anton

    Hi. And maybe in z6 \ z62 and z5, the same matrix with different MPs, and the backflush in the cases z6 and z62?

  • Igor

    Arkady, good afternoon. Thanks for the detailed table, very helpful.
    Let me correct the error found in it.
    Nikon d7200 uses Toshiba HEZ1 TOS-5105 sensor, similar to d7100.
    In the table, apparently, due to the lack of accurate information for that period, incorrect information is indicated
    Sony IMX-193-AQK (CMOS)

    Thank you for your work.

  • Dima

    D3200 and beyond Toshiba sensors. The same thing, starting from the d5200, is also Toshiba. But the d90 seems to be worth its own Nikonovsky.

  • Alexander

    stacked backside-illuminated CMOS sensor now on Z8

  • Sergei

    The D7100 and D7200 have the same sensor. Here is the result of searching for spare parts for repair:




    It can be seen that for the D7100 and D7200 there is one, and for the D5500 and D5600 it is completely different!

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